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Stirling Wi-Fi Split System Air Conditioner 5.1kw $899, Ceiling Fan $169, Pedestal Fan $79.99, Tower Fan $39.99 @ ALDI

  • 5.1kW Cooling/Heating
  • WiFi Enabled
  • 5 Year In-Home Warranty
  • Inverter Technology

52" Ceiling Fan $169

  • Colour Changing Light
  • 30W DC Motor
  • 5 Speed Remote Control
  • Available in Black or White
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

40cm DC Pedestal Fan $79.99

  • 5 Blades
  • DC Motor
  • LED Display
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Tower Cooling Fan $39.99

  • 70° Oscillation
  • 40W 3 Speed
  • Remote Control
  • 91cm Tall
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • Looks good and tempting. Bought a 5kw panasonic unit during tgg ebay sale + cashback deal. Would have consider this otherwise.

  • Does this have an installation deal as aldi deals sometimes do

  • All the cheap ones come with wifi standard. About time the bigger names get on board

  • If the wi-fi feature is important, you turn any remote-controlled unit into a wi-fi enabled / voice-controlled one with Sensibo Sky. They sell $159 at the Good Guys or $127 with the 20% eBay sale. I've got two and love them.

    • Or Broadlink RM Mini for $15-25.

      • While they have their place for existing units they have major draw backs compared to a unit with WiFi built in:
        1) Only built in WiFi can tell you what mode it currently is in.
        2) All the functions will work. Unlike the IR bridge units that mostly don't support all the functions of the IR remote.

        I have two Broadlink models and have built custom WiFi to IR bridges using ESP8266.

        • I was only comparing BRMM to Sensibo

          • @spiff: I was just making it clear to people that are thinking I can just add one of these devices to a non-WiFi air conditioner when purchasing a new air conditioner.

            I haven't used the Sensibo, so I don't know if it has better air conditioner support than the Broadlink.

            I personally wouldn't by an air conditioner that didn't have built in wifi, but not everyone thinks like I do.

            • @whats up skip: I have had a broadlink and now own sensibo, but yeah don’t wanna buy another aircon without it built in.

              Sometimes it doesn’t work

              And I don’t like having to plug in another device that could be built in.

            • @whats up skip: The Sendibo Sky and the app were built specifically air-conditioners. It's pretty awesome.

              • @elektron: How many different air conditioners have you tried the Sendibo on?

                Did it support all the functions available on the remote control?

                The problem is manufacturers like Panasonic have multiple remote control protocols for their current air conditioners. The have a common core functions, but the more advanced features have different protocols. Getting the core functions working is fine, but the advanced ones are the problem. The major problem I have is with the Powerful/Quite modes. I have decoded the protocols for this and it quite different from the way the rest of the functions work.

                • @whats up skip: I have two - master bedroom and the living room, both Panasonics.

                  No, it doesn't support all of the advanced functions - for that you would need a universal remote control (something like the Logitech Harmony Hub) which this is not. However, what it does is give you Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri commands and also integrates neatly into your Smart Display. The set up was a breeze as well.

                  Something you can't do with a universal remote is ask Google Assistant (or Alexa / Siri) what the humidity and temperature are in your bedroom while at work. You can also set the A/C to automatically turn on/off once the room reaches a certain temperature natively through the app, rather than via IFTTT.

                  • @elektron: I eventually want to control the air conditioners based not just on temperature, but also how much power the house is exporting. I have this working for the pool pump, but the air conditioners are much more difficult.

                    • @whats up skip: Just have the A/C plugged into a smart plug that has power usage monitoring and set rules with IFTTT?

                      • @elektron: Unfortunately it is much more complicated. It has to obtain the power being used by the house plus the power being produced by the solar panels. I have used Node-Red for it. I have made progress, but it complicated by things like Air conditioners don't just suddenly turn on or off. The power consumed builds up when first turned on. Then when shut off they off keep the fan running to drive off the condensation in the air conditioner. Also you don't want the air conditioner trying to turn off just because a small cloud blocked the sun for a couple of minutes.

      • Not quite the same thing, I can find check the temperature in a given room at my house while at work, turn it on and set to s specific temperature before going home…

  • As for this actual air conditioning unit it has fairly low energy rating compared to some other units available. If you intend you run the unit extensively then it will likely pay to go for a more efficient design.

    I would be hesitant purchasing an air conditioner that isn't from a major manufacturer. The installation costs as stated above are significant, so if the unit fails outside of warranty, you may be up for the cost of a new unit and the installation costs.

    • I agree…with these units costing $600-800 to install, it only makes sense to install a quality brand. Don't pay that much to install a piece of crap.

  • Any reliable and cheap installation recommended around Sydney?

  • +1 vote

    I’d be interested in the ceiling fan if the light is dimmable - anyone know?

  • I'm also very keen on the ceiling fans. Does anyone know how bright they are?

    We put some fans on hold at our local beacon lighting store that are lower CFM 3 blade A/C fans, and liked them because they were by far the brightest.

    I like that these are DC, have a remote and sleep timer etc. They're also cheaper…

    Can they also wire to a light switch and control knob?

    I'll happily cancel the order with Beacon if I can get some feedback on these!

    • I'm also keen to hear from anyone who has had experience with the last equivalent ceiling fans sold by Aldi.
      In regards to DC fans - I was told by a Beacon lighting guy that they always have remotes because they can't be hard wired to a switch and control knob.

      • Did either of you buy? If so, what’s the feedback? Particularly interested if the controls can be hard wired….

        • Bought and returned as the warranty isn't an "in-home" warranty like the ones provided for most ceiling fans I've come across. I didn't want to have the risk of paging for installation only to have it not work or break down…then have to pay again for an electrician to do the work.
          I don't think the controls can be hard wired, perhaps only a termination switch.

          • @bluedez_man: Thankyou for the tip off. That may explain why there’s so many still at my local…

            AC fan it is for me then, I guess! I’ll check out some of the click frenzy ones like JD lighting and The Lighting Outlet.

  • For anyone interested in the Aldi 40cm DC Motor Pedestal Fan here's my review (note I don't have the Kogan one so cannot tell you if that is better).
    This one stands about 125cm (max). It is height adjustable but only 13cm. Installation was pretty simple, only thing you may not like is the fan guards (or fan grill) uses one of those plastic rings to keep the front and rear guard together. Definitely quiet fan and handy to have the 15 variable speeds and it does have a remote. LED doesn't appear to be bright at all but this is day one and I haven't used it at night. Appears to have a power memory function so when I switch it back on it remembers the last settings used.

    Comes in a box about 60cm x 50cm so no problems carrying it to the counter or using a trolley. Hope that helps someone make a decision. Stay cool everyone.

  • If anyone is looking for 40 CM Pedestal Fan. You can compare or check it with the Kmart Fan which had good Reviews with choice.

  • Given you can buy an a/C pedestal fan for $40 or less (compared the d/C fan for $80), will the power savings be significant on an average usage of 8 hours over four months a year?