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R5-2600 GTX 1660 Gaming PC: $649 + $29 Delivery @ Techfast


Hi all,

Kicking off October with a $21 price drop on a very popular system from September.

Spec: Ryzen 5 2600 | GTX 1660 6GB | 8GB 2400MHz | A320MB | 550W PSU | Leaper Case
Price: $649 + 29 Delivery
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-2600-gtx-1060-6...

3600 CPU upgrade is $120 and 1660 Ti upgrade is $99. The GPU upgrade is still guaranteed for MSI Ventus for the first dozen or so upgrades while the regular 1660 brand may vary.

Happy to take requests on potential CPU/GPU combos people are looking for to cook up some further deals. R5 3600 / RX 5700 8GB has been requested previously so we're looking at that. As have RTX 2060/2070 SUPERS, but they aren't popular lines more broadly (and for pricing) so we're unlikely to get those in right now.


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