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TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter Kit (TL-PA9020P-KIT) /W AC Passthrough $95.20 + Delivery (Free w/Plus) @ SydneyTec eBay


Appears SydneyTec matched SS's price! Good kit for the price

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  • I bought one of these a few months ago for my office and it's excellent if you are low on wall outlets. High rated powerline adapters usually take up the whole outlet section so to have pass through into a Surge-board is really nice. This is a great price for a great product!

    I couldn't get this to chain with a D-Link adapter I bought a few years ago so keep that in mind if you're using this to extend your powerline network.

    • I have these and have them working with some other dlink powerline adapaters without issue. Not saying you are wrong of course (or not a risk)… just a separate viewpoint for prospective buyers out there.

      Good price.

      • Are they the same rating? My D-Link one is AV1200.

        Would love to get them to chain together so I could use the other one somewhere else in the house.

        • I have a host of these of different brands (D-link, netgear, kogan etc) and ratings (from 200 - 750). Yet to have one that doesn't work with the rest. I haven't looked into it for a while, but they should all use AV2, and they should just work.

          I'm going to get a pair of these to backhaul my orbis.

        • Are they the same rating? My D-Link one is AV1200.

          Try pressing/holding the D-Link's RESET button for 10 secs to reset to factory default settings (or refer to manual).
          Then try to pair the D-Link with TP-Links again.

        • I'll take a look at the models of the D-Link when I get home and let you know

    • All AV2 adapters SHOULD work with each other regardless of brand. However the whole network will slow to the speed rating of the slowest one. I've mixed some adapters at home and find them better than my previous wifi solution

  • These are amazing in my 70s asbestos riddled house
    Getting 88mbps