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Garmin Fenix 5s Plus Sapphire White/Rose Gold $627 (Was $1299 - 48% saving) @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


Item is no longer on JB's website as new Fenix 6 models has replace this watch.
If you use the item number(313693) instore they still sell it.

VERY LIMITED STOCK and in some cases the store is selling ex-demo models. I would STRONGLY suggest confirming stock with your local store before popping in.

Really good price if you are looking at grabbing a Garmin Fenix, especially for the Sapphire edition.

Don't forget to stack with GC to get an additional %5 off.

Currently on sale and finishes 31st October.

For those who want to see the watch and find out more details heres the official Garmin link:

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    • That's Garmin Fenix 5s Plus NOT Fenix 5s Plus "Sapphire White/Rose Gold" as linked.

      • It's just the difference in colour?

        • "Sapphire" indicates a tougher screen than the non-sapphire version

      • https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/garmin-fenix-5s-sapphire...

        what about this?
        I cannot find articles 5s vs 5s plus?
        Do you know the difference? Cannot even find it on the garmin site

        • Here is a good article for the 5 plus generation for you. It's very long and extensive:


          If you search the same website you will also find the Fenix 5 generation review as well. But the link I provide should cover what is new between the models.

          The link you provided is indeed the same model as I had linked initially but with different colours and slightly higher price. Still a good buy.

          It's also worth noting that Kogan has brought out dicksmith. And while the price is good, Kogan has a bad track record of customer service.

          Cheers for posting and hope your having an awesome day 😎👍

          • @vash5: Thanks for the quick reply.
            So am i right to say 5s = 5s plus ?
            There's no two seperate models?

  • i'm new to smart watches and do many sports such cycling, swim, hikes and run. How do garmin differ to samsung/apple watches?

    I had a look on the sites and they do very similar things. Any assistance would be great!


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      You will need to do your own research to answer that. Hit up youtube and go from there.
      Rizknows channel is a good places to start as he compares multiple products and gives you quite honest feedback.

      All comes down to what you want to track and how you aim to use the watch as a tool and/or smart watch.

      Hope that helps :)

      • +1

        thank you, i'll check out the channel

        • You are most welcome 👍😊

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      it used to be simple, garmin has built in GPS and 2 week battery life.
      the others were touchscreen but needed charging every other day and needed the phone for gps logging (hard when swimming)
      now its not so simple.
      so its hard to do a blanket statement. research the model

      bear in mind they are silly toys. not enough sensors and so they extrapolate too much! I have fenix 5s
      they take your word on the activity you input, use gps for speed and elevation changes, use measured heart rate with your age/BMI input (TO DECIDE ON YOUR HEALTH SCORE)
      not many folks like being judged on BMI or age.

      example is 15km cycle might equal half packet chips in energy output, but take a stroll for twice as long and you are given 48hr recovery time for that spectacular achievement at your age!
      the pedometer doesnt use GPS (to save battery) so it uses predetermined stride length with some particular movement (like doing dishes, changing gear or playing drums)
      As for sleep monitoring, you can be awake but laying still (so as to not disturb your partner) but you will get reported full nights sleep (if only)
      Dont get me started on the awful app!
      The garmin was streets ahead of the pack (for instance fitbit used to report a stair climb when going up in a lift), but lets hope they are catching up

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      Garmin's range includes "smart watches", comparable to apple and samsung.
      (Check out Garmin Vivoactive)
      The model in OP (Fenix 5) is more of a hardcore sports watch which also includes smart watch features.

    • Thanks for the link but you actually can't buy this. Note the details

      1. Online purchase: Delivery Unavailable - This product is not available for delivery.
      2. In store: Click and collect - No stores have stock
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