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Xiaomi WPC01ZM 10W Qi Wireless Charger Type-C US $9.89 (~AU $16.31) Delivered @ Banggood


I’ve been using this for a few months now and have nothing but praise. Very well built and hasn’t skipped a beat on my iPhone XS & airpods. I’ve just ordered another.

Cheapest ever US price? make sure to select CN warehouse, free shipping and remove shipping insurance at checkout.

Price in title inclusive of GST.

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  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP! Kinda tempted, just a shame they don't have the nice white colour in stock

  • Nice bought one.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • Will this charge the pixel 3 quicker? I heard google made its own proprietary standard..

  • I’m getting Error, this coupon applies to specific products!!
    I’m clicking on the link, choosing CN warehouse with free shipping. What am I missing?? It says only 7 left in stock.

    • It just worked for me, make sure its the china one selected not the hong kong one selected (7 left in stock seems to be AU warehouse)

    • Can’t get the code to work. Tried app and safari.

      Edit: NVM, tried on my laptop and got it to work now.

  • Oh yes, I see it now, trying again…

    • not sure as I was doing it on the browser/pc, maybe change to the browser site as there is no advantage in using the app here, as the app 10% wont work as it already is using a coupon, they don't stack

  • Does this work with pixel 3 XL?

  • Can anyone confirm that it successfully fast charged their Samsung phone with 9w/10w. Which wall charger did they pair this with? Also this does not appear to have a cooling fan.Did the phone heat up a lot while fast charging?

  • Hope it works on my iPhone 11. Forgot to check first

    • After iOS13.1updated those without MFi wireless chargers will not support 7.5W charging. They still charging iPhones but only 5W.

      • that is shit..

        makes many of these charges not as good

        which charger are MFi and I guess would cost a lot more to get the certification?

    • From what I have read, it will work however Apple caps variable frequency qi chargers to 5W. To allow 7.5W charging the charger needs to use a fixed frequency.

      I believe that the xiaomi qi charger is a variable frequency model.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

    What do most of you plug this into - just a generic USB-C power adapter?

  • Tempting. Thanks.
    Will wait for the 20W ones.

  • Thanks, ordered 2

  • I have one it works well. Use to charge my note 8 faster than my note 10

  • it is saying > $30 no matter what options I choose ..

  • Any good for the note 10 plus?

  • Never used wireless charging before. Does one need to remove phone from case?

    • That's a tough question to answer, as it depends on the charger and case used.

      When it works, it's very convenient though.

      Scoured through 11 pages of comments on the Banggood website to find a comment which addresses your question:

      WILL fast charge Galaxy s9+ if it's not in a case. Works through a thin case however does not fast charge through

      So it seems, if the case is thin enough, this should charge your phone through the case.

      • Thank you!!! Will give it a go. Cheers

        • sounds like it will be annoying if it doesn't charge through case..
          means you need to to remove the case each time

          or find a really thin case (what is considered thin?)
          which may be harder to find or offer less protection..

          Most cases are either fake leather (cover the screen) folded wallet style
          or just a TPU back cover..

    • It needs to be thin as said above & the case can't be metal!

      • sounds like an annoying hassle for people with cases
        if it does not work, then need to remove it each time

        this something people might not consider when getting wireless charge

        also define what is considered thin ..

        I seen most cases are made of some sort of fake leather or TPU etc..

        • Most leather or TPU cases should work, and Qi defines the maximum thickness to be <45mm (but depending on the material)

  • Am I right in saying wireless charging is still not up to the same speed as wired?

    • You're correct. 30W is one the fastest available right now but generally Apple are 7.5W with most Android being 10W and the occasional 15W. Not too fast at all.

      • Thanks, I've been rolling with magnetic cables to improve the convenience factor until wireless catches up, if ever.

        • Already capable of doing much higher levels but always comes down to size, cost and heat dissipation.

      • how long it takes to charged wired vs wireless at 10W and 7.5W?

        • If it only takes one hour to charge something on the 10w, the 7.5w would take an hour and 20. On your standard 12w wall charger, 50 minutes.

          30w isn't common, but 20 minutes

          • @smpantsonfire: I thought that wired cable would be faster than wireless charging
            but you saying it is only 10 minutes faster than the 10W wireless charging?

            • @pinkybrain: Wired is always faster. What device were you thinking of?

            • @pinkybrain: It has a lot to do with efficiency.

              With wired, you get 12w into the phone.

              With the wireless, the pad is rated at outputting 10w, however, because it's wireless, you may get wastage between the pad and what the phone is accepting.
              Therefore if everything worked as designed, then yes it would only be 10 minutes quicker.

              Let's say the wireless loses 10% due to inefficiency, then the wired will be 16 minutes quicker.

              • @smpantsonfire: Fair enough, that's what I thought. I guess I'll stick to magnetic cables then.

                • @bxpressiv: which magnetic cables you bought?
                  got a link for it?

                  • @pinkybrain: I saw the Volta branded cables on Linus's YouTube channel so I've bought a pile of them and then I realised they were pretty much just branded ones off Ali Express at 5 or 10 times the price.

                    I got a few of these ones off Ali Express but just search their listings for magnetic cables and find what you need like USB C or with PD etc. They're cheap and you can just buy a handful of different tips to cover different devices. I walk over to my shelf to charge my phone and just point the charging port to the cable and it connects with the magnet.

                    Eg Volta XL USB C PD cable with 1 tip $40 + shipping, similar spec cable off Ali Express is less than $20 shipped, and they're all being made in the same places.

              • @smpantsonfire: Just found a video comparison
                and the results is interesting


                If my maths is correct, then the wired charging is
                -2.1 times faster than wireless
                -1.6 times faster than wireless fast charger

                BTW do you know if this device is a wireless fast charger or just standard wireless charger?

  • Thanks OP.

  • coupon not working for me: "This coupon only applies to specific products."

    • It's been three hours but if you're still stuck select the CN warehouse. That way the code will work. I had the same issue.

    • Same issue for me. CN warehouse was selected but code still not working.

  • Placed an order on Bnaggood one month ago and haven't receive my order.

  • Good price. FYI estimated 27 day handling time if you choose to ship from CN

  • Hey OP (or anyone else who has one), does this have a light when charging?

    The one I currently have had a bright blue halo around the bottom - it’s like daytime at night!

    EDIT - just saw the pic, has a little led light on the front… how bright is it?

    • I'm sure a blob of black paint will do the trick

    • Mine has a little blue led. It’s bright but the placement of the phone covers it anyway.

      • does it come with any cables or charger ?

        How long it takes you to charge your phone compared to wired charging?

        what is the port your phone use e.g usb c, lightning etc?

        • It comes with a cable only, USB a to USB c.
          I have an iPhone XS and I have never charged it with a lightning cable, I only use this wireless charger.
          I charge once a day and it’s overnight anyway so really I don’t care or know how fast it happens..

  • When will they make one with cooling pads?

  • how this compared to the baseus wireless charger?

  • Anyone still having trouble with the coupon? Still says that the product is only available with specific products.

  • thanks, code still works

  • Been using this model for quite a while…
    1. It doesn’t charge AirPods with Wireless Case
    2. Fast charging only works with QC2.0/QC3.0 charger, normal 5V power supply would cripple its functionality
    3. It requires a good aim to get charging properly. Make sure the indicator actually lights up. For example, when I didn’t align my iPhone X right, the phone shows charging wirelessly but the indicator LED won’t light up green, and the phone actually drains battery when “charging”

    I’m sure it works better with Android devices. Besides, the build quality is really good.

    • Luckily I’m quite the opposite.
      My airpods charge wirelessly even with them being in a plastic protective case. And I can just dump my iPhone XS on any part of the pad for it to charge properly.
      Maybe yours is faulty?

  • Both arrived, charging an iphone 11 with minimal fuss

  • Still waiting for mine to arrive. Anyone else? Are banggood usually response to contact? I emailed them a couple of days ago and still waiting.

    • I received mine.But yeah Banggood have been tardy lately.I had to ask them to cancel and refund a couple of orders as was waiting forever for it to be dispatched.

  • Still waiting as well. Purchased on 4/10.

  • Please excuse the dumb question, what do I use to plug this in and where can I buy this cheap please?