Spot Lift-The-Flap Library Set with 8 Books $34 ($4.25 Per Book) @ Target (in-Store Only)


Hello, I have been a long time viewer who has always hoped to give something back to this great community - and it looks like that day is today!

Went into the Burwood NSW Target store today browsing for books for my little bubba and spotted (no pun intended) a box set of 8 of Eric Hill's Spot the Dog lift-the-flap board books for $34. That's $4.25 per book which is incredible value as individually they are ~$12 on Booktopia.

I could not find the product on Target's website so it looks like you will have to check if your own Target store has this in stock.

Hope I posted this deal correctly…

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    Got a few of these style sets at Costco, would expect them less there.

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    Thanks OP


    FWIW it's not currently available at Book Depository, but their listing says it might have been A$21.23.


    Thank you! one left in burwood

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    Excellent first post - thanks OP !


    what age group would this be suitable for? new dad here. any point reading to 2 month old?

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      At two months go with the textile books with different sensory things for them to explore - usually the books will have elements that crunch, have texture or a reflective surface.

      Definitely mix it up with some reading (Spot is fine, if not a touch long for that age) - they'll find your voice quite soothing but don't expect them to engage with it for quite a few more months yet.

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      try the "that's not my…" series of books first

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      Any point? Definitely yes.

      At that particular age they love looking at the contrast between black and white, so there are some excellent books suitable from newborn that also have reflective surfaces and/or textures.

      Spot books are also nice simple pictures, and he/she will love you reading Spot books to them for many years ahead. Be prepared to be able to read the books with your eyes closed, and I don't mean from lack of sleep