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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer Thermometer US $8.99 (~AU $13.69) Delivered @ Joybuy


Accurate mastery of indoor temperature and humidity is a significant demand for pet owners, parents of infants and children. Convenient control of your home's thermostat is now literally at your fingertips. Xiaomi Thermostat can realize the intelligent linkage with other Mi equipment, which can automatically open and adjust the air-conditioning, fan, humidifier and other equipment. You will never worry about cold mornings or hot afternoons with this thermostat.
Main Features
● Bluetooth wireless connection enables the thermostat allows for remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer
● Via Mi app to open humidifier when indoor humidity is too low and open air-conditioner when indoors temperature is too high
● LED digital display, you can get temperature, humidity and battery power easily
● Built-in advanced Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, temperature accuracy: 0.1 degrees, humidity accuracy: 0.1 percent RH
● Battery powered, 1 AAA battery needed and included

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    A reminder that these don't store temperature/humidity history over time - you need a hub for that.

    It makes the bluetooth feature not incredibly useful (unless you have a hub).

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      I'm in the process of converting a garage into studio. As it has a tin roof, the internal temp is a concern for the incoming summer. Any advice on a similar product that does store historical temps over time?

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      You can use the Mijia temp app on android to plot historic values over time and set alarms etc. This independent app connects direct via bluetooth but the data is not stored on the device and the app just pings the thermometer and stores data on the phone I believe so phone must be in range. Perhaps a good job for an old android phone.

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      I have one just mounted on the wall to see the temperature


    I registered with and joined Joybuy, clicked on purchase went through the checkout process,
    entered the promo code at the checkout section, I got the message "sorry this coupon code is invalid"
    price stays at AU$19.79. Am I doing something wrong here?? If not that was a huge waste of my time!!

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    Accurate mastery of indoor temperature and humidity is a significant demand for pet owners, parents of infants and children

    I'm all of those things yet I must be doing something wrong as I'm not even attempting to accurately master indoor temperature or humidity

    I have failed as a parent and a pet owner.


    So do you need another xiaomi device for this to work?
    I have a xiaomi repeater would that work or does this just connect to iPhone app?


      any that are classed as bluetooth gateways like the bedlamp or camera. Otherwise will connect to phone via bluetooth

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    It's limited to only one per customer. I need three!


    LCD display, not LED.
    I have one of these, though not connected to anything else via bluetooth, and it's a great bit of kit.


    What hub model do you need for this so I can see my house temperature remotely? What is the max distance between this sensor and the hub for it to work on a normal house? (assume 2 walls in between for the average situation)


      There isn't a dedicated hub for these, some selected Xiaomi wifi/Bluetooth product can act as a hub eg Xiaomi yeelight ceiling light or Xiaomi bedside table lamp. The range is normal bluetooth range. Furthest I got is 2 room away 1 floor up.

      PS Xiaomi gateway hub will not work, you need what they call BLE gateway, if you already got a Xiaomi device which is capable of both wifi and BLE then it might be a possible BLE gateway.

      If you are familiar with Home Assistant via HASSIO pi3 it will work thro that

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    I use the Mijia Temp app with mine as less hassle than the native Xiaomi app and can plot temp over time etc. App is Early access available on play store.


    I ordered one of these previously. Lasted about 1 year and then the display went blank suddenly. Thought it was a dodgy battery since it was only replaced few weeks earlier. Put in a new battery and noticed there was a type of liquid coming out at the back near the battery. The screen came on for a while and it made a very quiet crackling kind of sound when held up to ear and then died again shortly after. The liquid didn't feel like water, it was a bit thicker, like a gel.

    Ended up chucking it and ordering the other Mijia one that has a bigger screen and no Bluetooth for about the same price. Haven't received it yet.


      If the one you ordered is this, its much less hassle. It goes through about one CR2032 battery a year whereas I'm changing the battery once a month in the bluetooth model. I definitely prefer it.

      The units I got register the same temperature but are consistently 1-2% different on humidity.


        Yes, that’s the one. I ordered from gearbest. I thought it would be less hassle with the battery and I think it will look a bit nicer on the wall.

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    I'm considering this as it has the time as well.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? thanks.


    When I use the coupon I get "Failure!!![0001]" error after clicking Check out


    Need new CODE!!!

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