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Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax $36.76 @ SparesBox eBay


Not the lowest ever (Repco's 35% off fathers day special was $31) but still a good price if you need to wax the car for the coming summer.

Cheaper for multiple bottle purchases as well. e.g. 3 bottles for $99.24 delivered (with eBay plus)

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    This will probably last you less than 9 washes. Especially if you have a big car.
    Also, it is less effective and wasteful if you use the spray and rinse method as per the instruction after the first application.

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    Anyone considering this, give Turtle Wax Seal'n'Shine a go. It's cheaper and lasts longer and is just as easy to apply. Overall a better product. :)

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      Make sure you get the NEW formula though. I haven't seen it anywhere in Aus yet.

      Turtle Wax ICE Seal n Shine.


      I tried the seal n shine on a new vehicle and it definitely added a nicer finish to the paint than factory paint

      Only issue I found is that dust seems to be attracted to the wax but it's easy to wash off.

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      Not sure it's better or longer lasting than competitors but it worked well on my Prado. Did need some elbow grease in places to get the full shine. Currently $18.89 (30% off) at Repco TW Hybrid Seal N Shine is probably better value than this Meguiars though. Different product/use but I'm a fan of Meguiars Deep Crystal Wet Look also. Waiting for it to come on special.


        Yup Repco has the new formula, its great! Remember you only need 1 spray per panel, anymore and its too much product.


    I've tried a few of these, includes Shine Armor, Hydrosilex etc. Yes all are the same and only last maybe 2 months depending on how much rain and dirt you get on your car.
    If you have basic a buffering machine i would recommend ceramic coating your car yourself, doesn't have to be the expensive ones. I bought Mr Nano for $80 when it was special and it's lasted about 8 months and a 1 step prepped daily. The windshield is still going after 14 months though.


      I have done ceramic coating myself before, you need to be really patient and attention to details for a good result.
      Prepping the car takes a lot of work unless your car is brand new and doesn't need paint corrections.
      I let the coating dry for too long and the haze was impossible to wipe off lol and DO NOT apply on black plastic trims!

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    This product was designed to be used over ceramic coated vehicles. If used over tradionally waxed/sealed cars, it does not last that long.


    I use supercheap soft wax https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-soft-wax---300g/....

    Is that any good and should I be using something better? 2 Black cars parked in full sun 90% of the time a block away from the beach. Never really been a car wash guy but I can see the paint on these cars coping a hiding already.

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    Turtle Wax Seal n Shine > all others

    It’s like a secret not many people believe in.


    I've personally used both this and the Bowdens Own Wet Dreams product, the Bowdens isn't ceramic based but the affects are very similar.

    In my applications the Bowdens has lasted longer on the panels than the Hybrid Ceramic.

    If you already have an applied ceramic coating from a detailer I wouldnt bother with the Meguiar's, in my applications the ceramic coating already on the car was just as hydrophobic and already had a great shine to it.


    This is good. 1 wax lasts 3 moths or so in winter.

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    this is a review I just found on youtube that compares the Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax VS Turtle Wax Ice Shine N Seal VS Mothers CMX.

    interesting results


      VERY, lol.

      There are a couple with different results (different application methods), links posted on OzB previously.


    I'm looking to rejuvenate my (previously glossy) Laminex kitchen benchtops and I have read that car wax is recommended to get the shine back.

    Any advice on what I should use (and dangers? Food safe?).

    No damage to the Laminex just lost its shine.


      Car wax will leave a residue that will disappear as soon as you wipe the bench.

      Use ceramic coating instead. Zero residue and permanent.
      Works well for sinks and showers too.

      $5-10 on eBay/AliExpress.


        Hadn't thought about that. I always thought ceramic coat was expensive though. I'll check it out.


          It's a common misconception because dealers charge $1000 for it.
          eBay and AliExpress are your friends.
          Ignore the haters who think this doesn't work.

          I've bought these cheapies and applied it to 3 cars and 1 motorbike (3 were new vehicles, one used) plus my shower and basin.

          Plenty of YouTube videos of the results.
          Search for 9H Mr fix ceramic coating.


            @edrift: You are right there are thousands of them.

            Might even be worth going something mid range ($50) with good reviews from Amazon.

            Any ideas if the stuff (esp the cheap Chinese) is toxic for food preparation?


              @leyton01: Try the cheap one first before investing $50 on essentially the same stuff.

              No idea about food safety of this.
              I assume it's toxic when wet, but safe when dry.


            @edrift: The cheap aliexpress/ebay stuff has seriously poor quality control. 9H Mr Fix, i ordered it from three different sellers, products all the same "model" and "brand" and all were very different. Did test spots - one never cured, just seemed to be all solvents and didn't leave anything behind and one was barely acceptable.

            IMO avoid.


              @m0tyrider: I did spot heaps of sellers with the same bottles (not too hard to forge).

              Any reliable third party sellers that people are using?


                @leyton01: @leyton01 IMO its not worth the gamble, the application doesn't take 10 minutes, you could potentially be working on it for hours. My time is more valuable then saving $60 for a poor quality result. IMO


              @m0tyrider: You need to buff it off before it cures else you'll never get it off.
              It should not leave a visible or tactile mark but it will bead water off and seal in scratches if you have done the paint correction properly.


                @edrift: @edrift yes I did this on some scrap panels, I wouldn't bother applying it on my own car.

                The time of prep, correction then to use a poor quality coating. Not worth the time invested to "gamble"

                The good stuff last years.

                Each to there own though, can see the attraction in it, but I have learnt over the years not to use cheap products on labor intensive tasks, this holds especially true with cars.


    I use Final Inspection FMJ paint protection and spray wax. One PP application should last at least 1-2 years #beadporn. Rather do it once and do it well.

    As a bonus it can basically be used on almost any surface including trims.


    Thanks, good price.


    Bought 2 for price of 1 when last time they had the price error on their website, haven't tried it though.

    Autoglym Polar Seal is really easy to apply, use foam cannon and power washer, spray the whole car, give it few minutes and wipe it all dry then you have a really nice slippery surface on the car.

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