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Etymotic ER4XR In-Ear Earphones $403.91 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Excellent price on these iems with an US $349 RRP. Etymotic are known for producing solid single Balanced Armature IEMs that produce sound considered accurate and 'neutral' by many. The ER4 series are currently their flagship series, with the 4XR known for a greater bass presence over the 4SR. Etymotics also provide excellent sound isolation, but the comfort of the deep insertion triple flange tips may not be everyone's cup of tea.

The 4SR is also available for $412.19.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Great earphones, the tips take a few hours to get used to, but after having used them for a few months now, they are phenomenal IEMs.

    • +1

      I would second that…the noise isolation on those tips are just fantastic. The sound is also excellent. If you are used to bass heavy IEMs it will take you a while to get used to this but the clarity in the sound and being able to hear each instrument so clearly is unbelievable.

      • -4

        hear each instrument so clearly is unbelievable

        This is more about a way of listening than anything if you have a device with half decent reproduction. Can be brought on by attuned thought, drugs, thinking about how much you spent on earphones, etc…

        • +1

          No, these kick the shit out of your Bose headphones and literally let you hear more detail.

          • -3

            @Drpepper666: Do you care to explain "detail" as measurable physical phenomena external to the listener? And if so, compare the alleged specs (with regards to the same phenomena) of these earphones with another reasonably priced alternative, or even the Bose ones you claim I have but I don't?

  • +2

    My first real earphones were the er6i. They were absolutely incredible, and the noise isolation was second to none.

  • I have the ER3XR which are probably my most favourite posession.

  • I can't use anything else these days. Expensive when the dog has eaten 2 pairs!!

    • I lost a set in Thailand. replaced with something cheaper, but I'm sadder for it :(

  • Don't forget shopback. I got just under $20 back from it.

    These earphones are great btw,the isolation is the best. Also they aren't bassy even with this xr version.

  • Anyone seen deals on lower end Etys?(or something with the same tips?)

    I’ve had quiet a few pairs over the years. Seems I’m tough on IEMs.

    I love the noise isolation from the tips - I mainly listen to podcasts…or even just to get some silence… so no need for the ER’s.

    I was actually considering the kids version…

    • There's currently also a lowest price on the Etymotic ER2XR on Amazon US for US $124.32 (RRP US $159.95). After delivery to Aus and taxes it works out to be US $143.83 (~AU $213 with mastercard rates) delivered to Australia. It is Etymotics first Dynamic Driver IEM, and probably the most bassy of all the Etys. While it lacks the detail of the 4XR, some prefer the warmer sound.

      • ER3XR better value at $A225. Apparently there is not that much difference in sound quality between ER3XR and ER4XR.

  • Sweet. Thanks, OP. I have long dreamed of these.

  • Would it even be worth getting theses for a phone without a 3.5mm headphone jack?

    $400 earphones being contingent on $20 shitty USB-C adapter does not sound like a good idea to me?

    • Probably a DAC or DAP would be recommended. Also may need to get a converter or new cables.

  • How do these go against the Sony ier m7? The Sony are a little more but you seem to get more/better accessories and use a regular ear buds.

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