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$200 off on Return Flights to New Zealand from Melbourne @ Air New Zealand


Travel Period: 28 Oct - 13 Dec 2019, 14 Jan - 8 Apr, 28 Apr - 30 Jun 2020

Promo code: Enter MEL200 for $200 off selected return fares to Melbourne

Full Terms & Conditions

Sale ends 11.59pm AEDT 7 Oct 2019. Offer applies to return adult and child Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class airfares including Seat, Seat+Bag, The Works and Works Deluxe booked from Melbourne to New Zealand on Air New Zealand operated services. To obtain the $200 off return discount per adult, book online at www.airnewzealand.com.au and enter the promo code MEL200 into the promo code box for travel 28 Oct - 13 Dec 2019, 14 Jan - 8 Apr, 28 Apr - 30 Jun 2020 . Promo code must not be used in conjunction with any other airfare related promo code. Excluded booking classes are S,L,J,N,I,R,X. Final discount will be shown on the summary page of your booking. Baggage Allowances: For Economy Class, Seat+Bag and The Works airfares your first checked bag up to 23kg will be free and Works Deluxe passengers are entitled to two checked in bags up to 23kg each, with additional charges applying for additional bags. Passengers purchasing Seat Only fares are not entitled to a free checked baggage allowance, however bags can be pre-purchased prior to travel online via Manage Bookings or by phoning the contact centre (see rates and terms and conditions), or alternatively for a higher rate at the airport Offer valid for new bookings only. Paying for your booking with a charge, credit or debit card incurs a percentage based fee that differs by card type. Return government and airport charges may vary. A non-refundable service fee of $30 per person, per one way journey applies to Contact Centre bookings. Price correct as at 7 Oct 2019. Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or days. Customers who purchase fares using Airpoints Dollars™ will be required to pay in cash, the government & airport costs. Prices may fluctuate due to exchange rate and tax movements. New deals may be released at any time. Airfares may be extended. Standard Air New Zealand Conditions of Carriage, fare rules and Website Terms & Conditions apply.

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  • One could combine this with Amex Promo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/486784

  • FYI only - we flew with AirNZ recently - flight was delayed for over 2 hours. Being a full service airline, I thought they would offer us some food/snacks instead they rolled the food trolley and wanted us to pay for food if we wanted to eat. I used my 28 Degrees to get free airport lounge access for delays longer than 2 hours which got triggered but we were already on the plane so could not use it.

    Not sure we'd fly with them again unless we had no absolute choice, as it could be worse…


  • Is Virgin a full service over the Tasman?

    • Yes. Check-in baggage and snacks/drinks are included in the fare, unlike Air New Zealand and Jetstar.

      Doesn't bother me flying budget to New Zealand though, it's a fairly short flight and carry on was enough for our family holiday flying Jetstar a few weeks ago.

      I think Air New Zealand has a 10kg carry on allowance, while Jetstar is 7kg.

    • Food and bags included, no in-flight. Food is bad. So partial full service, if that makes sense.

      I flew from Sydney to Auckland, and we had to take a shuttle bus to the airplane itself. It took ages to get all the passengers on the plane. Feels like a budget airline in some areas.


    what is a "full service" flight

  • Whats the price range after discount? Cheaper compared to other deals?


    Last year in July we went with air NZ they cancelled both flights, one twice, didn't even get on a airNZ plane, went over on a leased plane coming back they put us on Qantas. This year went with Virgin from GC no problems. Already booked again for early Jan 2020 with Virgin. Forget airNz.

    • Don't tell them you are an Australian.


        haha, after my 3 trips in the last year i am sure they like us better than we do them, or maybe it's just the younger generation that are not that into sport, my son lives there.

    • That's a pretty average experience. What type of aircraft was the lease plane?


        No sure it was bigger though and got there quicker from Sydney, only ended up being 1 hour late all up, but they cancelled that flight twice first 2 weeks before and second time when boarding connecting flight to Sydney same day. Coming back after getting the text cancelled rang up and they were going to put us on flights a day later until i asked for all costs to be paid, he put me on hold and came back with all booked on Qantas. We had connections flights to north coast nsw with virgin all booked on airNZ ticket.
        After that we now prefer to drive the 3 hours to GC and fly direct with Virgin, easier airport, better parking, and 2 hour check in.

        edit Virgin had a 1 hour delay coming back a staff member called is sick late notice so had to wait for another to arrive. Took an extra hour to severe head winds, staff reckoned longest flight they had done to GC.

    • They had an issue where their 787 fleet got grounded. It was a global issue with Boeing. It would have screwed with their schedules.

    • What's the price?

    • Our Jetstar to NZ was cancelled. It happens.


        no surprise there would never book jetstar, happened to my parents too. at least with airNz they made good.

        • We were well looked after by Jetstar. Snacks, hotel, dinner.
          It was just difficult to make up the time in our itinerary at the other end.


            @bmerigan: I go often son lives there, don't have time for delays, ok if still get there same day, but not jetstar cancellations for a day or 2 later.

  • FWIW the family and I had a perfect experience with AirNZ when travelling to LA a couple years ago. (Obviously, things might have changed since then)

  • For those who end up booking, I would recommend to perhaps use any other frequent flyer membership that's eligible for FFP instead of AirNZ. Some years back I had 10+ flights with mixed airlines including AirNZ (on an AirNZ ticket, if I recall correctly), all were eligible for FFP, or so I thought.. I had to submit claims for airpoints several times before I got about a 1/3 of my points. To make things worse, when I tried to use the points recently, I found that they charge a 10% "tax" on using your airpoints for flights.

    Flights were fine, and would recommend if the price is right for you.