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Tivoli PAL+ Digital DAB+/FM Portable Radio - $159 (RRP $399) + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ RIO Sound & Vision


Get your hands on the Tivoli Audio PAL+ Digital DAB+/FM Portable Radio for only $159 at RIO!

These have arrived into our stores just in time for summer and they're starting at a HOT price so grab one while you can because you won't find them cheaper anywhere else. Take a PAL+ with you on holidays, to the beach or park, or anywhere you like- or grab one as an early Christmas gift for someone you know will love it!

Only Tivoli Audio could make a diminutive portable radio sound two or three times its size. Their award-winning audio circuitry, combined with their magnetically shielded 2.5" full-range driver, provides for a rich, satisfying sound.


  • Portable, rechargeable, and weather-resistant
  • Environmentally-friendly NiMH battery, has no memory effect, and fully charges in about 3 ½ hours
  • Sensitive DAB/DAB+/DMB/FM RDS tuner
  • Easy-to-see, large LCD with adjustable blue backlight
  • Single multi-function rotary control for simple operation
  • Five station presets for each band
  • Full-function remote control with attachable holder
  • Magnetically-shielded 2.5” full range driver provides excellent sound
  • Switchable Mono/Stereo 3.5mm Headphone output
  • Auxiliary input to connect an iPod or other device
  • Multiple language menu options
  • Dual Alarms, Adjustable Sleep timer, Snooze function

Available in all colours: Black, White, Blue & Red

With incredible sound quality and exceptional performance, the Tivoli PAL+ is a great companion for the price, but to make things even better it comes with a full 1 Year Australian Manufacturers Warranty!

Can't afford to buy outright but want the product now? No problem at all! We have ZipPay available online now so you can have your radio now and pay for it later!

(RRP is stated in the title as this product is still being sold close to this price in some retail stores)

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    Tivoli PAL+ Digital DAB+/FM Portable Radio- $159

    I'd buy it for $59.

  • +1

    (RRP is stated in the title as this product is still being sold close to this price in some retail stores)

    Is it your normal price though?

    It is against ACCC law to do a price comparison with RRP when you do not normally sell at RRP, regardless of what 'some' other stores sell it for…

    • This product was uploaded to our website Wednesday morning at full RRP of $399. The price was reduced this morning as part of a promotion we currently have running. So to answer your question, yes we have sold it at $399 prior to the price drop.

      • yes we have sold it at $399 prior to the price drop.

        how many have you sold in those 2 days?

        • We have sold a few units in the last two days and we are aware of ACCC laws (if we weren't I don't believe we'd be around for as long as we have been without getting pulled up on things like this)

          • +1


            We have sold a few units in the last two days

            A fool and their money are soon parted…

            A simple google search shows lots of places where it's much cheaper than RRP

    • Not sure if that one does DAB+. We don't have DAB in Australia.

      When it says 'DAB+FM', it could be either…

      • Time to learn to read!

        Like many ebay offers - there are different models available in same offer.
        The cheapest models do not have DAB or DAB+!
        There's a $24.81 FM, MW, SW radio.
        The $12.40 FM ONLY model has MP3 player.

        The DAB+ model (with FM) costs $43.52…

        I've bought (larger) DAB+ / FM radios for $9 & $10 & a great little Sangean (RRP$129) for $13 in Deals.

    • I can't imagine that the sound and build quality would be comparable to the Tivoli for $12.40…

    • The FM ONLY radio is the only model that can be a MP3 player as well! Not the dearer DAB+ / FM model.

  • https://www.gadgetcity.com.au/sangean-white-dpr-35-dab+-/-fm...

    Sangean dpr costs less and would be comparible quality. No presets though

    • From what I can see this does have presets, but it isn't weather resistant for anyone interested in that feature, no remote control, and a smaller driver than the Tivoli :)

  • +2

    With incredible sound quality
    Still only a mono speaker reproducing mainly low sample rate broadcasts.
    So this seems overkill with inferior Australian DAB+ broadcasts.

    • I think for the size it outperforms a lot of its competitors so in comparison to these it does have incredible sound quality. Obviously not comparable to larger stereo units or proper stereo systems but in my opinion it packs a punch in its own niche.

      • +1

        It's the low sample rate broadcasts in Australia, where any issue lies.

        • Voice doesn't require a very high bitrate to be transparent.

          • +1

            @Diji1: Almost no talking on any DAB+ stations I listen to.
            I, like others who have commented in other deals about this low sample rate issue, listen only to music on DAB+.

            There's no reason to buy an incredible sound quality receiver to listen to talk back etc! A very cheap AM "transistor" radio is good enough for that use, as those stations are usually also on AM.

  • +1

    I helped my mum once to buy a Tivoli DAB+ radio.
    Every single Tivoli model (even mono speaker) had incredibly good sound.
    If I was in the market for a DAB+ radio, a Tivoli would be what I wanted (if I could afford it)

  • The pictures of the blue and the white models have Bluetooth written on them, are they a different model?

    • Apologies for the mistake on our website. We do have the BT version available however these images are supposed to the same model as the Black and Red PAL+.

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