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ASUS FX505DU-AL042T 15.6" AMD Ryzen 7 3750H GTX 1660Ti Gaming Laptop $1399.20 + $15 Post ($0 eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


Decent price for a 1660Ti Laptop and 120Hz display for those who prefer/need to game on the go

AMD Ryzen 7 3750H 2.3GHz (6M cache, up to 4.0GHz) Quad Core CPU
15.6" FHD (1920x1080) IPS-Level 120Hz Display
16GB DDR4 2666MHz (1 x 16GB, 2 x Slots) SODIMM Memory
512GB M.2 PCIe SSD
Gigabit LAN, Wireless-AC, Bluetooth v4.2
No Optical Drive
Windows 10 Home 64Bit

Original Coupon Deal: 20% off Storewide (Max $500 Discount) @ Computer Alliance eBay

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    Good price for the spec

  • +9

    Please forgive my silly question, why gaming laptops always have a tacky look? Sometime for the specs they would be good office machines but no manager would go around with something that looks like a Klingon head

    • +5

      I guess it's the same reason that people like RGB setup for their decked out gaming desktops.

      GaM3R A3sth3t1cs

      • It's guy nerd thing. Never one on pink

    • Basic economics. Supply and Demand.

  • +8

    I bought one of these when they came out for $1499 on sale when my jb hi fi had them for $2200 lol (Same spec)
    Swapped out the x1 16gb 2666mhz ram for x2 8gb 2400mhz ram
    Ryzen 7 3750h can't use 2666mhz so 2400mhz is fine.
    Got between 10-60fps extra in certain games just be going dual channel. At this price with the ram swap and selling the single 16gb stick you have a very good laptop.
    If you are however able to get dual channel when you buy then even better! Hope this helps someone :)

    • Is there a reason why you want 2x8gb instead of just adding another 16gb stick? Have been wanting to go dual channel with mine since release but not sure which way to go

      • +6

        I had the same thinking, I reasoned however that I'll never use more than 16gb unless I was rendering or doing graphic work. In which case this cpu isn't the way to go. 16gb is really the max it will need as this laptop is intended for value for money gaming. So by selling the single stick and buying dual channel ram it was a cheap upgrade and the preformance improvement was well worth it, in my case.
        This video helped in my decision:

        • +3

          That makes a lot of sense. Guess I'm going with 2x8gb haha. Thanks for the helpful advice

      • +2

        Theres also a high chance that adding another 16gb the two RAM modules won't go into dual channel. A 2x16gb kit would be very expensive and probably not useful for most people, including me. Plus you can save that 1x16gb 2666mhz for another laptop.

        • Exactly, safer to buy a dual channel kit that will work together than two seperate ram sticks that may not

    • +1

      Dayum, I am looking to buy dual channel ram kit too, especially after watching Jarrod's video and now seeing this comment. Same RAM kit I'm looking at too.

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    The processor is equivalent to an I5 for those curious:

    The small number of peripheral ports — HDMI2, 2x USB-A 3.1, USB-A 2.1, LAN — is disappointing; the lack of USB-C/Thunderbolt amongst them is a deal breaker.

    • -1

      Lack of usb c, yes. And also M.2 ssd not nvme.

      • +1

        M.2 is the connector. NVMe is the controller. If it's an NVMe drive, it will almost certainly have an M.2 connector in a laptop.

        This often confuses people because SATA is both a connector and the controller. But you can have a drive with a SATA controller and an M.2 connector (these are typically 6 times slower than an NVMe drive though, despite looking almost identical).

      • This is a PCIe SSD, M.2 is just the form factor.

    • That's a 17 inch model tho. Not really directly comparable, even though it's a great deal.

      • It's in the $2k price range. Definitely not comparable

    • The Y540 is great if you don't mind the weight and increase in size. It also comes with an Intel processor which is better in most gaming situations. The base 540 only has a 60Hz display though, and 8GBs ram instead of 16GB

  • IS this overkill for wow classic?

    • +1


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        Intel integrated laptop graphics from last 5 years are fine!

        • Really integrated graphics was never a thing for games I thought

          • @neonlight: That's been my only gaming computer for a couple years now… does me fine at 1080p for Blizzard stuff

    • Get one of those E495/595 deals

  • I have Asus ROG one with gtx960m and I am wondering if I should get this one as update or wait for the upcoming cyber monday sales or winter sales? I wanna be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 decently and I don't think my old one will be able to.

    • I reckon you should wait - Cyberpunk isn't due to be released for some time and there's bound to be other sales in the interim (Black Friday/Cyber Monday/XMAS comes to mind)

      • Thank you. I will just wait for other sales and see if there's any better deals.

  • Does anyone know how long this laptop has been around? just wondering if its being cleared for a soon to be newer model…

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      Released April 2019

  • I bought one july, runs gears of war 5 on high on 4k, reviews state that laptop coolers dont work because theres not enough vents underneath. had two problems with it, if you update your nvidia drivers before other drivers it has a tendency to freeze the screen till restart, i factory restored it and let the asus tool do the work and thats resolved. Second is since its ryzen, when you open a game using vulkan like no mans sky it doesnt load, so you need to disable the igpu, not a big deal, it is cheap plastic and gets dirty real quick, and it struggles 4k but still as good as xbox one x as the x lowers details, good laptop for price

    • It's only a 1080p screen. Why would you run 4k? It's not high powered enough for 4k gaming.

  • Which one is better? Lenovo Legion Y540 or this laptop?

    • Y540, but I think it all depends on your budget.

      • Sadly Y540 has 60hz display instead of 144hz. Is that still ok? considering it has GPU GTX 1660ti?

        • Depends how much you care about frames. It will definitely be helpful and nice for fast pace fps. Higher refresh rate is always recommended, especially for a decent GPU like this one. Especially with a far better CPU, you will be missing out on visible frames. But that means you can also crank up some graphics settings without worrying about higher than 60 fps.

  • +1

    This looks great for the price! Can you add a second hard drive?

    • Yep. Just chuck in an dram-less SSD for best Price/Performance.

      • +1

        Great - thank you!

  • I bought this exact model (there are several variations), secondhand (few months old) for $1100 with purchase paperwork etc. I can highly recommend this laptop.

    I had a few weird happenings (no big deal) until the latest 306 bios was released.

    Good tip posted earlier about changing out the ram. It's plenty fast enough, but faster is faster.

  • Windows update supplied by Asus bios/uefi 307 update has been released, with a heap of microcode improvements including the 3000 series turbo clock rates etc. As you may have read online, AMD made available the improvements and fixes for updates to be pushed through.

    Good times.

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