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Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone $316.80 Delivered or C&C @ Videopro eBay


Seems like a price drop on these Favourite cans.


Link to black

Original Coupon Deal

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    Link to Black for those who prefer black.

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      Thanks Mate. Added to description.

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    Just checking if these can claim trs

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      Yes you can!

      • Awesome thanks! Half asleep, can't think properly :p

  • Get in quick, this is gona sell out in minutes.

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    Thanks, finally pulled the trigger on one of these

    • I am sure you will love them!

  • pulled the trigger, $280 after TRS
    Thanks OP!!!

    • Is OP dead now? :S

    • Under $224 if you use ebay gift card bought from here

  • +1

    First thought there was a new upgraded ‘S’ version, but looks like it’s just denoting silver 🤷‍♂️

  • sold out for the black color
    that was fast

  • Excuse my noobness, but what is TRS?

    • Tourist Refund Scheme.

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      Tourist refund scheme. If you're travelling out of the country, you can claim the tax back on purchases over $300.

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        It has to be within 60 days right?

      • But if you bring the goods back into the country you have to pay the GST back don't you? I don't understand why TRS is such a big thing on ozbargain - surely you're not leaving them overseas (unless you mail it separately)?

  • Just make sure you leave a LOT of time to do your TRS because there are sometimes massive queues.

    • Use the app next time!

      • Not always helpful, was at the BNE airport a couple of weeks ago and the queue for those who have pre-done their claim via the app or website was just as long as the main queue (a good 30-40 deep) with 2 officers.. ended up using the main as the quick queue was full of Japanese folk etc who has much to claim and big ass receipts for each item, taking ages to confirm each claim per person.
        With that said, it took about the same time in the main queue due to their scanner not working, so had to manually do each anyway lol
        took forever, but agreed .. do it on the app or website prior to getting there, at least you have the choice, but yeah the queues for the pre claim is no longer guaranteed quick as it once was.

        • Ya. In Melbourne you queue in the same line now as well whether you use the app or not. But hey we can make the queue a bit shorter by all using the app.

        • Yeah had the same experience at BNE last time I went through there late at night. Had to queue for over half an hour. And they had already run out of forms too, could only see the envelopes lying scattered around. Not sure why they limit those, wouldn't it save the people at the counter some time from less people queuing?

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    Wow blacks sold out fast. Dam… the only ones i wanted

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    QC35 deals please VP :)

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      trust me, once you experience these, you would be thinking twice about the bose releases. take that from a person who wore nothing but bose for a long time when it came to NC .. these dominate over bose imo

      • +1

        Agree. I own both, QC just sound a bit flat. I use bright sound setting for my wh-1000xm3

        • Both sound pretty average, out of the box the QC is much better, xm3 has highly exaggerated bass. After tuning the xm3 can be more bearable and produce decent sound. Although we get these for NC not sound

      • +3

        I would have been all over this sony if you could switch between connected devices and the mic didnt sound like the one you are talking had a darth vader helmet on.

        • Some people pay money to sound like Darth Vader. I would be one of those people :)

  • A couple of blacks back in stock, be quick! Just got mine.

  • Seems Black is available again

    • silver too, 7 in stock

  • Here’s the TRS claim form: https://trs.border.gov.au/

    Hope that helps =>

    • I just use the trs app

    • What's the difference between this form and lining up or the app? Or even the paper forms (if they still have those)?

  • The app / website gives you the QR code. One in the same. When you arrive, you/they scan the QR code, which then brings up all the pre-entered info, then they arrange the refund (e.g. onto a credit card).


    Entering all the info in on the spot (no pre-entering of info), and then processing the refund.

    But as mentioned above, sometimes the app / website queue can be just as long, if perhaps a technology mishap happens. So your mileage may vary…

  • Bring a paper copy of your receipt. Last flight out of Sydney the queue was so long they asked those who have paper receipts to fill up the form and drop it in a box.

    Skipped the q and got my tax return :)

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      errr you need to be going somewhere international to be able to utilise the TRS…you can't just go there, get a refund and go home.

      • Mr Bargain Hunter just realised that

      • Well if only it was like that. I be bringing a lugguage full of stuff to claim trs then heading back home once i claim trs. LOL

  • back in stock

  • Probably gonna sell out so fast again like last night.

  • Got myself a pair of black ones, back in stock

    • Did the code work? Doesnt work for me

      • Worked for me

        • you do it on the payment page right? Sorry if this sounds dumb.. but when i enter it says coupon not valid

  • The black is out of stock again

  • Bought on the 23rd but still no shipping details

    • I just got the shipping detail and tax invoice today

  • Cheers OP :)

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