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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 26800mAh Power Bank $39.57, 20000mAh $28.25 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Currently already Discounted 15% use code SW2030PRO for an additional 5% off
on all 3 models

26800Mah and 20000Mah capacity options both have type c with 18W PD functionality as-well as QC3.0
Both support pass-through charging with a display that can show battery percentage, charging voltage (V), charging current (A) and fast charge mode.

26800Mah: - $39.57

20000Mah: - $28.25

10000Mah: - $17.76


price updates at checkout w/ code.

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  • Got the 26800 last time, is an absolute tank! But will be handy

  • Thanks, bought the 20k.

    The 26.8k looked a little thick …

  • Was 27.99 for 20000Mah, why increase??? It's ok I can pay the extra 0.26 cents.

    • Yeah was about to say the same thing. Should be cheaper lol

      EDIT: My Xiaomi 10k pwr bank still going strong should I buy this one too hmmm

  • The 10000Mah one supports pass-through as well?

  • Has anyone opened these to see whats inside? Is it a lipo prismatic cell, or several 18650s?

    • Looks like its two long prismatic cells, taped together. Probably use the same cells in the 10000 model

  • I got 2 20,000 last time, nice and all but way to big.

    I'd love if the Xiaomi 2S 10,000 took type c input. That'd be my perfect one. Had 2 before, just hated the micro.

  • Do these have a "low power mode" for smaller devices like fitness earphones?

  • do you have the black one on sale?

  • Was all set to buy the 20000 mAh model but put off by the weight (>400g) - put two big phones like the iPhone 8+ or XS max together to get a feel of the weight.

    For me that's too much to practically carry out on a daily basis. I just need a power bank for quick top up and to guarantee power for 48 hours.

    Now looking for a 10000 mAh model with USB-C PD and QC

  • Thinking about getting this for a family camping trip. Does the standard apple power cable for Macbook charge at 18W?

    If there's an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and 2x iPad Mini2's should we get a couple of recharges each out of the 28,600?