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MSI AMD RX 5700 XT Gaming X $703.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


MSI's gaming x is apparently a well built card, even on the VRAM side. A reasonable offering at $700, especially considering the comparable models run at $750+.

Some other deals:

Sapphire Pulse $665~ @ be-start
Seemingly 1 card left though, otherwise that'd be the main deal. Well worth $30 over the standard reference pricing.

Gigabyte Gaming OC $684~ @ be-start
Apparently a good card, at least not poorly designed like the evoke. Best priced non evoke partner outside of the aforementioned pulse, so if that one's not available this is a good alternative.

If you were wondering which to buy, I'd go for the pulse. Smallest out of the bunch yet performs minimally worse then the big hitters like the red devil and gaming x. Seeing as there's only 1 left though odds are most won't have it as an option, so put of the gigabyte and gaming x cards I'd really recommend the gaming x if it fits in your case. Should be a decent bit better then the gigabyte card, and while I've heard bad things about MSIs warranty I've heard worse about gigabytes. Plus, it looks pretty nice.

If there was anything wrong with be-start give a yell in the comments. No experience with them, but with a 20% coupon and pretty positive reputation I'm assuming they're fine.

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  • +3

    Is an AIB card really worth the $200+ premium? XT's going for $560 previously…

    • I'm also wondering about this

    • +4

      And only 50 less than a 2070 super on sale, can't really see the value.

      • And way more expensive than some 2070s, which on average performance figures is only just behind this (2-3%).

    • Nop, $30, or at a stretch, $50 for a quality one I see the value, anything more, a waste of money

    • +1

      Nah, not if you know how to tune them and your case has good airflow. But top end models always go for a lot above reference so it's not crazily overpriced like with elsewhere.

      $100~ would probably be my max, it's really only a convenience.

      That said, Aus summer might hurt them a lot more then a big card like the gaming x, or a well designed one like the pulse.

  • +3

    When you can get a vanilla 5700 reference for like $470, and a 5700XT for $565, this just isn't worth it

    • People pay for convenience. While I'd absolutely advise holding for better pricing on the partner cards, or just going for reference, these are far better price wise then what partner cards sell for elsewhere. And considering we've already had to wait 2 months for them to appear at all I can't blame people for nor wanting to wait.

  • A bad price up front but awful when you take into account other sales that have occurred. Surely that's at or above MSRP?

    • They're at about what they should be, but current pricing has the MSI at $780, Sapphire at $800 and gigabyte at $770.

      • Lol. What does sapphire expect to sell their Nitro at? $900? This is ridiculous

        • +1

          The nitro 64 was mad here price wise. I'm hoping that was just down to supply, and that this is currently the same (hence no stock at all). Suppose well know in a bit, lol.

          Thankfully powercolor have priced well, gives me hope for their red dragon model if it ever becomes available.

  • +2

    Im inclined to just buy a 2070 super for $60 more

    • Not unreasonable. Real shame at the 0artner card pricing, mad that there's a +100 at a minimum for cards that are only 10 - 40 USD above reference.

      • Yes. I always do a double take when I watch the Youtube US reviews because they are way more then 40 USD more expensive over in Aus. Kind of invalidates the reviews for us Aussies.

        • Real shame to, the launch of Zen 2 and Navi was a pretty good time for us price wise.

          Hopefully this is just a temp thing thanks to stock, hate having to still consider a reference because the best coolers are so marked up.

    • Where can I buy 2070 super for $60 more?

  • Sapphire Pulses back in stock at the link provided.