Ozito Power-X-Change 4.0Ah Twin Pack $79 @ Bunnings


Was at Newstead (QLD) Bunnings this morning buying one of Ozitos new Power-X-Change Hybrid Worklights and noticed a staff member packing a shelf with these 4.0Ah Battery Twin Packs. As they're a new line there was no price info anywhere and they're not even listed on the website yet so I asked and was told they were in their system at $79 and that was "most probably a promo price". They were flat out so I left them to it but thought it was worth posting as a 'deal' even though I'm unsure if this is in fact a promo or their regular price. I suppose time will tell but either way it's a great buy IMO because $40ea is usually their sale price.

PS. The new Worklight is excellent if anyone's interested :) I've had them burning super-bright at 100% for the last 2+ hours just with a 2Ah battery in each! 'Brilliant' on many levels :p

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    Just saw these at local bunnings in Vic. Most likely a new price to match the Aldi batteries, as their single 4ah batteries are reduced to match them too.

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      Yeah, thought that too but could also just be an introductory promo price while ALDI still has theirs in stock. Not enough info to know for sure yet but hey, if $80 is their normal price I wonder what they'll be when they go on sale? Whoop!

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        I have a feeling it's a promo item. Once it's gone, they might not restock it.
        Their 2x 3AH + charger for $69 isn't on their website either.


    Heh, I was at the same Bunnings just before. They also have a set of 2x 3AH batteries and a fast charger for $69.

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    Yes, a staff member told me about them when I was buying the $39. I told them $39*2 is $78 and that I am an ozbargainer.

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      Link to the $39 deal

      $1.95 saving for 2, think of the possibilities

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      A real ozbargainer is in the aldi xfinity ecosystem so that they can buy the batteries and skins at clearance prices 6 weeks after the “sale”, it doesn’t matter if it is inconvenient waiting for the right tool to come along…

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        Nah. Warranty.


        Agreed…however, I own mostly Ozito Power X tools and one Aldi battery powered tool (a hedge trimmer). My garage now has twice the number of Xfinity batteries/chargers as I get them for $10-20. Even today I had to stop myself buying more 4Ah Xfinity batteries reduced to $20.

        I've yet to see a Workzone power tool that I don't already own in the Power X range, or is better than Power X. Yesterday I bought the Power X circular saw. Same price as Aldi's offering next week, but a (slightly) better saw (IMO) with a better warranty. I can't help myself :-(

        If I could charge/fit the Aldi batteries to the Ozito Power X range I'd be laughing all the way to the bank!!


          If you have that many Ozito tools and Aldi batteries then consider just getting/making one of those adapters then.
          I've gone the other way around; got the Aldi nailgun since there's no equivalent Ozito for the price, but got some 3D printed bits together so it takes AEG batteries that I have too many of.


      Did the Bunnings staff identify themselves as ozbargainers too?


    Just bought an Ozito Drill set 18v with battery and bits down from $119/$99 but the packs were full price at North Mackay or Maybe they didn't have them up yet.

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