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Regaine Men's Foam Extra Strength 4x60g $99.99 Shipped @ Good Price Pharmacy ($95.89 @ Chemist Warehouse with Price Match)


Currently $140.99 at Chemist Warehouse. They will match and discount 10% off the DIFFERENCE in price up to a MAXIMUM OF 3 PACKS. Not quite as cheap as the $50 cashback, but only by a few dollars and no faffing about needed! Otherwise $99.99 at Good Price Pharmacy is pretty decent.

How does the Lowest Price Guaranteed offer work?
At Chemist Warehouse if you find a cheaper price on the same item at another Australian Registered Pharmacy or Australian Registered Retailer we will match it and give you 10% off the difference.

The price matching policy is limited to the retail limit applicable or a maximum quantity of three of each product.

In Store:
If you would like to price match in store, please bring a catalogue from the other retailer containing valid proof of their price. The discount will take place during the time you purchase the product in store and our staff may choose to contact the competitor to verify their price before granting the price match.

If you would like to price match online, please send us a direct link of the product on the competitors’ website it is being advertised on and your order number. Please note we require notification of your price match request within 24 hours of placing an order with us.

You will need to pay for your order in full, however after your price match has been approved you will receive a refund for the matched price.

Our price matching policy excludes international orders and offers that are exclusively online.This policy cannot be applied to products at the other company if they are:
• - out of stock
• - short dated
• - on clearance or discontinued
• - A part of a promotional offer e.g. buy one get one free
Chemist Warehouse reserves the right to deny any price matching claims if they do not meet the above criteria.

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  • does anyone actually find this thing works?

    • It works relatively well for some people, especially for smaller patches as opposed to the entire top of the head, but it's a lifelong commitment. It takes a while to show results (at least 3 months) and once you stop your hair falls out pretty rapidly, probably to what state your hair would be at without using it.

      • +2

        some lipstick to go with your newfound hair. how bold!

    • It worked for me for first 6 months i.e. i started seeing new growth from 3 months mark. It stopped the hair fall for a few months and for some reason it stopped working after a year of use. I tried few different technique e.g. using derma roller before applying it but just couldn't get it to work again after 1 year mark.

      • Did the additional growth return to the old state?

        • More or less yes, in spite of me still continuing to use it over the year, with a fear that if I stop it altogether, it might further get worse.

    • isopropyl alcohol (ipa), works better… does on me.
      Minoxidil is evil, gave me heart problems, made me shed (i still have abold spot where I applied it) and after about 3 months makes you stop losing hair. I REALLY regret ever trying it.
      Ipa + saw palmetto starts working in a week.

      Regrowth is very challenging, but you can get some back, but mostly you're looking at preservation.

      I have a theory that some bacteria on the scalp is munching on DHT.

      • minoxidil was initially made as a drug for hypertension, hence your heart problems. it is not an unknown side effect, not sure why you are negged. Do you have any good articles such as forums or videos on IPA being effective? I could google it I know, but would like any recommendations if you had any.

        • I discovered it myself.
          I had a bottle of Ethanol disinfectant I bought while on holiday in Spain after a skin graze.
          It was about to expire and I thought about applying it to my head to avoid making my motorcycle helmet smell… I'm a clean freak.

          I noticed after 1 day zero hair was falling out, and confirmed over the next couple of months some regrowth… My dad, brother and I all started losing hair in our late 20's, I have the most hair now and my brother has spent a small fortune at hair clinics.

          I spoke to a pharmacists friend, and he said you must have alopecia as there's no medical evidence to support your claim… turns out there kind of is; Minoxidil is only effective if delivered in an ethanol solution.

          Anyway ethanol isn't easy to get in Oz, so I tried IPA and it works about 70% as well.

          I think if you're the type to lose more hair if you don't wash your hair daily, then it may help.

          Finasteride also helped equally, but has side effects. Saw palmetto discovered by research works just as well as Finasteride and has similar but reduced side effects and is natural.

          I wash my face in 100% IPA, use it as a deodorant and pore liberal amounts on my scalp… 0 issues and I've gone through ~25L bought off ebay.

          Just my experience.

          PS: the alopecia looking patch was/is where I applied rogaine.

          • @raybies: might give it a try and then report back. I've tried saw palmetto but had 0% success

            • @Winston100s: Saw palmetto works for me by itself, but I dislike the reduced libido.

  • Ah Regaine, you've done it again. - Scab

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    Does this come with free Snake Oil?

    • Not sure, but it does come with literally decades of peer review reviewed scientific evidence.

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    shave it bro

  • I'd look into a Derma Pen, people are having great results.

    I think save for a FUE transplant, before I wanna spend every morning and evening applying foam/liquid to my hairline.

    I was close to using it on hairline, but decided not too. My mate has great results, but uses it along side Finasteride.

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    If jeff Bezos has one of the worlds biggest fortunes, and a buzz cut, why would you think this shit works?

    • If jeff Bezos has one of the worlds biggest fortunes, and is skinny, why would you think lifting weights works?

      • Hang on -but- Jeff Bezos has bulked up recently he has been working out and it's showing…. So that example doesn't really work…

        • so you're saying…. he was skinny before and now that he's started working out its showing.

          What if… now bear with me…. he started regaine?

  • I have used Minoxidil the active ingredient for some years on and off. Slowed down my hair loss and did make some hairs thicker, but in the long run it can also give you hair in unwanted places such as ears, neck etc. which it gave me. I no longer have care too much about being bald as I cut my hair short with the buzzer, but can't get rid of the hair that i got in unwanted places which is a bigger issue.

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