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LG V30+ Mobile Phone (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $399 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi


Thanks to CheapGit for sharing this deal on the forum.

Some Features

6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
RAM (GB) - 4.0
Cine Video Mode
Point Zoom
Wide Angle Cameras
32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
128GB Storage
IP68 Certified
Dual Sim
NFC and Band 28 !
Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
Headphone Jack

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  • Obligatory 'great phone' post.

  • +22 votes

    I purchased this phone for my wife about two or so months ago and last night my car got broken into and it was stolen.

    I was so pissed off not about someone stealing it, but it's such a great phone and I couldn't justify paying $800 to get her a new one.

    So thank you so much OP, she will be so happy she can get a replacement!!

    All I need some is a 10% UK ebay sale so I can pick up some gift cards!

  • I've been using this phone since April 2018 and I love it. The battery is still pretty decent, lasting me the entire day usually (I don't use my phone much while I'm working). It's currently 8pm and the battery is sitting on 42%.

    The software updated to Android 9 a month or so ago

    The only problem I've had is the headphone jack became loose about 6 months ago, so I can't use wired headphones without holding them in a particular way at the connection point. My Bluetooth headphones work perfectly well, tho.

    • Are you 100% sure it's not the headphones?

      If it's 100% the phone I'd get it warrantied if I were you. Before long it might fail completely.

    • +12 votes

      I know this sounds stupid, but check you don't have lint or crumbs in the headphone socket.
      I had this happen on one of my phones and the jack wouldn't stay in place. Used a toothpick to pull out the fluff and it worked perfectly again!

      • Yeh take a tooth pick and check if theres stuff inside it. It was like that for my other phone

      • This is happening with my charging port. I tried a toothpick to pull out all the muck, and while it has improved it still doesn't always connect well. Is there any other recommendations?

        • I have the G6 and I have experienced similar issues - charging port is loose and headphones often slip out. Further, the fingerprint sensor has ceased to work.

          The device was great for about 2 years without a hiccup and I could easily go on using it for longer if these problems didnt occur.

      • Or put some sticky-tape around a toothpick (sticky side out) to extract any small pieces of lint or toast or boogers or whatever…

        • I've tried everything above but suddenly can't seem to actually get any headphones in far enough to "engage". It's not loose, and there are no obvious crumbs lint etc (though I've tried anyway). Haven't seen this issue upon searching.

    • Happened to me also. Headphone jack is loose.

    • Edit - already asked

    • This headphone jack issue happens with the LG G6 as well (think these were released around the same time?) You can very gently pry out the top contacts a little on the G6 to make it work better, not sure if that's the same for the v30 or not.

    • That's a real shame. One of the standout things about this phone is its DAC.

  • This was $399 only 2 weeks ago at JBHIFI with no on special sign

    • It was originally advertised as a 5 day, half price deal but they kept it there for a few weeks. Must have loads of stock to clear out.

    • So not as special a deal as some think . $300 might be decent :)

      Having trouble moving them so will be at my mark soon.

  • Not a bad deal but personally I'd recommend the Xiaomi Mi 9T to anyone at the 400 dollar mark.

    Advantages of the Mi 9T over the LG V30+
    - Better screen
    - SD730 is comparable to the SD845, the LG has the SD835
    - More Ram
    - Much better battery life (4000 mah)
    - Better software support

    I know tobydeals isn't exactly local but I've bought two phones from them with no issue (got a 3rd on its way).

    • Pros of v30 - quad dac
      - 128gb storage
      - local warranty

      Yeanah pass on redmi

      • No IP rating either.

      • All about that DAC

      • Also no microSD card slot.

      • So much for local warranty. Mine had a screen problem, JB sent it to a useless mob in sydney who just flashed new software in it. After getting it 'fixed' picked it up just to find nothing's fixed. Called LG Australia and they didn't give me /rma number. Accidentally dropped it on the ground the next day, and screen cracked a tad bit. The original fault is still there but guess I'm stuck with it now.

      • Why wouldn't the redmi 9t have local warranty?

        They're both sold at JbHiFi

      • Not everyone needs that much storage or cares about the DAC.

        Apart from local warranty, the Mi 9T, (not a redmi series) is much better. Specially in screen, battery life and Camera.

    • was considering xiaomi's mi 9T and 9T pro offerings but they appear to have poor DAC response with headphones, worse than mi 9. A pity since I use headphones throughout most of the day.

      • For casual music streaming listening, the mi 9t Pro is awesome I've found. Got mine late last week and it has been such a massive upgrade to the old Samsung in every way.

        Listening to Google music streams via a set of Beyer cans and Goldring cans.

      • Data backed up to CCP servers
    • SD730 is comparable to the SD845

      Is this true?

      • technically, not at all. don't know where OP's getting his comparisons from. but OTOH, unless you really do a heavy gaming/processing on your phone, doesn't really matter.

      • On some respects it actually beats the SD845. The SD845 is better overall, specially in GPU however the LG here has the SD835.

        Have a read here

        The Snapdragon 730 sports the latest Kryo 470 cores (2 performance and 6 efficiency cores), set at a lower clock speed, as compared to the Kryo 385 cores (4 performance and 4 efficiency cores) incorporated in the Snapdragon 845. The Adreno 630 GPU packed in the latter is more powerful than the Adreno 618 GPU inside the former.

        The Snapdragon 730 chipset is packing the latest Spectra 350 ISP as compared to the Spectra 280 found inside the Snapdragon 845, which means the former should offer a wider and enhanced set of camera features than the flagship chipset.

        It's also 8nm vs 10nm

    • and still a good price for the 128gb version


      i paid $640 delivered from ebay for 8gb/128 Blue version, the coloured versions are a little dearer and it was a month ago.

      Been so happy with it so far, before i was looking @ V40 as V50 is stupid dear.

      • Yeah glad to hear you're enjoying it, I've ordered one myself and am still waiting for delivery from toby. I really don't think there's a better deal than the Mi 9T in the mid range.

        However I can understand the non local warranty part which might put people off. Other than that it's a great deal.

        • they still claim 1 year warranty just have to return to China

          I have now unlocked mine and running Global ROM, I did have an issue where i accidentally re-locked the bootloader but was only a software brick and all sorted now :D

          need any info just PM

  • This has been discounted a few times now at $399. Will it drop even further?

    • Sooner or later, inevitably. But they are not getting rid of the old stock, this phone is still being manufactured in 2019. My guess is that it doesn't sell at RRP but sells like crazy at half price - and there is no need for further reductions while the sales are good.

  • This or a Samsung A70?

    • afaik, samsung A series is the budget ones. i only will buy S series.

      • OK, thanks.

      • The true budget line is the 'J' series. 'A' is midrange (and the A70 is a bloody nice phone for the money IMO). It is confusing, as the bottom of the 'A' series is definitely not 'mid-range' - it's definitely more 'budget'.

    • I have the A70, and I love it (which may just be my own bias trying to not regret a decision).

      Samsung has a better history of updates than LG

      The A70 is a bit bigger than the V30, has 2GB extra RAM, and a slightly worse camera than the V30.

      • Thanks pernunz…..that's promising. I'm particularly interested in the A70 as it's a Telstra 'Blue Tick' certified phone and as I live in a rural area, I need every advantage I can get.
        Not too fussed on the cameras ability.

    • I have an a70 and it's a nice phone for sure. Screen is beautiful, and it doesn't slow down for anything. Battery lasts past the end of the day even if I'm checking it all the time. Doesn't mean I'm not looking at this deal though…

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