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[Back Order] Bosch SDS-Plus Chisel (3 Piece Set) $12.48 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Chisel Set for SDS-plus compatible rotary hammer drills
Sold for $49 USD on Amazon.com

Handy set for tile removal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks for posting. How did you come across this deal?

    • I needed a set for home reno

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      Been chipping away at it.

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    Just FYI these should fit any SDS plus machines. So Hilti, Makita, Milwaukee etc.

    Good deal for hopefully decently cast tool steel

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    I want to need these. But no idea what I'd use them for

    • if you own a rotary hammer drill get them, if you don't own a rotary hammer drill stay away

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        If you don't own a rotary hammer drill get them, then wait for a deal on a rotary hammer drill.

        In all seriousness while it's a great deal if you get stuck without these the similar craftright set from binnings is about this price every day of the week, I have used them and they are fine.

        Edit, the very next comment made the same joke :)

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    Thanks OP, bought a set. Now to buy a drill.

    • I have a Makita SDS-Max 1500watt monster(don't get one of these, they're too heavy) and a Makita LXT SDS-plus rotary hammer(powerful enough to drill a 1 inch drill bit into concrete and/or masonry)

    • So it's a good deal.

  • "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months."
    Does it actually take that long?

  • Great price. I pay more for individual pieces for my SDS. Have been using Bosch and Kango bits after breaking a few al crappos.

    Just noticed these aren't German made. There must be different tiers of Bosch SDS bits it seems.

    • Made in Italy

    • +2

      Bosch things are hardly made in German now.

      • My pointy one is a German made Bosch. The rest are Kango which are German made.

  • any recommendations for a hole saw kit?

    there are two bosch ones but not great reviews.

  • Question for any owners of old Hilti drills: I inherited mine but would estimate it's 20-30 years old. Still going strong and drills into concrete like a knife through warm butter. I don't have it with me at present but would certainly buy this set if compatible. The SDS (slots) look compatible, but I didn't realize ('know if') my drill can do hammer-only (i.e. not rotate at the same time).

    Does anybody know if the old Hilti's could use bits like this, as a general rule? Sorry, I know that's a hail-Mary…

    • I used a Hilti about 22 years ago that was at least 5 years old (TE-22 IIRC) which used SDS bits so I reckon you are reasonably safe :-)

  • +3

    Need? No. Bought? Yes.

  • I have a hammer SDS but how do you chisel tiles with these when the actualy piece rotates, shouldn't there be like a back and forward action?

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      Rotate the function dial to hammer mode.

      • My drill doesn't have "hammer only" mode.

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          Well, in that case yours is only a drill not a hammer/drill mate. You need to buy one of those mid size hammer drill with a stand with wheel for taking tiles out. It makes a lot of difference if you are doing a large area.

  • Back in stock now. Just got 5 sets.

    • bought 1 too, but says 2 month delivery…..

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    Great deal, but Im not getting Prime….

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      Thanks for letting us know.

    • +1

      Note made.

      • These notes are important for every day Ozbargaineer survival.

        • Great to see that being on OCAU and other forums have taught you well 😬

  • Any deals on SDS-Max?

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      If only there was a way to search…..

  • My set has arrived.. the casing was crushed in transit, but the tools survived. Perhaps I should complain to compel them to wrap the item in some protective bubble wrap.

  • My order got canned by them not being able to fulfil.

    $5 gift voucher

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    Amazon just notified me my order will not be fulfilled because they are out of stock. For f.cks sake this isn't rocket science. Don't sell stuff you don't have.

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    Order cancelled, the $5 voucher does not soften the blow much :(

  • Cancelled!

  • Cancelled. Now selling for $95. WTF. They still have stock!

    • Cancelled. Now selling for $95. WTF. They still have stock!

      They don't have stock! A third party seller has them for $95.05.

      "Note: This item is only available from third-party sellers"

  • +1

    Mine cancelled also and $5 credit. My Previous order for Doc Martins was cancelled also. I really dont like amazon.

  • Mine cancelled without any credit.

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