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Seagate IronWolf 10TB (ST10000VN0004) $407 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Although there are $480~ prices around compared to this seller's initial $510 price, when used with the eBay coupon and the seller's free delivery offer, this is quite a sweet deal.
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    I think free delivery is only for eBayPlus members?

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    Good deal for 10tb currently (previously cheaper though around $383) but the question is whether the extra 2tb (25%) is worth the $120 difference (42%) over the 8tb model which is around $287 when on eBay Computer Alliance sales: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/485869


    Got 2 for around 450 last time on the wd deal. I would say just wait for those unless u want the warranty


      If you mean the shuckable WDs, they're 5400 RPM versus this one's 7200 RPM. I've got both, and the extra speed only gets you maybe another 50MB a second read speed; although it is a NAS-rated drive and should (in theory) outlast the WDs.

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        Some says that the shuckable ones are also has drives. I don't like Seagate as I have had multiple died on me already


        I suppose the flip side to this is no guarantee you’ll get a NAS grade drive.

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    Decent price, not the best. I scored a few under $400 last month; lowest I think I've seen is like 393. Put 3 in QNAP NAS and no issues so far.

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    I deleted most of my Linux isos. I didn’t see the point in storing them when everything is available online and internet speeds are decent. Plus I don’t get the time to use them either.


      Wait until your NBN is slowed, and streaming services are shaped. Plus then 100 other streaming services all have 1 show/movie you want to watch and you're playing $13 per service per month + ISP costs.

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      Also… If you need Linux these days you can always go to Linux Hub…

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      It depends on what sort of "Linux ISOs" you collect. Popular content will always be obtainable, but niche content can disappear quickly from the internet (eg non mainstream music albums like classical/new age/ambient/soundtrack music), cracked applications, audiobooks, less popular computer games and especially the updates for them. Even non-copyrighted content can disappear from the internet, such as gaming modifications. For instance, there is a Reddit forum where people share mods on file lockers that have been deleted from Nexus files either by the creator or by the moderators. The Wayback machine doesn't have backups of everything :(

      One thing I like to collect is original CD pressings of albums in lossless, since the easily obtainable re-releases/remasters (the sort available on streaming sites) usually have been atrociously mastered, extreme amounts of limiting obliterating the dynamics. Even 50% of the supposedly high resolution content on sites such as HDTracks, has loudness war mastering.


        I get it. Plus I have like 10 latest computer games in the steam that I dont even have the time to play. I do not know if I have time to go and play Duke nukem 3D from the 90s! So didnt bother much. Like I said, deleted most of the distros like TV series and stuff that take up too much space, but not all of it ;)

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