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Google Nest Hub (Google Home Hub) $139 @ JB Hi-Fi


Received this through email. Probably you'd get it too if you are subscribed to their newsletter/promotion.

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    It had me excited when I thought it was the Google Nest Hub Max.

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    Cheaper on eBay $134 from Frugal shop, code plankton


    Worth it? I have tons of photos, a Nest video doorbell linked to my google account and I guess I could youtube on this while i eat bfast instead (???)

    Already got a google mini too but I could use that somewhere else in the house.


      nest doorbell is a reason
      they ring the doorbell and video feed pops up right away

      if you plan to keep seeing photos then its worth it

      personally, i think its overated


        How did you get a Nest video doorbell in AU? Are the functions geo restricted? Do I need a professional to hard wire it?


          Import it or buy off Kogan

          You just need to buy a transformer from jaycar

          Fantastic camera on the nest
          Issue is you can’t easily signup to nest online services

          Message me if you want more info


          YLD1 beat me to it but yes, bought it off Kogan.

          Also had to buy the transformer from Jaycar. I fed the wire through the wall and out into the adjoining room, plugged into a power outlet.

          Only thing is you have to pay a subscription to be able to view the last few days of footage.


          I got mine from B&H Video. Jaycar transformer as the others have already mentioned, just plug into an existing socket, or get a sparky to wire up a new one.

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      I like mine. Use it as a photo frame, alarm and to tell the weather mostly.

      Also useful to cast YouTube to it.

      Having said that I only paid $99 and some paid $20 with that sale…

      At $100 it's worth it. Maybe even at this price.


      worth it for photos alone.

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    Now with the Max out and this having been $99 before, $139 really isn't a great price.


    I can't actually locate confirmation from the latest Nest reviews. But does this have the ability to browse websites or keyboard? Or is it still the restricted OS?

    If I could browse websites I'd buy this in a heartbeat… I was a lucky winner of the $20 Google Home so enjoying it still, but that would have been super handy - I know there's workarounds but still limited and the long way round.


    I thought Google stopped supporting Nest?


      google bought Nest, you might be thinking of RING!

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      What they’re doing is moving Googles and Nest devices into a common framework with a Google account being the centre. The impact of this was that the “works with Nest” integrations and other developer integration options are being impacted and may break some integrations. The Neat products themselves will remain supported by Google.


    Was researching this over the weekend. I thought the Lenovo Smart Display was the best balance between price and features including video calling. On the lookout for a good deal on that.


    Bunnings 10% price match. $139 - $13.90 = $125.10

    Not the best but not bad.


    Thanks, bought 2