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Free 7 Day Trial (Save $2.25) @ Disney Plus


Entertainment anytime, anywhere.
Disney+ delivers your favourite entertainment to smart TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles.

Disney+ Originals.
Inspired by greatness. Never-before-seen original feature films, series, short-form content and documentaries, only for Disney+ subscribers.

The best stories in the world.
All in one place.
From Moana to Toy Story, Captain Marvel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as hundreds of titles from National Geographic, Disney+ offers more of the stories you'll love.

More about it - https://www.cnet.com/news/disney-plus-every-show-movie-origi...

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  • +66 votes

    Oh cool more subscription services yay how good!

    • If it delivers good content at a good price - what exactly is the issue?

      • Needing like 7 subscription services to get access to all the things one might potentially want to watch?
        It's almost like they've made cable channels again but with more steps and more payments required…

        • I'd agree normally, but no one is forcing you to have them all at once… you can easily cancel and renew.

          • @scuderiarmani: Yes because everyone enjoys having to juggle 6 or 7 different applications to watch their TV not to mention if you do decide to cancel and renew making sure you cancel the services at the right time.

            • @CriticalImpact: Im really confused how is that different to free to air tv? do you not switch channels?

              • @macdaddyjordan: How is switching channels the same as managing subscriptions for multiple services that each have their own payments methods, apps and quirks.
                If you want to view FTA in a different room you plug in an aerial and you are good.
                If you want to view different services in a different room, you need to download their app, install it and login. That's assuming whatever TV you have actually has the app for whatever service you are trying to access. If not, then you might need to go buy a shield, apple TV or android box.
                I mean to be fair I think you've missed my point which isn't really that it's a pain to use but rather the dilution of what each streaming service has makes it very annoying and costly to watch a small number of shows that might be spread across multiple services.

                • @CriticalImpact: I agree with you that it's kind of crap what's happened how all the services have been diluted now and it's not exactly the same as switching channels but I can see the opposing point of view as well, is it really that hard to manage subscriptions? I mean if that is a bit of a challenge then i guess other things in your life might be a bit of a challenge too!

                  Just set a reminder the day before the subscription renews and cancel it, actually you don't even need to do that..I cancelled Stan earlier in the year and binged the show i was watching before the end date arrived. There's that many tv shows and movies now to watch across all streaming services are you really going to use them all equally every month? Sometimes i use Netflix more than Amazon and sometimes vice versa, so just sign up to one..binge it and then cancel and repeat, and if you can't be bothered go back to the old method and use Plex.

              • @macdaddyjordan: dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?

            • @CriticalImpact: I don't know how Disney do it, but when I cancelled Amazon Prime they refunded me the month I was already halfway through, so the timing wasn't important.

          • @scuderiarmani: Foxtel was the same though, add and remove packs each month. This is literally Foxtel again

        • Yeah, and? Different companies own different content. Don't understand why you think you're entitled to the content all under one umbrella at a very cheap price.

          Is it ideal for the customer? Of course. Will it ever happen? Lol, not a chance.

          • @pharcyde: Because of free to air.

            Allowing for patience rather than on demand shows.

          • @pharcyde: The capitalist argument would be that if it's what the customer wants, it'll happen…
            Unfortunately right now it looks a lot like the way it'll happen is through something like torrenting…

            At the core of it is that it is becoming cumbersome to deal with again, a couple different providers, sure - it's manageable, but one provider per studio, each charging much the same as we were initially charged for access to most of them together, that ain't right.

          • @bohn: Not really. Unless you really can't afford $9 a month to subscribe. We are no longer in the days where one movie cost $50 and we need to pirate because it is too expensive

            • +13 votes

              @Letrico: It's not just $9 though is it - you might want to watch a show on Netflix, some stuff on Disney, and some shows on Hulu and Amazon - where else? Expect other networks to create their own streaming services in the next few years and to restrict the availability of certain shows.

              • @bohn: I guess if you really need to watch all the shows from all different services.

                But what I said is sti true. Even comparing getting all the services with the old Foxtel price it is barely half of the price.

                Not sure about everyone else but dropping 20-40 dollar on services per month to have a massive libraries of show to watch is not too expensive. Even cheaper than going to cinema with a friend for one movie. Not to mention you can split the account with a friends to reduce the cost.

        • The fracturing services are becoming a pain, however it is going to end with most of the services going bust so there won't be that many.

          When Stan loses Disney content I don't see how it will remain viable, they will have to drop to $5 a month.

          Foxtel is already partnering with Netflix and that is probably a partnership which will end up with them merging into Netflix.

          Disney is assured a place in the final top 3 at the end of the "subscription wars" because they own a frightening percentage of the entertainment industry so will dominate on the fact that they have so much exclusive content.

        • Damn all our friends live in different houses, so much time wasted going to different houses. Why don't they all consolidate and live in the same house?

          • @Keveira: Because Tim, doesn't like Walt. Mike doesn't get on with Reed. Reed would prefer living with Walt, but not Tim.
            Rupert, wants everyone to live at his place, but you can't negotiate the rent, though he looked after Reed recently.
            In fact Tim, doesn't get on well with anyone, so he wants to live in his own house, so once you visit, he won't let you leave.

          • @Keveira: Yes but my friends don't charge me monthly fees to access their houses. Maybe yours do but if they do you should get different friends.

        • just want less then

        • Just do what any sane person would and cancel the subscriptions you aren't using at the time. At least thus far none are locking people into contracts and few if any have any sort of incentive or even option to pay for more than a month in advance.

        • Netflix is absolutely terrible now. I seriously struggle for content. It’s all their own stuff and they are 99% sub par

        • That is not true. Heaps of stuff on Sony crackle, tubi, old movies, kodi NZ and NZ TV addons.

          Not to mention all the FTA streaming apps.

          There is also an app that aggregates some of these providers. Can't remember what it is called.

          We pay for prime, Stan and netflix and have a ridiculous amount of content and variety.

        • You are seeing it completely wrong.
          Without the streamers you would not have the brilliant content of today. You wouldn’t have all the Netflix or Disney plus content, because the economics of free to air or cable wouldn’t support it.

          In the end it’s up to you if you want to pay. Its not exactly a large amount of money for most people. Skipping the adds alone is worth it.

        • This is no harder than shopping online and taking advantage of coupons and vouchers to get discounts.

      • -2 votes

        If it delivers good content

        Because their content is already on other services

        So in the (unlikely) event you want to watch it you have to fork out more money.

      • If it delivers good content at a good price - what exactly is the issue?

        The Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward Piracy

    • Everyone is just gonna go back to pirating. When Netflix came out and was like $10 a month or whatever and just had everything was fine, I'd pay that its much easier than torrenting. But now as well as the cost just the effort of juggling and having to check which show is on which service? Nah just download whatever I want thanks..

      • Who the hell stopped pirating… Streams crush the (profanity) out of the bitrate to save money on bandwidth, created a network peak hour, payment model doesnt bring winners and losers.

        Give me a steam like model where I pay to download individual episodes(to stop them dumping cash only on pilots and end seasons cliffhangers) with AV1 wrapped in MKV. Until then torrents are the better product.

        • I still torrent anything I really enjoy watching, like movies and stuff. But just to watch like Seinfeld or some crap in the background or the kids shows I was very happy to have lessened my efforts maintaining MyMovies at home just streaming.

      • No problems, I’ll just take up the slack and pay your share to maintain quality. If everybody pirates, all we'll end up getting is low budget, low quality shows and movies. It takes a shit load of money, resources and talent to produce content, People involved are all trained professionals who require their show or movie to make money for them to continue their trade and make a living. I used to blissfully pirate in the old days, but all the valid reasons for pirating are gone. Stuff is now instantly available and relatively inexpensive. People forget that these shows and movies are made with the aim to make money. If less money makes it along the production line, the studios cut costs and risk on future products, and we end up with safe boring content.

      • Yeah and ever since they do DNS blocking so that you can't US content unless you get a VPN which again you need to subscribe for, puts me off

      • Agree, too many of these bs streaming services!

    • It's so good that there are so many subscription streaming services. Imagine there would be one or two having all of the content - we would pay a lot (remember Foxtel!). Like this you select a different service every two to three months and get all the content. You don't need to subscribe to all of them at the same time … I usually only have one or 2. I guess they will soon start more yearly subscriptions - but until then we can pick and choose.

  • +16 votes

    All hail the Mouse

    • Yeah no, Foxtel is the one of all those in the most financial difficulty anyway, NFI about Stan. Netflix isn't going anywhere.

      • Netflix is actually in a world of hurt. They don't have anywhere as many exclusives they can lock away from everyone else. They've been riding shared content from studios that haven't had their shit together for the last 10 years, and they've STILL lost a crap tonne of money. Investors will surely be fleeing this bomb in the next few quarters. Ouch time is coming (unfortunately).

        • netflix isnt going anywhere. They are the market. they are fully ingrained in American culture.
          Disney can't just release some marvel movies and cartoons and kill them overnight

          • +2 votes

            @piston3461: Agreed. This hard on for services that currently have 0 subs between them combined will never get old.

            Stan had all this Marvel / Pixar / Disney shit and didn't do much for them. Adding in 20 years old US kid Tv shows is not going to move the dial that much

          • @piston3461: Its price point is getting higher and its losing content including its most popular show the office

            I can see it dropping to number 2 very quickly no matter how ingrained it is

          • @piston3461: Disney is like Bunnings and Netflix is like Masters, eventually someones going to go under and then Jack starts to run the show.

      • Netflix is dying a death of a thousand cuts. Between constant price creep, average originals and the loss of their golden goose (the office US) among tons of other content they will suffer.

        The tipping point will come when the price becomes too high per month.


          I think it's not just Netflix, there's many content providers coming online (like CBS/Ten). They're all strangling the golden goose to grab a few extra eggs in the short term, but will kill it in the long term, as people won't pay the exhortation price required to keep half a dozen providers online. Just like digital tv & radio worked in the short term, but the amount of content required to keep them kicking over. With more crap, less eyeballs, meant more revenue required (i.e. ads) which meant even less eyeballs and the vicious circle continues.

    • short Netflix..

      • You’d be amongst many with that opinion. Over 21mil Netflix shares are shorted and climbing each month.

    • Foxtel shoulda died long ago, nf and Stan won't change tho

      • Majority of Foxtel customers are there for their AFL/NBL/V8s/F1 etc.

        NBL is now on SBS, if only we can get the others away from them we can finally let Foxtel RIP.

    • Netflix has itself to blame. Kept on pumping out junk original content thinking that quantity was better than quality.

      Amazon & Disney will be the only 2 services in my household.

      • Agreed.

        Amazon = quality > quantity
        Netflix = quantity > quality

        I spend about 30 minutes each day trying to find something semi-decent to watch on Netflix.

        • yes and no. netflix does put out some quality stuff (they used to focus more on quality too) but lately its been pretty crap the new stuff appearing.

        • you have that much time in your hands?

        • I find Amazon prime is full of B grade movies that ive never heard of. You start watching one and 2 minutes into i switch it off. There are a few old classics on there but other than that i think its a waste money

          • @jackwoz: I've found Amazon has some really excellent shows on it, both new and old, the problem is you need to wade though an immense pile of steaming garbage to find anything that doesn't look like a 2 year old pieced it together on Windows Movie Maker.


            @jackwoz: I'm with you, i run the app every month.or so but rarely find anything worth starting and never find anything worth finishing. Same with Hulu.


          • @jackwoz: Yeah, I don't understand the love for Amazon either. Surely subscribers aren't tuning in for The Grand Tour? I mean I loved Top Gear in it's day but…..

            I haven't really seen any shows on Amazon that would pull me in that direction but happy to stand corrected.

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