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Bosch SMS88TI01A Dishwasher $1116 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Great deal when stacking these current promos today for a top of the line Bosch dishwasher.

Bosch SMS88TI01A, currently $1395
Less 20% good guys discount on eBay
Less $60 with today's shopback promo
Plus another 1% cash back for a few bucks more savings.
(Combine with discount eBay gift cards for even more savings)

Plus, current Bosch promo gives "$100" worth of finish dishwasher products as a promotional claim ( https://www.bosch-home.com.au/promotions?intcid=FinishPromo%... )

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Damn it! I bought one last month

    • I was chasing a 6 series but it's not listed by the good guys currently.

      This isn't much more, so was kind of easy for my bargain brain to justify the extra $ (plus with eBay gift cards from last month it's pretty good value)

  • Got one a month ago. Great dishwasher. Good post.

  • That's an incredible price. Made in Germany. Stainless steel tub. Near the top of the range.

  • From our 'Title Guidelines'

    Price should NOT include any referral discounts or cashback (commission refunds) - include that in the deal description instead.

  • I just went with a cheaper option, the sms46gi02a, which would come in at around $565 with Shopback. This is also elegible for the Finish offer.

    • I think this cheaper dishwasher is the better deal. It's the Choice recommend product as well.

      • Made in turkey, plastic interior base

        Cheaper ones good value definitely, though happy paying the extra for the top end model

  • Bosch make some good quality appliances but god damn Bosch freestanding dishwashers are ugly. Can't they make it better looking like the under-bench Bosch dishwashers?

    Also, why would you buy freestanding when you can get a under-bench dishwasher?

  • Just beware of their warranty I had the previous equivalent model, my heat pump failed after only 3 years and was told $500 to fix it, had to go through many loopholes and months to have it fixed under consumer law.

    • We have a previous top-of-the-range model. Hardly used, in fact still on the first packet of dish washer tablets, but a few years old. It is in immaculate condition. Just one day didn't turn on (don't know how long it was like that because we rarely use it). My partner looked it up and apparently it is an issue with the internal power circuit board. The cost to fix it is almost that of a new dish washer, so we have decided to cut our losses and purchase a new dishwasher.

  • Have one of their other models with a cutlery drawer like this one. Would never go back to a basket.

  • Less $60 with today's shopback promo

    How can I get $60 from shopback?
    it's showing only 1% which is $11.16

  • Thanks op, purchased one

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