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OCZ Vertex 2 - 50GB SSD - 74.35 GBP (Approx $115) Delivered from UK


On special this week Overclockers UK have the fast Vertex 2 50gb drives. Price is 59.99 GBP each and delivery is 14.36 GBP for 1 or 2 using Royal Mail International Priority Signed For delivery to Australia.

Works out at:

1 HD = 74.35 GBP = $115
2 HD = 134.34 GBP = $207

I wanted two so I would have 100gb RAID, cheapest I could find local was $270+delivery for 2… of course you guys might do better!!!

Edit: Would seem this is only a good deal if you want these exact drives, if you want 60GB etc. you can do better.

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Overclockers UK

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  • Wasn't even aware they made a 50GB….

    Regardless the 60GB is $118 at Umart and $125 at PCCG. So if all you need is 50GB then this deal wins, but I'd much rather pay $3 more to get it local, not worry about long delivery times/international warranty and get the extra 10GB :S

    EDIT: Also the 120GB is $210, so once again only $3 more and you get it local/extra 20GB. Also would most likely be faster and much more efficient than raid in the long run.

    • I agree 100% with izzeho .. !

    • The 60gb Umart is a good deal I agree, but add in delivery for those who need it.

      I find stuff ships from the UK to Oz pretty quickly, and so far I have not had an issue with warranty on HDs bought abroad.

      But if you for some reason want thr 50gb the OCL deal still seems decent.

  • I was thinking 250GB but it's actually 2 50GB and that's no deal.

  • have the very fast Vertex 2 50gb drives

    Vertex 3 have been out for a while now and are much much much faster…

    • yep.. the 50GB 22nm nan flash drives are SLOW

      Compaired to the 32nm nan flash 60gb drives

      • AFAIK, OCZ did not release 25nm 50GB drives. Check the specs page here:
        There is no (E) variant for 50GB, and AFAIK the Vertex 2Es were the later released 25nm flash models.

        In case people are wondering why 34nm vs 25nm flash may be an issue, this forum post has some links to reports of slowdowns that people saw for early shipments of Vertex 2E drives, compared to the older Vertex 2 models:


        Maybe OCZ have fixed this via firmware, but from reading industry news about 25nm flash, the only way it which it improves much on 34nm flash is in GB/$, due to cramming more bits into the same area of silcon. On the downside, 25nm flash takes longer to erase and program, and supports fewer erase cycles before it wears out; each flash cell can hold a smaller amount of charge as the cell size decreases, so this is not that surprising.

        Given that, I think this is a useful bargain, because I was hoping to pick up a 50GB 34nm flash drive cheap at some stage.

        • Whoops, the last paragraph should have been: hoping to pick up a 50GB 34nm Vertex 2 drive at some stage, specifically for experimenting with workloads that need high write IOPs… 6Gb SATA isn't as important to me as high 4kB random write rates, and the 50GB drive specs quote 50,000 aligned 4kB writes per second. (Best case, downhill with tailwind, but even half of that is still pretty cool).

  • Not a good deal. Check fatwallet but they have had the 60GB for ~ $85 quite often, and the 120GB 2.5" was on there earlier in the week for $145


    Yeah, you can get the 60GB Sandforce drives locally for ~$115-$140. Which means local warranty, extra 10GB each. And if your mainboard supports SATA3 you can spend another $20-$40 and get a much, much faster 60GB drive with a local warranty.

    So the price on this is about right, maybe a bit overpriced considering the warranty, and not a bargain.

    • I have to say I never had an issue with warranty on HDs no matter what country I bought them in or RMA'ed them. Even RMA'ed USA HDs in Russia without a problem.

      Anyway changed the post to indicate you can get 60gb's at better value.

      Sorry guys :)

      • +2 votes

        That's good to know about country skipping and the warranty, but I was referring more to the fact you can take it back to a local place and not pay for international shipping on it when returning it for warranty. Aussie laws on the matter dictate you can take it to the place of purchase and they must honour the manufacturers warranty - meaning they/the manufacturer have to pick up the cost of shipping.

        Many shops try and get around this. After being nice and explaining that you expect the warranty to be honooured doesn't work, just say fine, you'll deal with the warranty yourself, and just file a report with the ACCC. Regardless of whether this changes their mind, you should still report them to the ACCC because they're ripping off people who don't know their rights.

        • Well thats actually good to know too… I have been had in the past then as I have taken stuff back which was in year 3 of a 12 year warranty (an internal door mechanism) and was told I had to deal with the manufacturer for warranty issues over the first 12 months. Given the weight of the unit and the fact they were only about $30 new, I gave up as it was easier just to buy another new one than pay for shipping etc.

        • Agreed, my hard drive died recently and returned it to MSY a month ago, and I got it exchanged without the guy testing it or anything. Exchanges and refunds weren't that easy before. It was probably because of this, http://www.arnnet.com.au/article/383733/updated_msy_fined_20...

      • SSD RAID doesnt acctually do that much, the idea behind SSDs is the access time, you access SMALL windows OS files really fast. unless your copying large files your really not going to get too much of an advantage… you will get fast drives though…

        that said, the biggest issue is the TRIM command won't be used on RAID SSDs… (shortening their lifespan)

  • a few dollars more for a 64gb from crucial.. works out to be ~aud122 delivered?

    • agreed..

      50gb no where near enough for even a few applications in the C:

      • really, i've got a 60Gb and have installed windows 7 64bit, ms-office 10, and quite a few other apps and still have about 20Gb free…

  • I bought 2x 60GB Vertex 2 a couple of weeks ago - RAID 0 - talk about FAST !!

    Got 111 GB usable formatted space.
    Installed clean Vista 64-bit (I dont own Windows 7 yet)

    These 2 SSD's in RAID benchtest at 10 times the data throughput of my old 7200rpm SATA disks on same mobo.

    Apps open almost instantly…. its a totally new experience using this 4 year old motherboard/CPU

    • Do tell.
      What are the benchmarks.
      I'm only getting about 460 instead of reported 550 from my vertex 3.
      5 sec Win loads - woot

      • Results from HD Tune 2.55

        2x 500GB 7200rpm SATA disks in RAID1 (mirrored)
        - Max transfer rate = 81 MB/sec
        - Min transfer rate = 32 MB/sec
        - Average transfer rate = 58 MB/sec
        - Access time = 13.6 ms

        2x OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD's in RAID0
        - Max transfer rate = 477 MB/sec (489% improvement)
        - Min transfer rate = 308 MB/sec (862% improvement)
        - Average transfer rate = 398 MB/sec (586% improvement)
        - Access time = 0.2 ms (6,700% improvement)

        I think those results speak for themselves. The disk certainly "feels" 5 times faster.