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Honolulu, Hawaii from $311 Return Departing Sydney Flying Jetstar (Direct Flights) @ Flight Scout


Just scouted these sale fares to Hawaii from $311 return departing Sydney. Travel in May / Jun / Aug / Sep 2020. Direct Flights.

All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes. Luggage and meals are usually extra with Jetstar.

Sample Travel Dates

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Sydney from $311 return

03 Sep 2020 - 12 Sep 2020
15 Aug 2020 - 22 Aug 2020
30 May 2020 - 04 Jun 2020
04 Jun 2020 - 09 Jun 2020
30 May 2020 - 08 Jun 2020

Note: Prices are currently displayed at $348 on Flight Scout but are resolving at $311 on Skyscanner and Jetstar when you click through.

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  • tempted, what's there to do in Hawaii??

    • wearing hawaii shirts.

    • what's there to do in Hawaii??

      A lot!

    • +5 votes
      • Sunrise or sunset at the Haleakala summit
      • Snorkelling with turtles
      • fantastic helicopter tours over areas where Jurassic Park was filmed
      • Luau shows
      • Hiking through spectacular scenery like the Na Pali coast
      • Driving the twisting turns of the road to Hanna in a Jeep
      • Pineapple plantation tour
      • if you like beer - several excellent microbreweries

      * the Aussie dollar is low compared to the US dollar so things are expensive
      * accomodation is very expensive. One hotel room night can easily cost more than these flights
      * american food is generally awful compared to what we are used to
      * there is no volcanos with visible lava anymore
      * flights go to Honolulu and O'Ahu has plenty to see but you really want to get to the other islands too

      • to add:

        went for 10 days on similar prices in March.

        4 days oahu, 4 days Hawaii ('big island') and another 2 days in oahu.

        Hawaii is the better island, its way less touristy, a bit gritty at times, and the landscape is way more interesting (but oahu is still super pretty)

        the volcano national park, mauna kea, black sand beach were all really awesome. you can easily spend a day each at the first two. you can drive out to a suburb that was buried in the 90s volcanic eruptions (and, if you like, stay in a tiny house on the flow, like we did) very apocalyptic vibe and beautiful landscape to explore.

        little towns around hawaii are cool, sort of like going to Berry on the south coast NSW but with way less tourists.

        Waikiki is super touristy, like surfers paradise on meth and steroids. if you like shopping its cool but 2 days there was enough for us (spent the other 4 staying in more of the suburban parts of oahu)

        oahu has lots of good hikes and sight seeing/nature stuff to do too. diamond head, lanakai pill box hike, Dole plantation (pineapples), national park with that insta-famous driveway (that you are now actually banned from taking photos of) and a ton of off the radar nature hikes to hidden waterfalls (although most are published in guide books/websites now and a bit populated)

        its a beautiful place, and as someone who doesnt like tropical climates it was pretty pleasant in march with consistent 26 the whole trip with little rain. Landscape its absolutely out of this world as an Aussie and truly amazing to just drive down the highways and look around.

        negatives are that some of the tourist attractions are heavily crowded, accomodation is super expensive and generally food isnt as good as Australia (but there is plenty of incredibly good food to be found)

        I would go again!

      • Imagine thinking American food (and Hawaiian cuisine especially) is worse than the flavourless rubbish we call food in Australia.

    • Plenty… But once you're there, things start getting very expensive - particularly with the current exchange rates.

      • Yeah, absolutely love the place (and surrounding islands), but the exchange rate makes it an expensive indulgence.

    • Spam Musubi!

    • I highly recommend a "package" of three activities at Pearl Harbor - you can visit the Arizona memorial, the Missouri, and the Bowfin submarine, all situated close together in the naval base there. Worth it for the Arizona alone; Americans have sometimes been called crass but this shrine to the battleship sunk when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor is a very moving experience. The "Big Mo" is huge! And the Bowfin is a good fun visit too, pretty cool tech for 75 years ago.

  • Sorry what do you mean 'are resolving to $311'? Will the website be updated to reflect $311?

  • Hawaii is cool, but take allot of money with you, its damn exp

  • arrhhh, looks like the expenses are really high once you get there.

    I'd rather pay more expensive airfares to somewhere like Thailand and everyday expenses are much more cheaper.

    • Shouldn't the total cost of holiday matter?

      • Pretty sure trip to Thailand would be cheaper overall. As someone has said, the hotel room nights can cost more than the flight itself in Hawaii

  • Yeah it looks even staying at a backpacker hostel is $100AUD a night and up from there.

  • Do these sale fares usually have cancellation or no show fees for return leg?

  • do you earn Qantas status credits on this?

  • would they even recover the cost of fuel and aircraft maintenance/crew/pilot wages with this price lmao?

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