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4 in 1 Pool Test Kit $5 Delivered - PoolAndSpaWarehouse.com.au


4 in 1 Pool Test Kit $5 Delivered

Keep your pool water balanced, safe & ready to use with AussieGold's pool test kits.

The 4 in 1 test kit delivers a reliable, fast and accurate analysis that covers the following aspects of water quality:

  • Chlorine / Bromide
  • pH
  • Acid Demand
  • Total Alkalinity


  • To redeem this offer you must enter the coupon code "testkit" at the cart page during checkout.
  • Limited stock quantity: 200 units available.
  • Offer limited to 1 test kit per customer. You are welcome to purchase additional kits, but the discount will only apply to 1.
  • Free Shipping will be extended to any other products added to the shopping cart.

Australia's Largest Range of Pool Supplies at the Best Prices.

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    Lol haven't opened my last one yet, hurry up summer!

  • Great deal - bought a volleyball net, too!

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    Damn, I bought one for full price that arrived yesterday. I'll let someone else take this one. Great kits. I think the tablets etc last about a year, so if you're not going to use it for a while, leave it for someone who will and pick the next $5 deal up.

  • Got one from last deal. Will leave for someone else :) I know a few missed out last time hope they get one.

  • thanks

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    commenting here just to show that i have a pool …

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    True ozbargainers empty their pool to save on chems and power.

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      True ozbargainer uses rain water tanks to fill up pool and use a solar charge kit they got on special at supercheap auto to run the pump on sunny days. No chems, green is the new blue.

      • … and maybe green water?

    • +2

      If not done right you could end up with a pool that jumps out of the ground costing you thousands

      This phenomenon occurs because of hydrostatic pressure

      • Ive heard this rumour so many times but is it even possible with the hydro static valve.

    • Spend a few hundred dollars filling it with water, getting the salt level back to where it should be, + buffer, + stabiliser, + algaecide.

  • Silly q, but this can also be used for a spa right?

  • Thanks, some of the previous one is running out - should top it up nicely :)

  • Thanks op. Finally got a kit. Always just missed out on previous deals.

  • I never understood why people wouldn't just use the pool strips. I bought one of these once and gave it away as soon as I opened it - looked way more time consuming and complex than dunking a strip into the water and comparing the colours

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      Strips are pricey and not as accurate.

      • +1

        $15 or something for 50 from bunnings - a container of them lasts me all year

        • I prefer the kit to strips (more accurate etc). It's not complicated and this $5 kit can last up to two seasons in my experience. But strips are fine too.

      • theyre free at bunnings?

    • Or, taking the sample to the local pool shop, where you have to buy any necessary chemicals anyway.

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        A bag of stabiliser or flocc is $10 or something from bunnings and $40 from a pool shop

        • My local pool shop is slightly cheaper than Bunnings. Very unusual though.

        • it also works half as well

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        My local doesn't pressure me in to buying their chemicals, so I can shop around for them.

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    I won't get another, already had a coupl, cheers

  • Finally got one for summer.

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    I'm here to clean the pool.

    • +1

      Always a great opening line, especially if you have a smooth guitar riff in the background (waccawaccawacca).

  • Thanks.. got one !!

  • Thanks op!

  • Out of Stock already :(
    Thanks OP

  • No stock

  • Must have been one of the lats to get one, thanks OP. Almost pool season again in Sydney!

  • Got this last time it was on special and highly recommend.

  • no deal now

  • Missed AGAIN

  • bugger! I never manage to get this one :(

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