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Jetstar Japan Return for Free Sales - Osaka, Tokyo, Japan Return from Cairns $299, Gold Coast $329, Sydney $472, Melbourne $482


The beloved Jetstar Japan return for free sales is back.
Any outbound dates.
For your return flight, search for flights between the following dates:
From Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns - 31 March to 8 April, 6 May to 2 July and 28 August to 15 September 2020.
From Tokyo (Narita) via Gold Coast - 15 March to 9 April, 6 May to 29 June and 28 August to 24 September 2020.
From Osaka (Kansai) via Cairns - 28 January to 19 March, 6 May to 1 July and 28 August to 15 September 2020.
Look for a return flight labelled $0 (may not be available on all flights or days).

Lower fares may also be available
Cairns to Osaka or Tokyo (Narita) Return from $299
Gold Coast to Tokyo (Narita) Return from $329
Sydney to Osaka Return from $472
Sydney to Tokyo (Narita) from $484
Melbourne to Osaka from $482
Melbourne to Tokyo (Narita) from $508

Check baggage, entertainment, food not included.

Book an outbound Starter fare and you’ll get a return Starter fare for free on selected flights.
Checked baggage and optional extras aren't included, but can be added for a fee.
Both your outbound and return flights must be purchased in a single booking and between the same arrival and departure airports.
‘$0’ Return flights may not be available on all flights or days, and availability is limited on school or public holiday weekends.
Some changes can be made to Return for FREE^ bookings but change fees and any fare difference will apply. For the free flights the fare difference will be calculated from a $0 fare.

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  • +11

    Had a pretty bad experience with one of these “free return flights” with Jetstar from Tokyo a couple of years ago. When I went to check in for the return flight they told me I had to pay and they wouldn’t check me in without paying. I refused so they got on the phone to Australia. It took them about an hour and a half to sort it out and I barely made the flight and they gave me no explanation. On the plane they refused to give me the food that I had pre-paid for. Made lots of complaints when I got back to Australia and they finally offered a $100 voucher with a six month expiry. Never got a refund for the food I paid for.

    • +17

      You should have contacted ACCC

    • +1

      I think it’s more likely that you added food/seat selection/baggage etc to your booking after the fact and did not complete the payment?

      My friend added food to his booking about one week before departure (via manage my booking) and his card declined. Just closed his browser, and forgot all about it, however Jetstar must have kept his food choices on the booking. When he arrived at the airport he couldn’t check in until he completed payment for the food at the service counter first.

      • +1

        Yeah, I did add food to the outbound and return flights some time after the initial booking and the payment was successful. I got the food on the way to Japan without any issue.
        When they told me I had to pay for something while trying to check in for the return flight they made out it was for the flight…they never mentioned food. They were very vague and were not able to explain to me what they wanted me to pay for.

    • +2

      When I went to check in for the return flight they told me I had to pay

      Yeah nah. Was the return flight on your ticket? Or did you just rock up expecting not to pay?

      If the flight was booked on and listed on your email confirmation then I can’t possibly see how this could happen.

      • +6

        They wouldn't offer him free return flight if they didn't have to.

      • +1

        Yeah, the return flight was on the ticket!

    • +12

      So much about this story doesn't make sense. Something tells me as a passenger you didn't do your due diligence prior to departure.

      • Nah, everything was paid for in full before leaving Australia. No issues at the airport in Sydney, only when checking in at Narita airport. They were able to sort it out eventually but left me waiting for about an hour and a half. I asked multiple times what they wanted me to pay for but they couldn’t tell me. When they finally checked me in I asked how they were able to get it sorted but they just told me it had been sorted in a Australia. So I’ve never known the reason for what happened.

    • FYI

      it's a video from ABC Checkout about Jetstar

  • +13

    Great value. Just a heads up - the stopover in Cairns/gold coast from Melbourne is considered a domestic flight, which means you gotta get your luggage, walk to the other terminal and check in again. Something to consider if you have a big family or a lot of luggage.

    • +3

      Not sure about Cairns, but when I did this last year on Jetstar from SYD to Gold Coast to Tokyo, our luggage was checked through. And it's in the same building.

      • +5

        I've been on both. The Sydney to Tokyo route via stopover at Cairns is considered domestic, and you'll need to collect your baggage at Cairns domestic terminal and walk over to the international terminal to board the next flight to Tokyo.

        The Sydney to Tokyo route via Gold Coast was considered international and my baggage went through automatically to Tokyo.

        • Ah right. Coming home via gold coast I had to check out baggage.

          Guess the advice should be to check the flight details!

    • But adds to your status credits for QFF.

    • +3

      Oh gads I remember this stopover. BOTH time due to a late/delay/something we had to stay overnight at GC, basically involving getting ALL your checkin back, waiting at the airport for 2hr for the bus to the hotel, getting there and lining to get the room, you get about 2hrs sleep before having to get up and do the reverse.

      It is not worth the risk if you have family or kids with you.

    • +15

      How is this good value? For an extra $200 you can have luggage, food, entertainment and a direct flight. By the time you factor in luggage you're pretty close to the cost of a major carrier. A stop over and plus dicking around collecting luggage to save $200 is nothanks.jpg

      • +5

        Yeah I personally agree right now considering all the hassle. But if I was younger with no kids, $200 was a lot of money for me.

        • Both fair points. I wouldn't use Jetstar for a snow trip or a family trip, but my wife and I would happily go with them if we were to leave the kids at home, only take carry-on luggage and pack lunch for the flights.

    • For anyone wondering, JQ saves money by not through checking. Bags will never be throughchecked anymore. Even on connecting domestic sectors, you must collect all baggage and recheck to onwards destination.

  • +4

    Flight costs have increased from their previous deals unfortunately.

    • +6

      No longer a great deal when there are direct flights with baggage the non direct routes are a pain

    • +1

      Yeah I paid $404 Sydney to Tokyo last year return.

  • Thanks, booked 22/3-8/4 4 people for $2k.

    We always wanted to see Japan but always too expensive on school holidays. With this schedule kids will be missing the last two weeks of term 1, which is not too bad.

    • +6

      I’m sure your kids won’t mind haha

    • +2

      Good timing, you should be able to see cherry blossoms about that time. And Japanese school year finishes about 27th march (friday), followed by a week holiday for spring. Could be busy travelwise.

  • +7

    Virgin are starting Brisbane to haneda next March so probably worth a wait as like Hong Kong fares they went down to $500/$600

  • -2

    Good deal, though I reckon ozbargain should have a rule that flight prices should include 20kg baggage for international flights, and a meal for flights over 3 hours, 2 meals if over 7 hours.

    Without submitting myself to the pure agony/torture of Jetstar booking process I've got no idea how much those essential components add to the fare.

    • +6

      Tested sydney <-> narita return in mid march, with the Plus bundle added (mainly for the 20kg allowance and onboard meals/inflight entertainment). Came to around $570.

      I believe there is an ANA direct flight deal from $655, which looks very competitive to the Jetstar one.

    • +1

      as long as the most relevant items show in headline we are happy. We travel now 7 weeks with 7kg each. Rags are cheap so why load like a donkey?

      • +1

        Yes but good sir how do i bring back my 30 animu figures and 800 manga????

    • Essential components? Airline food is usually the pits (BYO) and travelling light wins on so many levels

    • +3

      Essential components

      It's called pack a sandwich and backpack around the country with a carry-on backpack.

    • +2

      And why would that rule exist?

      I do just fine without luggage for trips of 2 weeks etc. Ends up being great because you don't need to wait at the other end for luggage.

      As for food, fill up at on a big meal at the airport bring food from Woolies onboard.

      • -1

        Fair enough, the mob have spoken. No like-for-like fare comparison for me!

    • +10

      Why don't you just google "tokyo olympics date".

      • +5

        imagining them visiting this page every 20min for the next day for the answer..

  • +2

    Found some date in June has as low as $338 and return for free in a week or two. This is Sydney-Tokyo. A reasonable weekend departure and weekend return will be a bit more expensive, I’ve able to find $354 for that. Plus the discounted Jetstar gift card, this could be even cheaper.

    • +1

      Just be aware that June is considered Japans "wet season" so expect a lot of rainy days if planning to go then

  • +1

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I click the link it says sale over?

  • Very good deal, unfortuntely can't go, already booked a trip to Europe.
    4-12 Sept, 2019:
    Jetstar - Gold Coast - Tokyo bags included 569.00 AUD vs 1030.00 AUD on Qantas (from Brisbane) -

  • +15

    Took up this deal earlier this year for free return flight. On the way back to Narita airport (to fly back), got an an email from Jetstar saying our flight was cancelled due to "operational reasons". Clicked the link to get on the next flight… Which was available SIX days later!

    Absolute Joke.

    Took a train to Osaka and flew out with SCOOT.

    Upon trying to get a refund with Jetstar, they stated because "it was a Free return flight back, NO refund"

    When escalated, the T&C's, policy crap and brick walling follows.
    (Took them a week to get them to agree to refund food from return flight)

    Insurance and Jetstar will cover costs for additional hotels and food.. but another SIX days wasn't an option.

    If you do take this deal.. CAVEAT EMPTOR

    • +1

      Lol wtf… that's really shit. Id be talking to accc.

    • Hmm, free extra 6 days of holiday and you are saying its a bad thing?
      I kid i kid, i know for most people that aint gonna work. But me as a uni student with no strict timeline would love a "problem" like that to pop up during a holiday.

  • +1

    I managed to book SYD-NRT for 3 weeks from mid April for 3 adults and 1 kid for $1570 including 40kg baggage allowance.
    I think that's pretty good.

  • +18

    Thought I would add a "trip report" for our trip last May from Gold Coast to Narita return on one of these deals.

    With a bit of searching, we were able to get the $0 return flight to tie in with a 14 day rail pass to include the Narita express to and from the airport. Itinerary included Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Akita then back to Tokyo via Shin-Aomori using a 5 out of 14 day Tohoku Pass.

    About 2 months after making the booking, got an email from Jetstar saying they had cancelled the OOL-NRT flight we were booked on and they had moved us to flights via Cairns. As other posters have noted, this would mean having to move between the domestic and international terminal in Cairns with luggage and re-check in to the Japan flight. It also meant getting 6:05AM flight rather than the much more pleasant 10:45am direct flight originally booked. Added about 5 hours to the journey plus all the hassle and additional costs. Leaving from Brisbane, this would mean either getting up very early and finding a transport option (taxi/uber or leave own car in airport parking for 2 weeks), or staying near the airport overnight. Original plan was to take public transport (train with bus connection) which is quite doable from our location in the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane or get a lift with our daughter who works on the Gold Coast and travels 3/4's of the way to the airport each day. All in all, no good options.

    I did a bit of research and found they still had a direct flight the previous day. Taking this flight would mean an extra day off work, plus extra accommodation,food and transport costs (wouldn't be able to use Tohuku pass for one NEX trip etc. as we intended) but I was up for extra costs anyway because of the flight change with either accommodation near the Gold Coast airport or an expensive early morning uber or airport parking for 15 days. An extra day in Japan or a tiring day touring Cairns airport? I think I'll pick Japan.

    I rang Jetstar and said we would prefer to get the flight the day before rather than the terrible changes they had imposed. The person on the phone was quite helpful but then made a big song and dance about how they were very generously making that change for free. I politely explained that there was nothing free about it and that while I understand they had made changes to their flight schedule, both options had caused me a large cost. I suggested that they should provide at least a token compensation. I suggested that providing free meals on the flights would be a cheap solution for Jetstar but give us at least some small compensation for our trouble. I was given the standard line that this was impossible and that there was no manager I could talk to. I politely insisted that it be escalated and eventually was told that yes, someone would call me within 10 business days. Of course, no one called, but a few weeks later two $50 vouchers turned up. As another poster mentioned, they had to be used within 6 months, but they were able to be used for extras on the flights we booked. We had already paid for checked baggage so we ended up using them for assigned seats and meals on the two flights. Got two meals services on the way up and one on the way back for each of us.

    Now the trip itself. Got a lift to Gold Coast airport with our daughter. Automated check-in and bag drop was easy with plenty of staff on hand to assist anyone having trouble, much better than what I've had on full service airlines. There were no queues when we checked in. Airport had lots of free luggage scales available and prominently located so you could weigh your bags before check-in. First security checkpoint into domestic area was quick. Second security checkpoint into international area was slower, but still OK. TRS desk was unmanned but manual forms were available with a drop box for claim forms and receipts. I ended up spending quite a bit of time here helping overseas visitors fill in the forms. Step 1 - place cardboard flap under the form so your details don't end up on every form in the book!!

    Flight boarding was good in both OOL and NRT. No carry-on was weighed, I think a couple of people pressed the friendship and would have been over the 7/10KG, but nothing outrageous, just some very large backpacks. 3-3-3 configuration. We ended up with a spare seat between us in both directions, both flights was about 80% full. I've seen some commentary saying Jetstar is planning to replace the 787's on these flights with new long range single aisle planes to increase load factors. On arrival in NRT had to wait on tarmac for about 50 minutes for a gate to be available. Landed early but didn't get to the gate until well after the scheduled time.

    Meals? I wouldn't bother paying for them. Small servings and not very good. Butter chicken was terrible. Salad was better but nothing to write home about. Quiche and hash browns as breakfast on return flight was better or maybe I was just hungrier or less fussy. Not worth the money but they do at least pass the time while stuck inside the big tube for 9+ hours. Hardly anyone got meals (prepaid or otherwise) on our flights, but some people consumed an enormous amount of alcohol. Beyond responsible service I thought. One young gentlemen in particular was harmless but loud and boisterous, and they kept serving him.

    In future, I would take my own food/snacks. Others have mentioned getting salads and sandwiches/rolls/HJ's in the OOL domestic area before the second security point and we saw people do that or have stuff from home. No problem with cabin crew doing that, just be polite and don't bring anything stinky! There is a water fountain to fill drink bottles after the second security point in OOL, go past the duty free and down the corridor to the toilets.

    Narita T3 is a couple of hundred metres from T2 and the train/bus stations by covered walkway. T3 itself has quite a good and reasonably priced food court before security. We got some nice snack food here and got cans of beer from the Lawson convenience store just opposite check-in. The Lawson is also a good option for packaged meals for the flight itself, all quite reasonably priced, both dinner and breakfast options. There are water fountains after security for the flight home. We got our own in-flight dinner in Tokyo Station. There are several NewDays stores there with one very large one that had lots of variety and huge turn over with people refilling the fridges from behind constantly. There are also lots of other options in the station including some of the fancier bento boxes.

    Seats are perfectly OK and I'm 187cm. Able to watch videos on Surface tablet quite happily with seat in front reclined. USB power available if needed as well as 2 Empower 110V sockets per set of three seats. Empower sockets are difficult to get to, being under the front of the seat. I ended up kneeling in the aisle to get a plug in the socket.

    I must say I liked our first flights on a 787. The pressure/humidity difference does make for a nicer trip. I find it difficult to sleep on planes but I had the best rest I have ever had on the return flight. We had had several flights on full service A350's a few months before and I don't think they were as good IMHO.

    Finally, what did we do with our extra day? We decided to stay in Narita township the first night, booking a cheap hotel (small but as usual for Japan, clean and perfectly OK for our needs) near the train station. Plan was to get the local train service from the airport into town, but with the delayed arrival were able to get the final free hotel bus service of the night with about 5 minutes to spare. Got a nice dinner and then got up the next morning for a leisurely walk around quite a pretty town and breakfast before returning by local train to the airport to pick up our rail pass and start our trip proper. It was much more relaxed than the original itinerary which had us picking up our rail pass immediately after the flight and taking the NEX to our first stop in Ofuna/Kamakura. As well as our time in Narita township, we ended up spending a nice afternoon touring the Kirin brewery in Yokohama that we hadn't planned on.

    Even with the initial booking issues, it was a great trip. You get what you pay for, and with these Jetstar sales you don't pay very much. I do see however that the other airlines getting more competitive on the Aus/Japan route and the new BNE/Haneda Virgin services will hopefully add to that.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • +2

      Holy dooly…. Tldr in less then 2 lines anyone?.

      • +2

        I read it all and found it informative. I used my QFF to book a trip to Japan, leaving in 2 weeks, and unfortunately I have to come back with Jetstar.

    • +19

      I read this and then ended up missing the sale…

    • Award for the longest comment scotty?

    • You remembered all that?? Impressed! After a few months I can't do a full trip report like this.

    • I have always eyed these jetstar deals, was interesting to read someones experience.
      Most helpful for me was what the planes jetstar use are like for your size (im 189cm tall) and that it goes to T3 at Narita (helpful for knowing where to go for JR passes etc). Thanks mate.

      Also great choice on spending that extra day in narita itself. My last trip to japan i missed my flight home (oops) and spent a day in the town waiting for my new flight, it really is a nice place. Nice enough that i plan to purposely spend a day or two there next trip and actually explore the surrounding area a bit.

  • +1

    Message says:

    the sale's over?!

    Next time,
    don't miss out.
    Get in the know.


    • Where does it say this? Still works fine for me

      • does not work for me - PC and mobile phone.
        Even with incognito windows..

        I don't know why.

  • +2

    Good deal if you live in GC/Cairns or live in Brissie and are willing to trek to GC for the flight but not from Melbourne (especially if you need to add bags).

    • Melbourne used to be direct and better value and baggage is now expensive as a result

      • +1

        We're pretty lucky that Melbourne has lots of airlines servicing lots of connections so I'm not too sad about it. :D

  • No flights back during August/Sept?

  • +4

    Ok Melb to Tokyo return from $508, with no add on's,
    Quantas melb to Tokyo return $633, with luggage and food, I know which one I'd rather.

  • In case it helps someone, consider booking a flight to Kansai (Osaka) and depart from Narita (Tokyo) if it suits your itinerary (or vice versa). Friends of mine overlooked this and spent a whole day getting back to the other city. Coupled with the flight home itself it would be a very long trip home.

    • But you wouldn't be able to take advantage of this return for free deal as it has to be to/from the same airport?

      • Yes must go through the same airports to get this deal. I had the same idea

      • Hmm seems they've changed alot of the rules

  • +2

    Yeah keep sending aussies over cause that worked well for Bali

  • +3

    A few tips for these flights and Japan
    1. Check successive journeys within Japan, as jetstar operates to a lot of other cities. You can get cheap connecting flights to Fukuoka/Sapporo, which will be cheaper than the train, but not cheaper than buses (faster too). Alternative is Peach airlines for cheap domestic flights.
    2. Load up on calorie-Mate and other protein bars as a food source for your return flight. From memory, the last time I took the flight home from Narita it was a 9pm flight, so didnt need to worry about meals. Calorie-mate is about 150yen, tastes like a shortbread biscuit.
    3. All the cheap purchases you make in konbini's add up fast.
    4. Do you research before you go, find some good restaurants. Always be polite, as it will get your much further in communication. Japan is one of the lowest performing english education countries in asia, but they're probably the best with customer service. They are used to rude foreign customers that aren't accustomed to a polite society, and wont be helpful.
    5. Japan has 4 seasons, Autumn, winter, spring and summer, and theyre opposite to australia (who didnt know that). Its difficult to shop for summer clothes in winter, and vice versa.
    6. Make Japanese friends. If someone buys you a beer, buy them a drink back.
    (Source: living in japan since 2015)

  • Perfect! Club jetstar expires in few days.
    365 bucks return from GC with 20kg each way!

  • Caution, it’s Jetstar.
    Stop in GC or Cairns, plus baggage and food.
    It’s basic, cheap and nasty.

  • Can't seem to access the deal.Says the sale has finished.

  • Somewhat related but my Qantas flight attendant said that in March next year they're going to fly to Haneda direct from Melb instead of Narita. If this happens I wonder if Jetstar will too?

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