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The Spice Tailor Delicate Korma Curry 300g
Korma was originally brought to India by the Mughals in the 16th Century and is derived from the Urdu word for 'braised'. It started life as an ordinary curry of meat braised in a spiced yoghurt sauce but once it came to the Royal Mughal Court, it was dressed up. Sumptuous ingredients such as cream, nuts, dried fruit and saffron were added, to bring extra glamour and richness to the banqueting table.Our Delicate Korma Curry harks back those distant, regal meals… It’s mild and delicious in taste and ready for you to add those extra touches in your own home.

The Spice Tailor Original Tikka Masala 300g
If legends of the origins of Tikka Masala are true, it came to life when some British diners asked a chef for some sauce with their ‘dry’ chicken tikka (tandoori chicken pieces). The chef added a standard tomato masala and some cream which resulted in a delicious new dish with a lot of staying power! Our Original Tikka Masala is a really beautiful curry with lots of depth of flavour to be found in the creamy, mildly spiced tomato-based sauce. Perfect with a hot naan and a crunchy kachumber salad.

The Spice Tailor Classic Butter Chicken 300g
Butter Chicken is India’s most popular restaurant curry and is seriously addictive especially when eaten with hot buttered naans. Our Classic Butter Chicken follows in their footsteps; it is a creamy, tomato-based sauce that is slightly smoky and mildly spiced, just a little lighter. Although our sauce is called Classic Butter Chicken, it is actually vegetarian and very versatile. Pair it with paneer, peppers, mushrooms, eggplant as well as fish, prawns, seafood and lamb. It doesn’t disappoint.

The Spice Tailor Rustic Rogan Josh 300g
Rogan Josh’s roots are in Kashmir, where it was traditionally made simply with oil, freshly pounded spices, yoghurt, fresh, young lamb and a natural red food colouring. It was and still is a regional favourite. However, as the dish left its home, it morphed into a heartier lamb curry and whilst our Rogan Josh nods to its real roots with yoghurt, ginger and fresh garam masala, it has taken on this more popular version with some tomato as well. Why is it rustic? Refined sauces are often passed through a sieve for a fine uncluttered sauce. Our Rogan Josh is loud and proud and you will bite into little bites of tomato, ginger, coriander and more as you mop up the last scraps from your plate!

The Spice Tailor Keralan Coconut Curry 225g
On the Western coast of India is the state of Kerala which is home to large populations of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. As a result, the region has perhaps one of the most diverse cuisines of all. The Muslim dishes are spicy, rich and often meaty, the Christian dishes, mild mannered and the Hindu dishes somewhere in the middle and often more vegetable-based. In short, something for everyone. Our Keralan Coconut curry (yes, we know it should be called Malayali) is a mild-mannered but full-flavoured curry with all the flavours of the coast that speak of its provenance. It is fantastic with fish, seafood, chicken, vegetables, eggs and so much more. It’s no surprise that it’s one of our bestsellers!

The Spice Tailor Fiery Goan Curry 300g
Goa is a unique region with a strong Portuguese influence which can be seen in the colourful architecture, the people, the culture and of course, the food. Goa, like its food, can be addictive and many who visit never leave. Our Fiery Goan Curry is equally bewitching with its delicious blend of caramelised onions, vinegar, spices, tomatoes and of course a good amount of red chillies. It is a boss of a sauce yet it is pliable and bends to suit your choice of ingredient or accept its dilution with coconut milk for those who love the flavour but can’t take the heat! It goes amazingly well with pork, chicken, lamb, seafood, meaty vegetables and boiled eggs.

The Spice Tailor Southern Pepper Curry 300g
Back Pepper has always been one of the most prized spices in the world and in Tamil Nadu, traders of black pepper called it black gold and wove it into their own spicy but deeply flavourful curries. We are pepper-obsessed at The Spice Tailor so we are ecstatic to have this quick fix on hand. The flavours of our Southern Pepper Curry are full-bodied with a tomato-based sauce, flavoured with curry leaves, mustard seeds and, of course, black pepper. It goes wonderfully with chicken, prawns, seafood, pork, mushrooms, eggs, aubergine and much more.

The Spice Tailor Hyderabad Red Korma 300g
Food from Hyderabad is a tale of two cuisines in one city. The people of this region (Andra Pradesh) have traditionally eaten very spicy food (even amongst Indians) however the food in the city of Hyderabad has been heavily influenced by the Mughal people that immigrated here from Persia and Turkey hundreds of years ago and who favoured milder dishes made with yoghurt. Inspired by this cultural melting-pot, our Hyderabad Red Korma is really moreish – well spiced, creamy from the use of yoghurt, nutty from the white poppy seed paste but with a nicely palatable kick - great for those who enjoy a bit of heat but aren’t hardcore chilli converts. Pair it with chicken, seafood, pork, veggies, paneer, chick-peas or eggs - the choice is yours.

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