Hungry Jacks introduce meat-free "Rebel Whopper"

100% Whopper, 0% Beef
Rebel Whopper® features a patty made from plants, flame-grilled to give the irresistible smoky, BBQ flavour just like our classic Whopper®. Loaded with crisp fresh lettuce, ripe hand-cut tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayo and tomato sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Hungry Jacks are now offering a mock-beef burger.
Apparently it tastes like a real whopper.
There's also a Rebel Whopper Cheese.

This price is $6.70, same as a regular Whopper.
Or $7.50 with cheese, same as a regular Whopper Cheese or a Vegan Cheeseburger.
Typically other food chains charge $13 or $15 for these types of burgers so this is a much cheaper offering.

Has anyone tried it?
What are your thoughts on this?

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  • I want to try it. I'd prefer if they were on just the normal cheeseburgers so I didn't have to fork out $6.70 for it.

    I doubt this will sway vegetarians into eating it tbh.

    • Prepped on the same grills as the normal patties, so technically not vegetarian or vegan friendly anyway.

      • +46 votes

        Technically, no additional animals were harmed/exploited in the production of the burgers.

        I'm not a vegan or vegetarian (in fact, I'm constipated 73% of the time) but I thought it is the consequence of the product, not the trace flavours, that they're taking a moral stance against?

        It's kinda like refusing to hitch a ride with a buddy that's going to the same place because of carbon emissions… a buddy with a nice ride at that.

        • (in fact, I'm constipated 73% of the time)

          So in a week you are constipated for 7800 minutes, or 5.46 days a week?
          Is this all in a row? So you get Mon to mid-Saturday blocked up then mid Sat to Sunday 12am is all good?

          • +20 votes

            @SnowDragon: To be honest, I can't tell you where the constipation ends and where I begin.

            It has been part of me for so long I no longer call it foe nor friend. It isn't so much a problem anymore as it is silent companion.

            In good times and bad, I can count on it. I don't know what I'm getting, maybe it is another kick in the guts or a light tap on the bum but I can count on it.

            You may call it my disease, my curse. To me, it is just my reality.

            • @tshow: Ahh, that's where I've seen you. At last years Couric Convention!

            • @tshow: Might be worth a listen if you are open minded about the actual science:


              You can replicate the literature search through Google Scholar or PubMed to verify details yourself :P


              • @7ekn00: I may have heard that lecture by the same dude elsewhere.

                I am just not on a low enough carb diet.

                The talk kinda bored me because it is fixing a problem no one has ever had, ie. the inability to eat some veggies. (Relative to this constipating conversation :P )

                • @tshow: You missed the research he presented ;) It's actually got nothing to do with a generic "low carb" diet or not :P

                  1) The actual research on GI issues is extremely limited (you can check yourself using google scholar / pubmed)
                  2) RCT trials show the reverse of general held beliefs (ie fibre does not help relieve symptoms, but does help with bulk and rate of stool)
                  3) RCT trials with people that started with GI issues showed a linear reduction of GI issues as dietary fibre was reduced (up to 100% resolution of GI issues with zero fibre in the same group of people acting as their own controls)


                  • @7ekn00: Must be a different talk by the same person. I just went back to watch it, it wasn't the fodmaps one that's been given a few times.

                    It's good stuff but I'm not suffering from any of the described problems save the inability to produce soft serve like byproduct.

                  • +1 vote

                    @7ekn00: i eat lots of fibre and i poop like a champion, a couple times a day. i had a colonoscopy recently and my poop chute was in pristine condition

                    • @mtg: Yep, that's what the research says ;)

                      Fibre bulks stool and increases rate, just doesn't relieve symptoms for those that have them :P

                      Try a gastroscopy or gut permeability test, will be a completely different story!
                      (finding will include epithelial damage/tear/obliteration with junction gaps - ie. "leaky gut")!


                    • @mtg: Which begs the question, if you were eating lots of fibre and take regular dumps like a champ, why would you have a colonoscopy?

            • @tshow: Try metamucil, it's fiber and clean up your insides.


              @tshow: You're my hero! I wish I had half your stoicism but alas, I'm a but a mere man :p I stepped on a piece of Lego the other night and then on another one as I was hopping around holding onto my injured foot and almost burst into tears.

        • “Technically, no additional animals were harmed/exploited in the production of the burgers.“
          Because, technically, we are all members of the animal kingdom, I guess when you say “no additional animals” you are saying apart from HJ staff?

          • @Ozpit: What kind of burger are you ordering?!

            • @tshow: Well, I never do. But I always feel some empathy for lowly paid workers. Some say they are exploited; others say they freely choose to work there. And if they were paid more, burgers would cost more. Such is this life.

              • @Ozpit: They are fast food jobs. They are meant to be lowly paid because no one should aspire to a "career" in a fast-food joint.

                They're great jobs for teenagers and uni students but some people expect to build a life around it and expect the employer to make it possible.

        • I'm constipated

          If it's bothering you, try reducing the amount of carbs you eat, and drink more water throughout the day

        • +1 vote

          I'll weigh in here as a vegetarian.

          I don't like the idea of my food being cooked on the same pan grill but lets be realistic here. Like you said - nothing additional was hurt and when purchasing food out unless you watch them cook it you really don't know what else it's touched.

          Being vegetarian / vegan should be a moral / personal belief, not eww meat.

          I'd try it, but just out of curiosity.

        • +2 votes

          Hi, just thought I'd join to see if I could assist. Not pushing vegetarianism on you but meat is known to be bad for constipation. Whether it's due to a lack of fibre or something else, I know if you ate nothing but meat you would be severely constipated. Meat digestion is very slow compared to vegies, especially red meat. You've probably researched this already so please disregard if this is the case.cutting right back on the red meat may help.

          • @KIP: Haha, I'm just really stubborn when it comes to fibre.

            Thanks for the concern. It's mainly an exegeration although 73% would have been a conservative figure a decade ago.

            • @tshow: Reading this reminds me of how bad things were for me when going to the toilet. I forgot what it was like a couple of years ago.

              I cut out the carbs, upped the fats and my shit just falls out now. Takes almost the same time to pee as it does to take a dump.

      • Good point if they are doing that. Which is against the rules to be vegan branded. Leaves them open to be fined or worse

        • I heard the vegan police will show up and take away your vegan superpowers

          • @OzBarAnon: I'm not vegan but it doesn't make sense if people are and they're cooking on meat ladled grills

            • @Monstalova: Veganism is a philosophy centered around reducing animal harm. That has nothing at all to do with what grills you cook on. Under this dumb shit omnivore logic I'd need to throw out every utensil in the house that a family member used to cook meat because it's "not vegan".

              It doesn't matter if plant patties go on grills used for beef. It matters that the plant patty was purchased and demand wasn't created for a cow's needless death

              • @vindictus: You are a moron! So beef juice and blood gets all over their vegan pattie and you think they'd be ok with that. Completely different for utensils that have been washed and then used again separately. It's like serving a vegetarian on a plate that had a steak on it with all its juices and what not still left there. I can't believe I'm defending vegetarians but when people are this stupid something needs to be said.

                • @Monstalova: I'm gonna blow your mind here mate but there's "meat juices" on just about everything if you go small enough. It's a dumb and arbitrary line that has no basis in reasoning. I'm a vegan and I don't give a (profanity) if someone cooks my food on contaminated surfaces, I give a (profanity) that they purchased and had that animal killed to begin with.

      • I get what you're saying, but only the crazy hardcore vegans would care about that and they can get over themselves and tone it down a bit. A bit of compromise by everyone is necessary.

        • They specifically state on the front page of the advertisement that its cooked on the same grill as the real meat.

          Then mention if you would like separate grill to get the vegan cheeseburger.

      • i be keen to know if this is true??

      • yeah, that happens. when I cooked a veg/vegan patty it was deep-fried in the same oil as the chicken

  • Hand cut tomatoes sounds fancy.

    • Yep. Gimme a rusty blade for a classically uneven, rustic cut.
      None of this laser-cut bizzo =D

    • Hand cut with a machine

      • No, it means the hand is cut thanks to the tomatoes.
        That orange special sauce has to get its meaty flavour from somewhere.

      • To cut the tonatoes they use a device similar to an egg slicer. You can say it"s a machine but they are still correct in saying they still need to use their hand to cut the tomato as that"s not an automated process.

    • +1 vote


      When… oh WHEN… are fast-food joints
      - like HJ's - going to offer Bread like
      Coles 7-Seed loaf ($3 / 800g of seeds, etc.)

      Sesame seeds on-top do NOT a healthier bun make
      Something much closer to Coles' in-store baked
      7-seed bread would do the trick.

      (Last time I checked,
      Subways made their rolls in-store: NOT All White Bread
      so can HJ's, etc.)

  • Hope they wash their hands before they hand cut the tomatoes.

  • This is great, my wife is vegetarian. We sometimes struggle to find places to grab a quick bite. She usually just gets the chips or skip the meal completely. We will definitely give it a go.

    • HJ's already had a veggie whopper which was pretty good, did you ever try that?

      • Yea. We did. She wasn't crazy about the peas in the veggie patty though. :)

        • Tell her the regular meat patty has no peas.

          • @ChickenTalon: While it is a pain that my wife is vegetarian and have specific dietary requirements which narrow our eating out options considerably, I have to respect her wish to show compassion for the animals. :)

            • @geek001: Veggie Diet can extend one's Life.

              Women already tend to out-live us,
              why not try such a diet yourself &
              incr your chances of "catching-up"

              • @IVI: Wifey and I had this discussion many times. We do have vegetarian days at home. To be honest, I kinda just tolerate those days, not being bitter about it or anything. I did some soul searching to see why this might be. I found that I have too many attachments to certain dishes, be it comfort food or food from my childhood memories.

                The other factor is taste. Don't get me wrong, there are some very yummy vegetarian foods,but I find myself salivating, literally when watching someone cooking pork belly on youtube.

                Besides, I am not too keen on living an extremely long life, just an average life span will do me just fine. :)

          • @ChickenTalon: Do you actually think this kind of thing is funny? Do you actually think you don't look like an idiot when you say stuff like this?

      • I liked the veggie whopper but holy shit it wrecks my stomach to the point I'm not willing to eat it ever again.

    • I usually go to McDonalds with my vegetarian friend. She gets a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a coffee for $7.50 or $7.95. We go there a fair. bit to catch up. I saw the other day Hungry Jacks is doing a cheese toastie, 5 pickets, a hash brown and a coffee for $4.95 Stunner Deal

      • We don't really go to Maccas unless it is to do takeaways because there aren't any good vegetarian options. Thanks for that. I know what to get her next time. :)

      • 5 fencing pickets or star pickets? Either way, good deal.

        • Either way, I'm bringing the trailer at that price. Especially if they're star pickets

  • +3 votes

    apparently fake meats containing whopping amounts of sodium to give them any flavour . but i suppose it you are resorting to a fast food burger then you are not worried about that.

    on a side note, i bought a pack of vege/mince which marked down really low. it was 60% beef and 40% vegetables (must've been a lot of carrot i think because it was orange). i tried feeding it to the birds but they wouldn't eat the sh*t …

    • Would they eat a real beef/vegie pattie?

      Maybe they just don't eat patties. We need control tests and double blinds.

      Get back out there…

    • our cat hardly ever drinks our tap water, would rather drink from the loo :S

      • I'm afraid your cat is broken.

        Cats instinctively prefer drinking from a flowing tap and avoid stagnant water as stagnant water is more likely to harbour pathogens than flowing water.

        I think it's going to go extinct. Better rebel.

      • Ours prefer the water on the floor after we use the shower, one of them actually walks past their water bowl, opens the sliding shower door (which makes a noise the way she does it) and licks the floor. The other will drink the water that's filled up in the kids toys in the shower.

    • @mtg

      That article referred to salt content of meat substitutes. (BTW, not of the salt content speficially of HJ's non-meat burgers.) And the absolute horror and terror was that such a burger may contain up to one third of the recommended daily salt intake.

      This might be a significant problem if one ate nothing but these burgers. But for an occasional meal, a slightly higher level of salt is meaningless.

      The rest of the article was very much just general scaremongering.

      I know what you tried to do: you tried to give some evidence to back up your assertions (but it was rather flimsy upon reading it all), and then you whammied us with your moral/judgemental view: "but i suppose it you are resorting to a fast food burger then you are not worried about that."

    • Beyond meat patty contains 13% of your RDI of sodium.

  • Apparently it tastes like a real whopper.

    Sounds like a real whopper.

  • I want the Whopper Rebel double bacon !

  • +8 votes

    I tried it, not that keen.
    Maybe I've been spoilt by the premium restaurants.
    To describe it, the patty is just like a Quorn bbq burger. Has the same yeasty flavour.
    Patty is thin and dry. A bit outdated compared to the offerings of the Alternative Meat Co, Beyond, or even Quorn's Gourmet burger.
    Other than than it's like a vegan cheeseburger with pickles added.
    Anyway it's a nice gesture that they're choosing to be inclusive.

    • I liked it better than the beyond burger I had at Lord of the Fries.

      Didn't taste as good as the triple cheeseburger next to it!

      Going to try beyond somewhere else though to give it another chance.

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