This was posted 2 years 2 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Pre Order] braaap SHADOW ST250 Matte Black Café racer (Motorcycle) $1990 (U.P. $4500)


The 2020 model ST250 braaap SHADOW cafe racer is landing in December.

To kick start the launch of the 2020 model we have a huge but very limited flash sale offering the bikes at $1990 (usually $4,500).

Call us on 0499 27 22 27 to order over the phone or proceed through the online store to secure yours.

The sale is buy now for December delivery.

Own it from $20/week with 6 months interest free via ZIP money.

Australia wide delivery. ($380 for Sydney, Adelaide) Call for other locations or collect in store at 35 Playne St, Frankston 3199.

Every sale that is processed through the online store will receive a phone call to confirm details and welcome you onboard with in 24 hours.

Please note this is a massive sale well below the wholesale price therefore it is limited to a small number of motorcycles, It is first in best dressed and does not include any of the current model ST250 on our showroom floor. (They are $4,500).

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    If it's too good to be true, it probably is. :P

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    Didn't the owner of braaap close the business down after being found guilty of various fraud charges?

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    Dang it, I would love one of these but even at this price I can’t afford one. Being chronically ill and not being able to work full time sucks :( Soon though, soon.

    Would I be correct in guessing these are made in China and likely require a few hours of attention by the consumer to make sure everything is tightened correctly and safe?

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      Don't know why you are being downvoted. Hope you can ride soon!

      • Lol, maybe a secret network of braaap fan-bois don't like that I mentioned country of origin? They're welcome to send me a bike to change my mind…

        Thanks, I am healthy enough to ride but it wouldn't be a financially responsible purchase until I am well enough to be back at work full time.

  • With paypal payment option, might be worth the risk?

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    I'm guessing this is excluding on roads as the rego alone is about $700 plus stamp duty.
    So probably more like $3000 ride away.

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      • Some of us are close enough to not worry about freight, I’m probably <20mins from them but had forgotten the price likely doesn’t include on-road costs.

    • Rego on 250 at that! Sheesh, my bike is 700 cc and is nowhere near that with two seat capacity… must be QLD discount

    • No motorcycle rego is $700!!! Max cost is $502 in QLD for a 2 seater.

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        126-500cc is ~$530 in Vic, over 500cc is $700

        • Wow, that's insane. I thought $502 was too much, I'll stop complaining lol

          • @Togsy: That’s for metropolitan areas, it gets a bit cheaper if you live in outer metro areas and there is a further discount if you live rural areas.

        • rego for 261-600CC in the NT is about $868.05 a year, any thing over 600cc is $882.05 a year.

      • It is getting close to that in some places. It's insane. Also the cc rego price jumps are dumb and need to be rethought. A 301cc can cost as much as a 1200cc to rego

      • Yeah in Victoria is expensive even though it does include CTP.

        I pay about $700 for my 650cc bike.

        • Sheesh, I just paid $176 for 6 mnths rego on my 700cc BMW single seat rego, is much cheaper, all up including CTP - Qld

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      Getting 200-230cc range bikes is a no brainer (Ktm, Yamaha, Suzuki, CF moto plenty of options out there).
      Some of them are capable of commuting and can even do 100Km/h no worries.
      Plenty of fun, greener than any car and, not of less importance, great for your wallet.

  • I looked at new and used examples of the original Sol Invictus (same machine). There are some happy owners and some unhappy ones, if you can garage it properly and are prepared for some cleaning, could last, seemed to rust pretty fast if not garaged.

    • Just noticed that moving parts have a lifetime warranty! Perhaps if it rusts they can claim you neglected it and use that as a loophole to void the warranty.

      The only motorcycle on the planet that offers a lifetime warranty
      We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty when you purchase your new braaap motorcycle. Thanks to the extra energy and effort goes into our manufacturing process we are the only motorcycle on the planet that offers lifetime warranty. The braaap lifetime warranty covers all moving parts, the engine, the wheels, every part. The warranty is for the lifetime of the original owner of the motorcycle. Your commitment is to service the bikes and look after the bike (regular maintenance as per braaap log book) Lifetime Warranty is $250 to validate.

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        *Lifetime of the company offering the warranty

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          Also the warranty doesnt mean much if you're in Sydney and they're in Melb.

          I do get that this is a $2k bike… some of you have more expensive laptops etc.

      • Lifetime for the original owner. I assume they've done the research and figured most people will sell this on after 1-2 years. And they get the benefit of a nice marketing tag line.

  • Why should i buy Burp when i can sneeze.

  • is it worth it?

  • seems too dodgy, from the name to the court action..

  • yikes sounds like they are in trouble

    • Yah, enter at your peril

  • …so going by the comments a craaap deal?

  • And the award for “Blandest bike ever produced….”

  • +4

    Even with the Paypal backup, I'd spend a little more and buy a 2018 Royal Enfield made in India for $3500 than touch this.

    • Must admit I like the Classic 500 in battle green.

    • Link?

  • Wonder if the company is struggling for money and doing this to stay afloat. Hail Mary play. Similar stuff has happened in the building industry with upfront payments. If the company files for bankruptcy then your money is gone.

    • Yeah this. Sounds like a pump and dump. The importer slash holding company getting a $25k fine isnt good news.

  • I was keen on this until I read the comments….

  • No ABN on web site to confirm company financial status?

  • Negging deal. It's bait advertising at best and in breach of component pricing laws. They need to display the minimum drive away price for at least one state, which they don't appear to have done.

    • Probably also in breach of "price comparison" rules, given that it's a pre-release and has never been sold at the full price yet.

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    Be great if a rep chimed in…

    • I messaged them with a link to this thread.

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