Looking for a Gift for My Girlfriend!

Her birthday is coming up and I was wondering if anyone had ideas. Not really looking for jewellery, budget is around $250-$300.

Hope anyone can help. Thank you so much!


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    Good quality face cream like SK2 and skin, hair nail products. Anti aging cream.

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      Happy Birthday honey, here's a ton of product to make sure you don't get ugly…

      I would suggest a memorable experience instead. Have a look on Groupon Local/Adrenaline.com.au etc for something to do and enjoy together. In fact for that budget you could have a weekend away to Brisbane/Gold Coast/Melbourne.

      • Sounds great but we are both in the heats of our semesters just looking for a little something. But thanks anyways

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          Are you buying a present for HER or looking for date ideas you can do together?

          There is a difference.

          • @xinyi: Just a present!

            • @Koookies: If she likes to read, try the Next Big Idea (Book) Club - https://www.nextbigideaclub.com/?nab=2&utm_referrer=https%3A...

              The price is not bad (US$189 p.a.), you get two books per quarter curated for you by experts (in ebook format), with accompanying videos, webinars and other material to support your reading and nudge you along to make progress. And for every subscription, two books are provided to a student who doesn’t have good access to reading material.

              I like that by reading I’m helping someone else to do the same!

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          Why are you asking strangers on the internet what to get your girlfriend? You know your girlfriend, what she likes/wants to get (I hope) and you have a budget so you get her something on your own. This website can help you get some discounts so feel free to research. Like what do you even expect to get off this post? I'm perplexed.

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            @alikazi: probably unique ideas/experiences.

            He knows what she likes, but there might be things that exist that they both haven't heard or thought of before.

            • @releasethekr4cken: Makes sense if someone wants to gather ideas, but generally the way you go about it is you know what your partner likes/dislikes and you search the internet for things related to those interests. It works pretty well.

    • Ermm can you provide some links to all those things you mentioned?

    • snail mucin?

      • It's the best kind of mucin

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    Spend the extra :P

    But really, only you know your girlfriend. There's varying factors in her age, how long you've been together, what you normally buy her, what she's bought you, if there's any kids around, etc etc.

    You should know her well enough to decide for yourself…

    • I feel like she isnt gonna use it as much as the other people living with her :(

    • Been dating for a year and been giving each other gift back and fought quite often leading me to run out of ideas

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        Day spa? Buy a discounted Endota gift card on the Classifieds here and treat her to a half day of pampering, then take her out that night for dinner

        If you're old enough that gifts are getting kinda meaningless, then nothing wrong with spending the money on an experience like that

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        "fought quite often"

        The invetible has arisen;)

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        Your quarrels appear to have contributed to excessive gift exchanges over the duration of your relationship thus far which has resulted in your current birthday gift dilemma 😉

      • Been dating for a year and been giving each other gift back and fought quite often leading me to run out of ideas

        Do you mean back and forth ?

        • Do you mean back and forth ?

          I believe OP is correct in writing that he fought quite often hence gifts required every single time.

          • @tempura: What happened to make-up sex? Yeah, nah. I would set her free and let her (and you) find someone more suitable.

            Birthday present sorted :)

      • And this is why I give only 1 charm at a time for a Pandora bracelet.

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      But really, only you know your girlfriend.


      • What's this ? lolz

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    Send her over, I will date her for few weeks then let you know? Maybe not, that could be a conflict of interest.

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      this is a good idea

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      Username checks out.

  • ice cream and chocolate

    • To make her fat…

      • More of her to love.

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    My man gets me switch games and EB gift cards.
    He knows me well.

  • How about Airpods if she has an iPhone or Jabra Elite Active 65t if she has an Android?

    • She already has those😭

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        What both?! Lucky girl.

    • I was about to suggest Airpods!

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    we are both in the heats of our semesters

    HungryJacks vouchers

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      Phone is fine.

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    Homemade 'koookies'? Interpret that as you wish😜

    The missus and I give each other IOUs that we can use for whatever we want. Some of them get used to win arguments.

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    I'd get her a 'fancy' KFC meal, dine in, no expense spared.

    It suprises me on a daily basis why I remain single.

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      Family size is just a suggestion! I shouldn't need to share my family bucket with her!

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    Based on your detailed post. I think you should get her…… A no eyed deer.

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    Give her a great memory…an isolated picnic overlooking Sydney Harbour….get a friend to set it up and then just take her for a walk and 'discover this amazing picnic spot'…she will remember it forever🙂 a Saturday arvo or Sunday morning would work great with all the sail boat out.

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    Pre-paid eftpos card.

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      Why bother when cash is king? Make her walk with you to the ATM (make sure she doesn't see your pin as you enter it! ), whisk out the $300 and make it rain baby! Make.it.rain!:)

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    A Nintendo Switch Lite

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      Sure, if OP didn't want to see her again.

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    If you think she would like something that is not "stuff"…
    - a birthday card with X number of things you love about her where X = her age, there is of course the trouble of having to think of that many things, as my other half ages I certainly regret starting this tradition, but I remind myself how inexpensive it is compared to his LEGO addiction
    - scavenger hunt style present (if you can be bothered and think she would enjoy that), but then you have to think of puzzles, clues etc

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    Am a firm believer that it is the thought and meaning behind something that counts.

    Have you tried https://lovebookonline.com/ ? It's pretty cool. Make your own story book and have it mailed to you. The quality of it is pretty high

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    Tinder gold subscription

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      If I was in a panic and didn't know what to get someone I wanted to impress, your suggestions are what I would gift her.

      OP, why don't you take your girlfriend out shopping to her favourite store and let her pick something that she likes? That takes the guesswork out of the situation and she gets something that she truly love. Win-Win!

      Re: supersitions, did you know that in some cultures, it is considered poor form to gift someone an empty bag? You're meant to leave some money in there. The old wive's tale goes that you can't give a purse with no money in it, or else it will never have money in it. Money attracts money, that's what my Nana used to say.

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        I don't know OP's gf so you're right, rather generic "panic mode" gift ideas are all I have here.

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      Are you rich or something?

      OP is a poor full time student mate

  • t-shirt

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      *Ozbargain logo t-shirt

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    Op, what did she get you for your birthday?

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    Step 1: ?
    Step 2: Make her open the box

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      Make her open the box

      Make her open the her box

      (Fixed it for you!)

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      Step 1: ?
      Step 2: Make her open the box

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      I understood that reference

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        I, too, am old.

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    Hungry Jacks without using vouchers

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      Why? Is it Hungry Jack's birthday?

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      Steady on high roller. Not everyone's got that kind of money.

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      If you spoil her like that so early in the relationship there wont be anywhere to go for year 2

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    Ebay gift cards

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    Ten-Pin Bowling Ball

  • How about making her something?

  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

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    If she hasn't made you aware of anything she "needs" then you should treat her to the date to end all dates.

    Drop $300 on the ultimate picnic: flowers, candles, blanket, nice wine, maybe a private care hire to take you there and home.

  • Maybe a night or two away?

    • And some lingerie does not go astray

  • Dinner, cocktails, Gold class movie, with more cocktails

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    Tie a bow around it

    • with whipped cream

      • A birthday suit doesn’t need anything

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    This sounds a little bit stalker-ish (maybe stalker adjacent…?) when I say it aloud haha

    I used to keep a little phone note list of Likes and Dislikes and Ideas for gifts. If she mentioned something in passing, I'd just chuck it on the list. Eventually had a list of like 200 things she liked/disliked and maybe 12 ideas and it made it way easier to come with up something each special occasion.

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      You are the romantic prince.

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      16 years on, and I still do this o/

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      I hope not, I have that same list on my phone.

    • Not stalker-ish at all!

      As someone with a short, odd memory and a love of surprises, I think your idea is perfect! And I hope to have a partner who does that :)

      Good job! Keep it up :)

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