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7-Eleven $3 Sandwiches from The $5 Range Monday to Wednesday until October 23


$3 Sandwiches from the $5 range.

Limit of 5 sandwiches per transaction.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday until 23 October.

If you have access to a time machine, go back to last year when they were $2 on Wednesdays.

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  • +12 votes

    Golden days of $2 for any sandwich are gone.

    • -6 votes

      from memory, you also had to purchase a drink? what sucks about this offer is it not being applied to their real sandwiches ($7 ones) … the $5 are lean as f**k…

  • +3 votes

    absolutely, that was lunch for the month

  • +1 vote

    Who makes their sandwiches? I remember someone saying it was jail workers lol

  • +5 votes

    Can their workers afford them?

  • +9 votes

    7-11 sandwiches rock my world. so easy and convenient, no need to prep at home anymore. their sushi range is pretty good as well. the pizza slider thing wasnt bad either.

    i hope they move towards their japanese model and have a huge range of food plus hot food, that would just make my day :)

    • +13 votes

      Agree. 7/11 Japan is out of this world!!!!

      The range and quality is out of this world.

    • +2 votes

      Since 7-Eleven is a Japanese company, it might be possible. A lot of Japanese franchises have been opening up in Australia lately. They transformed and spread the Japanese connivence store culture to other Asian countries but never bothered to implement it to the Western countries. For the longest time we've only had overpriced shitty meat pies and sausage rolls but I have a feeling that things might change soon.

      • +6 votes

        I didn't realise it was Japanese.

        Always thought it was Indian for some reason =p

        • +3 votes

          It was originally American but the Japanese bought it out a long time ago. Same story with Lawson.

          FamilyMart is their most popular domestic franchise and is very popular throughout Asia (but for some reason it's renamed to "CU" in Korea).

          • -3 votes

            @tofusana: They could call it CU Next Tuesday if they bring it here.

          • +2 votes

            @tofusana: Totally forgot about Lawson. I felt like it was an inferior 7-11.

            My mrs loved the packaged fruits like pineapple, so dam yummy!!!

            here is an article which sums it up for those that havent been yet:



              @DiscoJango: I loved the onigiri range in 7-11 and Family Mart in Japan. And don't get me started on their bread range. Even their sando/bentos/soba noodle bowls are on another level. I also loved how they have free Wifi, seating, microwave and 4 different trash bins (for recycling). Their konbini is simply out of this world.


                @jmi: Yup. Some nights when we got back to the hotel totally stuffed from a day of adventuring, dinner would totally be a 7-11 affair.

                I just wonder how buying food from 7-11 is viewed from a Japanese social/demographic level? As in, are you considered lowly/poor if you buy your sushi and hot food from there, instead of a proper restaurant.

                • +1 vote

                  @DiscoJango: Convenience stores in Japan are loved across the board so there is absolutely zero judgement. With that kind of quality and pricing you'd be pretty silly to look down on it. When they roll out new products (especially seasonal items, like sakura-flavoured everything in spring) it even starts trending among the general public. Of course, combini food is still cheap food so you'd get judged if you bought them for, say, a romantic dinner for two. It's possible that the upper crust stay away from combini, but for the rest of us mortals they are a gift from the heavens.


                  @DiscoJango: Nah everyone does it. I've worked in a Tokyo office and spent 25 minutes in line for a convenience store sandwich around noon because of all the office workers buying lunch. Even with a bunch of good and cheap restaurants around, and food trucks right outside that very clearly have shorter lines.

                  There's nothing wrong with it, it's more like a basic default food choice since people eat out much more. You can expect to find a decent, not unhealthy $5 meal anywhere you are, and convenience stores are just a part of that. Supermarkets sell even more of the same ready made stuff, and there are chain restaurants in that price range.

                  Not like Aus where you gotta bring food from home if you don't wanna spend heaps and/or get stuffed with grease. So there isn't the same automatic assumption that cheap food is best avoided. Smaller apartments sometimes won't even have a kitchen because I guess some people will simply never cook.


        Imagine what it would be like if they could sell Strongs here.


      their sushi range is pretty good as well.

      no, they aren't … i don't know which 711 you went to, but even the city one taste like $h1t

    • -2 votes

      Their sandwiches aren’t really that great for you if you look at the nutritional info.
      I also left one in the fridge for a couple months and it looked the same as the day I bought it..


    Awesome, this is now my go-to been doing this for a bit. Taste better than the ones I make too.

  • +1 vote

    Who said I had a time machine? Because I definitely haven't! Haha!! No time machine here, that's for sure!

  • +1 vote

    Still waiting for a good sale on a time machine and hover board. TA pls help!!!


    to put into perspective, Aldi's Turkish Bread Range is $2.99 and you can eat 4 times.
    you add 2 can of tunas for those 4 times which will cost you $1 in total; so all up: $4 for 4 times eating.
    this Seven Eleven deal is not a good deal.

    • +1 vote

      To put into perspective, you could eat peanut butter smeared on a playing card for much less.

    • +1 vote

      But their target market are people like me who run out the door with no food then realise that you need to eat something so you run in to grab something remotely healthy.


        but don't you think if you spare 15~20 mins of your weekend to prepare, then you will no longer be their target market ?

        • +1 vote

          I wish I was that motivated to do so…

        • +1 vote

          Quite possibly, you have a good point and sorry if I offended you earlier. It was supposed to be a Simpsons joke. At $2 last year it was a no brainer for me and at $3 I think it's still a pretty good deal, because otherwise I might need to buy fillings that I wouldn't normally, or bread that I wouldn't normally buy.


    What is usually in there $5 range?


      According to another frugal website;
      Ham, Tomato and Cheese
      Egg, Lettuce and Mayo
      Chicken and Lettuce


    Thanks I'll put by santa outfit on.

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