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LG V30+ Mobile Phone (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $399 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi


Thanks to CheapGit for sharing this deal on the forum.

Some Features

6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
RAM (GB) - 4.0
Cine Video Mode
Point Zoom
Wide Angle Cameras
32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
128GB Storage
IP68 Certified
Dual Sim
NFC and Band 28 !
Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
Headphone Jack

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  • +2

    Got this case for it- https://www.amazon.com.au/Carbon-Fiber-Hybrid-Strong-Shockpr...

    Pretty decent for less than ten dollarydoos.

  • +2

    I managed to score 2 of these, just after the previous sale.
    I asked the manager of JB, and they did the $400
    They're excellent phones, specially for people who enjoy music with wired headphones.

    The RAM management on the stock software is a bit aggressive.
    but I belive it's fixed on the latest software v30b.

    There are a few custom roms, if you're into it, but I haven't tried them.
    The camera, and the stock app are excellent, but apparently the app doesn't work on custom, so it's a bit of a compromise (unless you manage to get the google camera app working)

  • Got one from the previous previous sale and just love the sound quality from the quad dac. Selfie cam isn't the best though.

  • +3

    If only they'd refresh the V20…

    Removable battery, removable storage, excellent audio, great rear camera, and the awesome second screen.

    Even though I'm rocking a Note 9 now, some days I still think about it fondly…

    • +1

      If this had a removable battery id snap it up in a instant bit of a worry

  • A general question about USB 3 type C reversible connectors, how do you find the reliability/strength of the cables at the connection end over the old micro usb ones?

    I'm well over due for a phone upgrade but oddly one of the main reasons is to get rid of these finicky and fragile old connectors.

    • USB-C is reversible? (upside and down) so there's no problem. Also this phone has wireless charging too if you want to do away with cables entirely.

    • +1

      There is a difference between quality ones / original ones and cheaper / inferior ones. It is easier to plug-in to the devices compared to micro USB.

      However, depending on the type of devices and whether it implements USB-PD or USB with QuickCharge 3.0 or below (QuickCharge 4 is USB-PD compatible), you can get different results. On the USB-PD side, the device, cable and the charger negotiate to decide the voltage and current to use. Cheaper ones could at times failed to engage proper power delivery mode. This could get even more complicated for devices using USB PD 3.0 + PPS (i.e. Galaxy Note 10/10+). While USB PD 3.0 + PPS is technically a good standard, it requires a power supply that supports it AND a correct USB-C / PD cable which is properly e-marked. The thing is a lot of the cheap cables are USB-C 2.0 and e-marking is not required (so you know they won't have it).

      In short, if you stick with original cable, you should have no issue. I don't think this phone supports USB-PD anyway so if you must use cheap cable, you probably won't run into USB-PD mess. However, in the long run, USB-PD is the standard so your cheap cable collection will not be useful later on (unless you are happy with 5V charging 3 years from now).

  • Would this be a significant upgrade over a xiaomi mi a1? Also does anyone know if it can be connected to a tv via hdmi?

    • it probably would be even though its released in 2017

      I personally would and just did shell out a little more for the K20 pro with SD855 SOC nothing wrong with the SD730 but i wanted more RAM and top of the line CPU


  • This or P20? Currently have a sealed box of P20 intended for the old man but tempted by this.

    Pros for V30:
    Wireless charging?
    Headphone jack

    Pros for P20:
    Better camera, especially selfie
    Newer phone

    Kirin 970 vs Snapdragon 835, is there much of a difference?

    • +2

      v30 has wireless charging, IP68 water/dust resistance, NFC for contact payments etc. Camera's pretty good using gcam auto, and v.good if using native manual controls. Selfie cam isn't great but good enough when using gcam. Battery life is as good as xiaomi poco F1, which has a bigger battery - maybe better battery management in v30 using Pie OS?

      • Thanks. You've me swayed

      • Bought on the weekend, even though I'd read the specs I didn't see wireless charging and bing! Away it goes! Thanks :)

        So far so good. It updated straight away to Android 9, and I substituted the LG Phone, Keyboard, Message apps for Google and it feels and works well.

  • Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S8, can anyone offer advice on whether to get this, or sign up for an LG V50 plan? I understand the enormous price difference between the V30+ and the V50, but I'm more thinking about 5G "future proofing" and it's also just a newer handset. I've also just finally purchased a pair of audiophile IEMs which I'd like to make the most of while out and about rather than sitting at home listening to my dedicated set up. (hence the want to switch to either of the LG V phones)

    • +1

      You probably don't want to go 5G right now, unless you upgrade your mobile phone every two years. Most 5G phones with Qualcomm based chipset would most likely use X50 chipset. Thing is Qualcomm X55 is on its way.

      In Australia, 5G doesn't quite make sense. It's not just the coverage, it's that we don't have unlimited mobile data plan. The power of 5G, at least initially for consumer is its ability to quickly download 4K video contents (or a full season of a TV series in 1080p). Honestly, is it really worthwhile? The biggest issue I have with Optus mobile is it is a pain to actually use up the data with such an unreliable and slow 4G network. Telstra is better.

      • Wish I knew this before getting Optus 4g home broadband.
        I have a separate Telstra prepaid in an old 4g phone for when I need to work from home or want to do some gaming.
        Optus is so unreliable.

    • Buying the latest LG phones on cards with price protection is a no brainier

  • +1

    have had this phone for 3 months, great battery life! front camera belongs in a 2010 phone, the worst thing about this phone is the front camera and putting on google gcam does not fix it at all, makes it worse actually, main cam is ok tho. love the wide angle, everyone talking about DAC this DAC that and i used to hate reading the DAC feature, until i tried it and it really does make a difference to the audio quality, its not something that i could not live without but its nice to have. honestly at 400 dollars i cannot see any other contender coming close

  • Available online now.

  • Fantastic and beautiful phone for the price.

  • I was all set to buy this today but now I am seeing a Sony Xperia XZ2 second hand locally in good condition for $380, hmmm what should I do?

    • +1

      Buy new! Who knows where the 2nd hand has been to : )

  • Seriously, there is no better phone at the price point than this LG V30+ OzBargain favourite - despite it's 2 year old release. Others have touted it's virtues and I agree 100%. I have 2 of them. The last I bought under the same deal, and was manufactured July 2019.

  • Pay a bit more get a Oneplus 6 instead.

    • +1

      Why? Whats better about it?

      • One gen later so newer CPU (845). Not only more powerful, it has support for [email protected] video and the gimmicky AI features. Also has the notch…

        • and an option to make that notch disappear with a black bar :)

  • I am looking at LG V30+ and Oppo Reno Z. Both are similar price. Oppo with 15% discount on eBay is around $425. Other than the processor Oppo looks to a bit better phone for me.
    What do others think?

    • When this deal was available last time, I pondered the same question and ended up going with the newer Reno Z. It doesn't have Quad DAC, weather sealing, a memory card slot or optical stabiliser, but it does have a bigger battery, bigger screen, better cameras and more RAM.

      • +1

        I am getting this for my dad. He is not into music. A bigger battery, screen and camera is good. Also Oppo has stereo speakers which will helpful for my dad as his hearing is a bit bad. Weather sealing would be good but you can't get everything. I think I will get the Oppo Reno Z.

        • Have a look at Oppo reno2 z

          • @User2049: I like it for the notch free design, but no stereo speakers and $100 more.

  • Got one thanks for the deal

  • Does anyone have any tricks on how to get gift cards at a discount really quick? Looking to get this tomorrow for my birthday :)

    • +1

      You can use Suncorp benefits if you have Suncorp account or AGL also provides discounted gift cards.

      • I have all rewards but they say it will take a while to post the card.

        • +2

          I ordered online at Suncorp benefits. I got a digital gift card on the spot. Best part you can order $399 amount gift card as well.

    • RACQ (if queenslander and a member)

    • I ended up getting the gift cards through AGL rewards. The e-gift card came through in ~ 1 hour!

      I went and got the phone and now I'm flying out on Wednesday so will be able to claim TRS. Pretty good deal overall!

  • Should I get this or pixel 3…?

  • No one stocks local cases or screen protectors.
    I did find one of those shopping center kiosk selling one that was for an LG v30 but it defiantly did not fit it. It was like heaps taller. So now I'm worried about ordering case or screen protector online As I don't wanna get wrong one.
    So what does Everyone recommend?

    • +1

      plenty on aliexpress

    • Personally went for a Spigen neo hybrid - which can be picked up via eBay. Not the cheapest, but everything lines up exactly and it looks the part.

    • bought this a few months ago, still works great, protected v30 in a few drops onto concrete: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/For-LG-V30-G7-V40-G8-ThinQ-Case-...

    • +4

      people sell 2nd hand phones :/

      i have a museum at home of old devices

    • +6

      I call bullshit. I can't find any other retailer that sells this phone around $500. Cheapest I can find is $550, but can find it more regularly around $570-$650.

      $400 brand new for this phone is a brilliant price and a definite bargain. Who wants to buy second hand?! When you can pay a bit extra for new and guaranteed non-abused.

  • Got mine, crazy fast delivery to regional NSW.

  • Anyone been able to improve the selfie camera with software update?

    • +1

      I've played around with several versions of GCam. The best version I have found for the front camera is "GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Anova8G2 Version 7". It is also the only version I have found that does Google Motion Photos (and it does them very well). It's also very good for portrait mode. I use another version "GCam_6.1.021_Advanced" for Pano mode and Nightsight.

      • Thanks for the response. That's crazy you need two apps depending on which camera you want to use !!??

  • Thanks for the heads up OP! Bought one the other day and gave the camera a good test yesterday at the beach, it passed with flying colours! Makes my old Oppo look like a joke! Can't wait to test the DAC which is the main reason I picked this phone! Super impressed with this buy!

    • +3

      while the DAC is superb on playing back lossless 24-bit FLAC audio, the underrated part are the recording abilities and built-in microphones for concerts etc - needs playing with a few manual settings but the recordings come out easily comparable to pro audio recorders like Zoom H2 fwiw.

      • Wow thats great to know! Saves me dragging along my Zoom H4n! Do you recommend using an external microphone for this purpose or is the built in microphone good enough?

      • Any sample concert videos?

  • Does OPTUS VOLTE work on this phone?

    • There is a VOLTE option in the call settings, I don't see why it wouldn't work with Optus.

      • The VOLTE settings are in the phones firmware and can differ between carriers.
        Only way to know is to try it out on a VOLTE enabled account.

  • Radio Yes

    Is this an analog or DAB+ radio?

    • +1

      Pretty sure its digital as the FM app shows the song title and artist.

      • Cool. Most phones don't have radios nowadays.

        • Don't really need it with most stations being streamed (and likely better quality than FM) anyway.

      • Pretty sure its digital as the FM app shows the song title and artist.

        Don't need DAB+ to show that. Could be (and most likely) just the RDS (Radio Data System) on the FM signal common on most car head units these days.

        AFAIK only the LG Stylus DAB+ has DAB+ radio.

  • When I swipe up on the green phone icon from the lock screen I am taken to an emergency call screen. How do I change this so that it goes directly to the dial pad or recent call list?

  • For those using this as a dual SIM phone, does the shutdown of 3g still make this phone a buy?

  • Do you think a model like this would decrease further in price before it becomes an unobtainable (out of stock) item?

  • For me the biggest bummer on this model is the hybrid SIM expansion - 2nd SIM or SD card - not both at once.
    i have V20 and use SD + both SIMs in use. It's great, and makes sense.
    I get that there are 'reasons' for 1 vs other (physical constraints, or whatever etc), but for V30+, needing to choose between the 2nd SIM -or- the SD card expansion is just a PITA for this phone.

    • serious question - why do you need an SD card when this has 128Gb?

      • +1

        Fair question
        Primarily for flexibility of moving the storage to laptop/PC instantly - flick the card out, plug it in to laptop. Rather than having to copy files over USB.

      • That's certainly a pretty cool invention - although having it hang out the back of the phone presents a new set of complications… Will definitely look in to it, thanks for the link!

        • I have no experience with this but I'm struggling to believe you could push the sim tray all the way home.

          • +1

            @Arthur Dunger: I have it and it works fine (it's a ribbon that gets squeezed by the micro SD card). Just that it'll make your TPU case bulge out a bit.

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