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Logitech MK710 $65 Delivered - Logitech Shop


Logitech MK710 keyboard and mouse set $65 delivered from Logitechshop online. Max 2 per customer. 3 year warranty.

Direct link: http://www.logitechshop.com.au/logitech-mk710.html

I've never had one of these before so dont know their performance, however seem to be the cheapest currently available on eBay and on StaticIce.

No idea when the deal will expire so get in fast if youre after one of these sets.


  • Comfort and productivity go hand-in-hand thanks to concave keys, a cushioned palm rest and a hyper-fast scrolling mouse.
  • Three-year battery life
  • The batteries in both the keyboard and mouse last up to three full years, so you can forget the hassle, expense and waste of frequent battery changes.
  • Logitech® Incurve keys™
  • Concave keys with softly-rounded edges position your fingers properly and invite your fingertips to glide from key to key
  • Low profile, longer key travel. Not easily found on many low-profile and laptop keyboards, longer key travel improves comfort
  • Cushioned palm rest: Your hands can relax - the cushioned palm rest feels so much better than hard plastic
  • Sculpted mouse: It positions your hand and fingers comfortably and naturally
  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • You’ll fly through long documents and Web pages with just a flick of the nearly frictionless scroll wheel.
  • LCD dashboard: It gives you at-a-glance icon status of your battery, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock, so you won’t skip a beat while typing.
  • Logitech® Unifying receiver: The tiny receiver stays in your laptop.
  • Plus, you can easily add another compatible wireless mouse or keyboard—without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.
  • Logitech® Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity: You can confidently work and play where you please.
  • Encrypted, secure cordless technology ensures you a reliable connection with virtually no lags or dropouts

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    I bought one from logitech shop for $70 a few weeks ago so $5 cheaper now. I'm happy with it so far and not really noticing any problems gaming.


    $71.40 at DSE so may be able to match that $6 difference.



      Free delivery from LTS would save you the hassle of a trip to your nearest DSE. OfficeWorks also seem to have it for a similar price, but if you want delivery then including the handling fee it brings it up to around $76.

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    Print off screen and take it to officeworks for and extra 5% off.


      Would that actually work seeing as it is an online store?
      EDIT: Called up my local store. Seems they will price match (Including an extra 5%) even though it's an online store, just bring in proof including proof of free postage.

      Thanks for the tip


    I got a mx5500 series keyboard mouse bundle. Does anyone know the difference?


      Suppose to last for 3 years off a simple battery charge, i think mx5500 will struggle to last 3-6mths…


      MX5500 is bluetooth (and probably has more functions), the MK710 isnt a bluetooth keyboard/mouse set. I have an MX5500 myself and am pretty happy with it.


    Saw this earlier at logi and bought it for a mate, didn't realise it hadn't been posted yet lol. +'ed.


    Using the mouse right now (M705), and the keyboard is at home.
    (so good that I bring the mouse wherever I go).

    I like it, going to pick up another (one for home, one for work).
    Key feel might not be everyone's taste (soft-touch flat keys).

    Don't know about gaming, but great for everyday business use


    I just +ed it to push it past the 15 mark… LOVE the stuff from Logitechshop.

    Unfortunately, someone just stole my headphones. :-(



    Personal opinion: This keyboard sucks to type on.


    I have once got a Logitech keyboard, which was used comfortably.


    dse has the 400vi headphones for 49.95, not too bad.


    Sold Out

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