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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 (+ Bonus $30 Starter Pack) $169 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Big W


Found in Big W Catalogue starting 3rd October

6.4” HD + Super AMOLED Display. 32GB Up to 512GB. 13MP+5MP Rear Camera 8MP Front Camera. 4000mAh Battery. Face Unlock

PS: Big W eBay Store will most likely be the same price (Free Delivery with eBay Plus + Use eBay Gift Cards for further discounts) Out of Stock

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    How much to unlock?

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      Depends on the imie of the device. 15xxxx is 50$ from Vodafone, 25$ after six months use and 11xxxx and 14xxxx is free from Vodafone

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        16xxxx was free for me

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        So best to check IMEI in store before purchase. You can look up the unlock code before purchase. Plenty of good unlock info on the Aust Post deal for A20


        You mean if you find one one with 11xxxx or 14xxxx you can ring Vodafone and they will unlock it for free?

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          Not really true, I got two phones. One of the 12 series and the other 14 series.

          The 14 series was free to unlock. But the 12 series wasn't. I had to waste 3 days chatting with a number of agents before I could get an agent who was kind enough to unlock without a charge

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          I bought a 16xxxx via Auspost deal and it was free to unlock via Vodafone unlock website

          Bought a 11xxxx via BigW yesterday for another family member and Vodafone unlock website demanded $50.

          Used the tool referred here and unlocked the 11xxxx phone in about 10 minutes for ~$5.50.

          Hope this helps others!


    Do I need unlock for Kogan SIM?


    Is this the best phone for the price? Looking for a cheap phone for mum that will last and is easy to use.

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      Look no further. At this price, this is too good! The only problem that I have heard is the GPS is crappy.

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        Lol I was thinking of getting one purely for future GPS duties in my car. Thanks for the heads up.

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          Can confirm the GPS is a bit hit and miss (regional SA was sending us in circles).

          Was $159 last time around at BigW from memory. But for an extra $10 I still think its a great phone (just note that this phone is not full HD)


            @Tiggrrrrr: If this got FHD AMOLED screen it would be too good to be true. You don't get FHD AMOLED until you add another $100 or more with Chinese phones. Even Mi A3 or Umidigi F2 are AMOLED HD+ only and they are more expensive (powerful hardware though).

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          Works fine for GPS. I posted a guide about it in the auspost A20 deal. GPS status & fix app will sort it out.


        no issues with the GPS here, don't know what others are talking about. Phone is amazing, can put it next to any other phone and it looks the business, and a second wide camera also


    anything comparable at this price, need one for dad, so want to check comparisons before pulling the trigger


    Is this the same specs as the A20 at gsmarena? https://gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_a20-9640.php Seems pretty good for $169! Though only 720p

    Super-AMOLED, A73, 3GB, 4000mAh, USB OTG (but C), G71MP2 (36-56GF, MHz?)

    EDIT Specs at https://www.samsung.com/au/smartphones/galaxy-a20-a205 are consistent, but don't mention details of A73, G71 or OTG.


    thanks, have purchased will worry about the unlock when i recieve it.


    Thanks,just bought one with woolworth team member discount (10%) $169-$16.90= $152.10 Happy with that price. Not sure if can get free unlocking with Vodafone.


    Lol they "Out of stocked" the Ebay listing before the sale began but decided to lower the listing price anyway…


    Found 2 instore when online said it had none. But IMEI was 22XXXX so didn't want to risk it.

    Edit: going of this previous comment

    The IMEI has the form 356776/10/xxxxxx/y where xxxxxx is the serial number of the phone.

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      Mine was 22xxxx as well.

      Going to take a chance and see how I go.

      $50 to unlock. I guess still cheaper than an unlock A20 at $269.

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        let us know how you go. i could still go back but doubt they'd be left.


        It's a good idea to check the Vodafone website before you buy. The website said $50 to unlock, I did not buy.
        I was able to do it last night at Top Ryde, the lady had no issues with me checking.

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          Just spoke with Vodafone, they will wave the unlocking fee if you activate the SIM card that came with the phone.

          Seeing how it was a free SIM, I activated it.. Gave them the new number and they are going to put in a credit on my IMEI so when I go to unlock it.. I don't get charged.

          It does take 24 hour for the credit to appear.


            @PuppieWayne: I'm a bit confused with free unlocking service by voderfone (telephone support I guess)
            Can you please explain why Vodafone waves unlocking fee when you activate a default sim card in its original box which doesn't require unlocking phone to activate in the first place??
            So any IMEI version can be unlocked by voderfone for free??


              @zenzen: Sorry.

              The A20 one bought is for my daughter.

              She is already on a plan with Optus but her phone was busted. So she'll be using her Optus Sim in the A20 phone, thus why I wanted it unlocked.

              I run a business so I'm looking at having two SIMS, one personal and one business.

              So the SIM that came with the phone (Vodafone), I'm going to use that in my fully paid phone which is a dual SIM phone.

              Vodafone just wants me to activate the SIM to ensure I'm going to be a customer before they do me this favour.

              Hope that helps.

              Edit: it's been a little over 13 hours, the credit still hasn't gone thru.


                @PuppieWayne: Quick update.

                Vodafone is useless. It's been 4 workings days now. They told me it will be done in 2.. didn't happen.

                I've had to call them and 4Xweb chats, they even got a manager to call me and promised me it will be done within 3 hours - it's been 4.

                I've end up paying the $50 cause my daughter really needs the phone but there is no way in hell I'll ever sign up with Vodafone. They are really useless..


                  @PuppieWayne: Thanks for the update. Yeah sounded unusual if they could do that but sucks that they didn't follow through.


                    @Juice08: I'm going to just call up TIO and put in a complain.

                    It will amount to nothing really as the sim I activated is prepaid but last I recall, tio will ask Vodafone to explain and each email regarding a complain cost Vodafone $750.

                    So I guess there's that

                    BS they said it can be done if I activated the SIM and then go back on their words. I would prefer them to say can't be done instead of making me wait


    Can anyone comment on the photo quality of this phone. My wife doesn't care about anything besides camera.


    Still available online. Free delivery for me too (QLD metro area).
    Will us with Kogan mobile deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488653) :)

    Merged from Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 $163.93 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Big W eBay
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: POTTER

    Product Features:

    Display - Large 6.4" HD+ Display
    Dual Camera - Dual Rear Camera (13MP+5MP)
    Smart Selfie Camera - 8MP Selfie Camera
    Battery - Long lasting 4,000 mAh1 battery
    Performance/Security - Octa-Core processor
    Storage - 32GB storage and microSD support
    Includes Vodafone $30 Starter Pack

    Showing as Limited Quantity/Almost Gone

    Also available on Big W Site for $169.

    Original Coupon Deal

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    If anyone is getting the $50 unlock fee from Vodafone I managed to get this unlocked for $5 using a similar method to one in the August thread. Mine unlocked even with the U2 Bootloader


      hey bud, you talking about the Samsung USB Unlock Tool?

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      Can also try on Vodafone chat to ask for a free unlock - I just said I was going O/S to a country they don’t support and they said since I am a long-standing Vodafone customer (a whole 6 mins πŸ˜‚) they would unlock it for free and sent me the codes a couple hrs later and has unlocked. Tried on the first agent I got but may depend on who you get.


        Which country is it?


        If you view my comment. Nope.

        Got given the run around and lied to by Vodafone.

        So they were able to do it from their end and send you the code?

        I was told they couldn't and according to Whirlpool, I took a gamble and lost. Didn't know if you promised someone to do something that it constitute a gamble.

        Just going to send a complain to the TIO and let them deal with it.

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          You should have just kept on changing the agents. I did the same thing. I just mentioned that I'm going to another country (flight is tonight) and just realized that the phone is locked to Vodafone network. If they ask for account number, tell you don't have one as you are with an associate (similar to Lebara). If they insist you for a number / account, ignore the person. If they don't, they will place a request for having the phone unlocked and should be done within 48 hours


    To unlock the Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 -

    option 1 - calling vodafone chat line as previously discussed above, may have success - FREE
    option 2 - pay vodafone the fee $25 or $50
    option 3 - https://www.fonefunshop.com/sam-unlock-server.html
    - email them with your IMEI number and ask if they are able to unlock
    option 4 - read through previous ozbargain comments (links below) - other's have suggestions


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