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Singapore "hi!Tourist EZ-Link SIM Card" for SGD $12.80 (AUD $13.68) (Was SGD $18) - Pickup at Singapore


I was looking for a SIM card at Klook for my upcoming Singapore trip, I just found this deal with lots of additional values

$12.80 hi!Tourist EZ-Link SIM Card (Normal price $18)

Promotion is valid till 30 September 2019.

Enjoy the following benefits for 7 days:

  • 100GB 4G local data

  • $3 EZ-Link stored value for train/bus rides (Save $5 cost of card)

  • 1GB data roam to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand

  • Free round trip on Singapore Cable Car - Sentosa Line (worth $15),

  • up to 25% off Sentosa attractions, and dining offers with HungryGoWhere. Plus, unlimited data on Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE and WeChat,

  • 500 mins local calls and 30mins International calls (from Singapore).

Collection is only available up to 3 months future from purchase date.

Collect at your convenience
The collection locations at Changi Airport or in the City
Full list of locations: https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/mobile/pr...

Those who missed the above deal, now the SIM is available at $3 discount (at SGD $15)

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    Damn it, could have used it a few days ago. Just got back from the Grand Prix

    • Still great value at S$18 but. Did you get one? Amazing you get a cable car ride thrown in!!!!!

      • Nah, didn't know about the deal till 10 minutes ago. Regret it now, my bill for the month is gonna be huge. All those extra roaming charges.

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        the cable car ride only to be used inside Sentosa Island/Sentosa Line (short ride), can’t be use for Mount Faber Line.

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    How good is SingTel over there? And if I arrive in Singapore on the 27th December, can I buy it 29th September and still use it for 7 days over there?

    • You can place the order on 28th September.. As of today it allows the pick up only till 23rd December

    • SingTel is great over there. StarHub is patchy. Unsure about your example. Its cutting it very fine might not be worth the risk/disappointment.

      • For a country that small, I find it difficult to understand why starhub/m1 is so patchy.

    • singtel speeds are always faster compared to starhub. Definitely worth the extra money

      • However roaming does not cover Hong Kong, south Korea and Japan.

    • Singtel really good in Singapore, I had this simcard during my holiday last August, and never lost connection. Internet speed also good, around 30-50Mbps during peak hour.
      They also gave me the welcome pack (Milo & Coffee sachets). awesome.

    • It says that collection is available up to 3 months from the purchase date, so probably

    • +3

      Singtel is like their Telstra in market positioning but funnily enough owns OPTUS.

      As for prepaid I don’t disagree this is a good deal but I prefer the StarHub prepaid which has excellent international roaming on their prepaid SIM cards which are charged at rates competitive with local sims in quite a few countries making it the perfect travel sim. You can recharge those online too. At one point I even used my StarHub sim in my second phone here in Australia!

  • Thanks ordered 3

  • Hi Tourist!

  • I got one of these recently in spg. The cable cart ride is only inside santosa, not the one popular one across the island. There is a minimum top up for ezilink.. I think it's 20( I could be wrong)
    Otherwise call and 100gb of data is fantastic.. I got 4, on for each member of the family.

    • should be able to top up any amount with notes ($2, $5, $10, $50)

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      SPG = Sarong Party Girl ?

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      Minimum top is $10. But you get $3 stored value with this deal as well as you save $5 non refundable fee.

    • Free round trip on Singapore Cable Car - Sentosa Line (worth $15)

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    will I need to activate all 3 cards on the same day when I collect them?

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    I went the singtel store to collect and activate at the same time. You will need your passport as it's suppose to be for tourist only.

    • is the store in airside or public side?

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        You can buy them at the currency exchange counters in the baggage hall. Both air and land side.

    • Did you have to activate the sim when you collect or can you save it to activate a week after collection?

  • The $15/7 day option is $9.90SGD at the moment.

    I prepurchased on the same site and picked up at the airport. Was handy for the F1.

  • I used this recently in Singapore:


    Worked well, was surprised at how fast 4G was even with MobileOne (widely known as the Vodafone of Singapore).

  • +1

    They're also giving a Nestle bundle together with the EZ-Link SIM it seems. It'll add more value to the deal!

  • Used this on our recent trip to Singapore. 4G connection is quite good and darn 100GB per day quote is very generous.

    • 100GB per day? The way I read the description is 100GB to use for the duration of 7 days.

  • Any deals for China/Hong Kong?

    • I was thinking about picking up a couple of these to get by in CN/HK: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/485318

      • I am not with WW Mobile.

        • Neither am I, but this is a new SIM, same as if you buy one like the OP overseas. Just a matter of putting it in & firing it up to get the 200 Mb of data. Downside is, you can't use your own number while you are o/s, but again same situation with buying a SIM o/s.
          "Tourist" SIMs in CN/HK seem pretty expensive. I got one in Malaysia recently for about A$10, which even had roaming data in Thailand. I don't require much data (mainly for messaging), so 200Mb should be enough. YMMV.

          • @h00tz: Thanks a lot!
            First of all I thought its a add on pack for ppl with WW Mobile.
            I think I should get this.

            • @crazyboy: Went to Woolies, and it was out of stock.
              Will order online.
              Shipping is free.

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    Might be worth mentioning Singapore has a hard limit of three SIM cards per passport. This is important because whilst they are still disposable, if you don’t deregister them with the telco (even if they expire), you won’t be able to get a new SIM card next time you travel there. This caused me a massive headache after I had bought a few SIM cards over a year every time I visited back in 2014 and then couldn’t get a new SIM card when I actually relocated there, and didn’t know the numbers of the previous SIM cards or telcos to get them cancelled. This required a visit to the service centres for each telco located all over the island with my passport to prove my identity and get it cleared.

    • Thanks for the heads up, good to know, I have two active ones with the same passport.

      Do you know if the numbers are tied to the name or the passport number?

      • +1

        AFAIK it's passport number (or local identity card number if you're not a foreigner) but technically it's per person. The limit used to be 10 sim cards per person so it never was an issue for me prior to this but then when they reduced the limit, and I had a 10 year passport, it was a surprise.

  • Can I buy it now, then someone else would pick it up for me in Singapore and then I use it in February 2020? Or is it being activated upon collection from the store?

    • IMO for a saving of $5 off the regular price, and the promotional offers/inclusions will change over time, I'd just wait until you go. Even if your flight lands in the middle of the night, usually you can still buy these sim cards inside the terminal from the various currency changers which are only closed between 1 and 4am (or thereabouts) based on my last transit.

      I also still think unless you plan to only stay in Singapore, I'd highly recommend one of the prepaid sim cards which support roaming as these are extremely useful.

  • Genuine question

    what’s the difference between the $15 (currently $10) and this $18(currently $12.80) as the attractions seem to be cheaper through klook. Is it just the $3 transport or something else.

    We will be going to Singapore for 5 days in early October and this was perfect timing!

    Any tips/guidance for first time visitors highly appreciated :)

    • Both deals have above $5 discounts, but I think the only difference is in this OP you also get EZ-Link card, Free cable car in Sentosa line and get a free Nestle gift bundle!
      If you are not after those, I suggest the $9.90 deal is better

      • I'd also note that whilst the EZ-Link card is a useful tool for travelling (it's the Opal card equivalent), earlier this year the LTA introduced SimplyGo which is a fancy name for using your mastercard or visa instead of an EZ-Link card. I personally haven't tried it myself as I've accumulated balances over various EZ-Link cards over the years which I never got round to refunding, but it does mention in the FAQs it's for foreign issued cards too.


  • Any good SIM deal for Japan?

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    Thank OP

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    great thanks OP got one for my conference in Marina bay sands.

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    Awesome, ordered one for upcoming trip, thanks AG1304x

  • I'll be there really soon, but I might just buy it in a 7-Eleven instead..

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    For those going to collect their sim cards, Singtel currently has a promotion that you get a travel adapter for each sim card purchased. Make sure you ask for it as it wasn't handed over without prompting, but no issues once I asked.

    • Thanks AquaDigger. That's useful information.. Is it available only specific collection points? Because I guess 7-11 might not honour this request