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Waterpik Storage Case with 6 Replacement Tips x3 $52.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon USA via Amazon Au Global


I bought the Waterpik Ultra Pro from the last deal and I really like it, however the replacements are expensive (as expected). Amazon AU has the storage kit with 6 tips (2 regular, 2 plaque seeker, 2 orthodontic) as part of the buy 3, get one free ( promotion that ends today. Plus free expedited international delivery for Prime.

The orthodontic tips aren't useful for me, but the 2 regular tips alone at shavershop are ~§20 (, making it ~$60 just for 6 regular tips. So with this deal, I am getting the 6x plaque seeker tips, 6x orthodontic tips, and 3x storage cases for free (and I'm paying $7.50 less). That's a winner, imo. Sign up for free Prime trial if you haven't already done so.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I wonder why you need to change the tip?
    Couldn't see the different in the water jet after 2 years of continuous use

    • I reckon it's just for general hygiene. I change my toothbrush tips (the electric one) every 3-4 months and I don't see them wearing out the way the manual ones do.

  • Its BS that there are even different tips. I think the same of electric toothbrushes tho. And electric toothbrush modes (except a slow mode for sensitive teeth)

  • Search AliExpress maybe you will find them cheaper

  • Just the tip?

  • Do you use this instead of dental floss or with it?

    • Instead of.

    • Ideally you should use this in addition to flossing. If you don't floss then this definitely better than nothing at all, but I wouldn't use it as a replacement all together.

  • ahhh random question but anyone know how to get the base of the tip out if its broke inside the waterpik?

    • As a last resort you could try gluing something into the centre of the broken tube and pull it out. Might be risky but not sure how else you could pull it out. Otherwise tweezers?

    • Find a tiny metal screw that will just fit. Screw in, pull with plier.