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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 with $30 Starter SIM $189 + $7.90 Delivery ($0 with Plus) @ BIG W eBay


The cheapest it's been was $169. This is $189 with the PINEAPPLES eBay code.

It comes with a $30 starter SIM.

The differences between this and imported ones are NFC and SIM slots. Local stock has a single SIM slot and NFC, whilst imported stock comes with dual SIM slots and no NFC.

Phone is locked to Vodafone.

Love the one I bought.

Product Features:

Display - Large 6.4" HD+ Display
Dual Camera - Dual Rear Camera (13MP+5MP)
Smart Selfie Camera - 8MP Selfie Camera
Battery - Long lasting 4,000 mAh1 battery
Performance/Security - Octa-Core processor
Storage - 32GB storage and microSD support
Includes Vodafone $30 Starter Pack

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  • good deal considering most shops selling this phone for $276 atm

    • Sure, but are they unlocked?

      • Vodafone have unlocking fees of $50
        within 6 months, or $25 after 6 months.

        So let's all do the maths & see which is cheaper…. Buying unlocked or getting it unlocked by Vodafone…. Every dollar counts

      • Vodafone usually unlocks for free if you're persistent.

        • Can you elaborate on this please? I'd love to get the phone at this price but the unlock fee make is not an amazing deal!

          • @Kunny: Live chat can unlock it for you if they like you.

            Claim that you were told by the store it could be unlocked.

            Say you are a loyal customer.

            Say that you need it so that you can roam overseas to somewhere expensive.

  • Thanks op. Nice one!

  • Hey OP, What's the camera quality like?

    • +1 vote

      Not super great in low light but decent enough when taken in good light conditions

  • Looking for a new phone to replace my wifes Galaxy S4. Not really wanting to spend more than a few hundred on one. How does a phone like the A20 stack up against her S4?

    • A20 is a good choice, I only found the low light camera performance needing improvement.

      One UI, amoled screen and build quality make it a good choice. Also the nfc should come useful too

      • are there any other phones i can consider in that 100-200 price bracket? Need something that is either unlocked or for Optus as she is with Exetel who use the Optus network. Can anyone chime in on whether Optus locked phones work ok with Exetel sims?

    • Not bad for the price. Everything is average. The speaker is less than average (rings really quietly). Has a gorgeous screen albeit 720p (268ppi) and a little slow by 2019 standards.

  • Word of warning for those who never been with the Vodafone - their network coverage is an absolute garbage

  • Good deal.

    Just wanted to say that the A30 (64+4GB) is a little slow. For people who want a bit of "oomph", I would recommend the A50 and up.

    • Yep, heard the same. A20 has lower res screen, so should punch above it's weight for around $200 price point.

      In many areas it even outperforms the A30, so unless you really want that FHD screen the A20 is a better buy.

  • Looks like it would make for a good Pokemon go phone.

  • It's $159 in the Big W catalogue that just got stuffed into my letterbox today.

  • thanks mate, my sons tablet just broke, was about to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $233

    rather get this phone if is that price of $159(from $276)

  • I have a feeling that Big W (instore or online) would be ozbargained really fast when it hit $159… So, be quick!

  • How does this compare to an iPhone 7?

    • Hard to compare… 2016 flagship phone vs cheap budget phone

    • Wife had this. Great hardware, screen amazing for how much you pay, but the RAM limits it and can be slow at times. Also I like Android but Samsung's version of Android is terrible. I have an iPhone 7 and it's definitely a downgrade from that IMHO but a solid phone nevertheless.

      • Thanks @Crashdown.

        I have a Iphone 7, but the batter does not last the full day. So I was thinking going back to Samsung for a year with this A20 model.

        The iphone 7 also has crappy low light video!!

        • Easy, if you love large screen and long battery life and your ok with Android/One UI then this might be better.

          If you love the Apple O.S. and ecosystem then go for iphone 7.

      • How much RAM does it have please?

      • Each to their own I guess…
        I have found it to be the best version of their UI…well…ever.
        I normally download 4-5 apps when ever I get a new Sammy (have owned S2, S3, S4, S7 and now an S10e) but didn't need to this time as the default apps were so good already.

  • No dice for the same $159 price as their Big W stores. Would have been good to get it down to $149 C & C

    or ( free delivery with ebay Plus ) with PINEAPPLE code here on BigW ebay :-(

  • Well last night there are plenty of stock while price is $189 on eBay, and the sold quantity is 77. When the price lowered, all the stocks are gone and the sold quantity is still 77. Bad move Big W

  • Just bought this today. the A20 connnecting to my Wifi the max speed i can get is 72Mbps.

    My own phone and other devices connect to my wifi with network speed of 870Mbps

    I wanna know anyone with a A20 joined to wifi, please see if im the only one seeing a hard capped speed of 72Mbps

    or do i have a dud unit

  • Can anyone suggest a good quality shockproof tough case for this phone?

  • Back in stock now.

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