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3 Months Free on Selected Sim Only and Phone Plans (New Services Only) @ Optus


Title says it all.

Save "up" to $217 off selected sim only plans and "up" to $375 off selected phone plans. (Ends 11th November unless withdrawn earlier.)

This deal is for new services only so (existing prepaid customers looking to transfer to postpaid or port-in from other providers)

For existing Optus customers to take advantage of this deal , transfer your service to another provider, wait a day then port back.

Lowest plan looks to be $39 Sim Only plan. Over 12 months each month looks to be $29.95.

I'll be looking to do this in the next few weeks as my family is with optus so i can use they're enormous data pool.

12/24/36 months contract only.

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    Why get this when the Telstra TGG plan gives more data for lower cost when you factor the GC in?

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      Optus has data pooling which can be handy. We have two phones (wife and I) and share that data with a number of SIMS that are in devices we hardly use, eg my iPad Mini I only really use when 4WDing for HEMA Maps, my sons iPad Mini that is rarely used outside of home (so is on WiFi 99% of the time), my wifes iPad that she uses at home or at work (both instances 99% of the time on WiFi) and a 4G WiFi modem in the caravan for our laptops etc. Given these devices probably only get used on the 4G network a few times a year if lucky, they are not worth having standalone accounts for, as Telstra would demand, so we would have to mess around hot spotting from our mobiles. With Optus, we have SIMS that cost us $5 to buy for memory, and they all share the same pooled account with the two mobiles, so are effectively free month to month.

      • The $5 sim and data pool no longer exist with stand alone sims.
        To use data pool, both sims have to be in a contract and then data pool is allowed. That was my understanding after attempting to get the $5 sim to do data pool on my tablet couple of month ago.

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          Dont sign up with Optus, their network is terrible as they are in the middle of upgrading to 5g. Go with telstra

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            @CoreJava: Telstra are upgrading their network too… Optus performs better in the ACT than Telstra, so for me they've been a no brainer.

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              @jesseboy89: Guess there are optus employee workers. Optus is crap, look at their coverage. At Docklands, they only have 3G signal.

          • @CoreJava: I port in to Telstra and have an optus as well, in my area Telstra keeps dropping out, and other areas with 4G that I tested optus was at least 3 times faster than Telstra. I am considering porting it back to optus as the data is very unstable and they gave me the option to port out.

  • Thanks op. Good deal but not good enough like the deals last year and year before

  • Looks like GALAXY NOTE is excluded from those promo.

    • Yes it is, on the website the SAMSUNG NOTE is included.

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    Data pooling is the only reason you’d pay this much for a sim only plan with so little.

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    Nothing for existing customers

  • No 12 months phone plan, pass.

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    Optus is getting too expensive.

    • +1

      Used to be affordable,

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    apart from data pooling, with the circles.life plan offering 4m free with better inclusions and no contract, why would anyone go with this deal?

    • Agreed. Signed up for Circles.Life and it's way more value for money. Even after 4mths free you get 20gb for $28, better than 10gb for $39 with Optus

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    I'd be going here and getting a free $500 gift card https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile

    • Yeah but thats only credit towards buying a phone. Would be better if it was for anything in JB

    • Would be better off going with the 12 month plan and $400 gift card that can be used on anything instore, unless 60GB per month is not enough of course

  • Is it the first three months which are free?

  • I just ordered a galaxy note 9 with 30gb per month for $68 per month, plus 3 month's free, plus 17000 flybuys points ($85 worth at Coles) on a 24 month plan. Same phone on Telstra over 24 months is $98 per month, and half the data.

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    People who call this a Deal, they either blind OR Dumb. optus is Rip Off.

    • I don't think I got ripped off. Cost to buy note 9 outright at the good guys - $1499. Note 9 through Optus = $68 pm x 24 = $1632

      $1632 - $177 3 months plan fees = $1455
      17000 flybys points included =$85 value at Coles
      $1455 - $85 = $1370

      Therefore this plan is $129 cheaper than just the phone outright at the good guys.

      Works out to be about $57 per month with phone and 30GB data per month

  • +1

    This is decent if going for a 12 month sim only plan, especially if you are coming out of contract like myself and negotiated an extra 5% discount which

    $59 per month or $708 per year

    with 5% discount down to $53.10 per month
    then only paying that 9 of the 12 months
    is $39.83 amortised across the year or $477.90 for 12 months

    and you get the 80 GB per month, the unlimited calls and sms and calls to a bunch of overseas countries free. 2gb a month of international data in most countries. free apple music for the year (saving $11 a so a month but isn't unmetered), free optus sport (unmetered to).

    This is actually pretty good.

    And it's only for 12 months not 24 or 36 so when 5g becomes a thing you won't be too far behind it.

    Just need to source the handset yourself or keep using an old one.

    • Were you a new service with Optus?

      Just tried as an existing customer and they basically said no deals for existing customers only what’s on their site. Almost worth porting away because it’s a 240 saving on the 120gb plan

      • I have both an Optus and Telstra plan expiring in November and am looking to move to just one service.

  • This is a good opportunity to switch from Virgin if you’re still a member. 25gb for $30 - 3 months free = ~$22.50 per month.

  • Has anyone successfully signed up and got BOTH the 3 months free, and the flybuys points (for those who received the flybuys emails promotion with optus)?
    I've been trying to transfer from telstra, but keep getting this error "We are unable to transfer your number"

    • I just ported over from Boost so we'll see how things goes

    • I did, with a promo plan as well. Details of my purchase in one of the above posts.

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