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Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite $329, Note 5 $299, Mi 9 128GB $679, Plus Bonus 10,000mAh Powerbank @ Official Mi Store AU


Here are the selected Xiaomi smartphones that are on discount now till this Sunday (29th Sept). And each smartphone purchase will include a free 10,000mAh Xiaomi powerbank. All these come from Xiaomi official with official Xiaomi AU warranty support and aren't grey imports.

Note 5
Was $399.00, Now $299.00

Mi 8 Lite, 4G+64GB, Midnight Black
Was $449.00, Now $329.00

Mi 8 Lite, 6G+128GB, Midnight Black
Was $449.00, Now $369.00

Redmi S2, 3G+32GB, Blue
Was $299.00, Now $259.00

Mi Mix 3
Was $949.00, Now $749.00

Mi 9 64GB (Black Only)
Was $829.00, Now $629.00

Mi 9 128GB (Black Only)
Was $879.00, Now $679.00

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  • Purchased Mi 9 128 GB Blue color about 4 months ago. I was very happy at the beginning but after 4 months, the screen display blue-greenish tint. I have tried everything to fix it by adjusting display setting. anyone have similar issues?

  • Your ebay site doesn't reflect all these prices as per link above.
    I have some ebay vouchers and happy to purchase at discounted price via ebay
    Also will you offer the free powerbank on your eBay site. Oz bargainers will approve? .

    • I sent message two days ago and that's the reply,

      Hi xxxxxx, I have been informed that we are running a promotion on our site for some models. It is still listed as full price on eBay, but there are eBay coupons available. Thanks!

  • @OP So are you an official re-seller of Xiaomi products or part of the actual Xiaomi company?

    • "exclusive official distributor" according to https://www.mi-store.com.au/xiaomi-launch-in-australia

      "Panmi has been established as promotional and business development partner of Xiaomi in Australia. Panmi’s vision is bringing exciting new technology with uncompromising quality and performance to Australian consumers. Helping Australians to enjoy advanced technology in their daily life.

      The exclusive official distributor of Xiaomi in Australia, Panmi is dedicated to introducing Xiaomi & it's eco-partner's new generation "smart" product into Australia. Major products include Smart Home, Smart phone, Smart sports (electronic bike, electronic scooter, fitness tracker) and much more.

      Panmi will revolutionise consumers’ expectations – in addition ensuring compliance with Australian Standards for all products introduced to the Australian market.

      Make an appointment on https://www.facebook.com/Australia.Xiaomi/ and visit our showroom at 174 Broadway Chippendale NSW for more information."

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    Mi 8 Lite, 4G+64GB, Midnight Black
    $226 at kogan

    • Why is this deal (Bargain ???) $100 more?

    • AFAIK Kogan sells grey imports. This appears to be AU stock with manufacturers warranty under Australian consumer laws.

      • Still far too high to cover warranty costs. No bargain.
        Btw… If an Aust retailer sells a grey import item they are still liable under ACL.

  • Prices seem high,no bargain here

  • What's the warranty and support situation here? If there's an issue, what happens with the phone?

    • it is a nightmare, my roborock stopped working within 1 year, and guess what their warranty team said:

      Dear, check your email once more as we send you return shipping label long ago!

      I have wasted over 30 days with this company and forwarded my request to ACCC

  • I bought a note 5 one year ago for $240 on AliExpress. These prices are way over the top.

  • Cheapest sd855 and band 28 with Australian wty