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[Membership Required] Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless NC Earphones $242 Delivered @ The Good Guys Commercial


Greetings everyone, just noticed that TGG have started stocking these headphones and they have an amazing price on their commercial portal! I understand that access is restricted but I thought that this couldn't be left hidden :)

Access is available through a large range of different sites, a list has been compiled by onhunt for all possible avenues of access.

Product price is $237 but not much stock is available currently for C&C, so I've included a $5 delivery fee in the title.

As always, enjoy :)

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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      See the OP, I've linked to a forum by onhunt which has all avenues of access. Sun Super is generally one of the easier points of access :)

  • Thats a nice price!

    edit: pity i can't buy them =(

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    Thats a nice price!

    edit: pity i can't buy them =(

    I just realized that I have G'Day membership. HOORAY

    I just realized it was WF rather than WH. Passsssssss

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    Thats a nice price!

    edit: pity i can't buy them =(

  • Hmmm, can't find the headset on their website. Looked under the 'Audio' menu and searched using the model number to no avail.

  • any chance of a group buy i can jump in on?

  • Thanks! Grabbed a pair

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    no love for Sony WH-1000XM3 :(

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I thought it was the WH

  • Price now has dropped to $237

    Sorry $237 is without delivery, delivery extra $5 which makes the $242

    • Comes up with $8 delivery for me.

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    I have to wait 4 to 5 days after registering with sun super for activation email. :(

  • Bit difficult to setup immediate hit lol !


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    Love mine. Really good headphones that sound great. Recently read an article about the longevity of the AirPods and charging these up so frequently will cause the headphones to degrade over time. I leave mine out of the case until I need to charge them as they turn off after not being used for a while, not ideal but should increase their lifespan.

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    Can get access through union shopper

  • Argh just discovered my industry group has access to this - but 10 day signup… :(

    • Yep, same here :/ AIPM by any chance?

      • Nah AusIMM

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    No offence , there is no protection from Ozb if anyone of the generous offers is a scam .

    I wouldn't do anything but cash on pickup .

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      Yeah, seems dodgy af to ask for money before even ordering them. I'd ask for money when meeting up, and just sell them on ebay if people fall through.

      Edit: Please explain why I'm wrong. If you sent someone the money first, you're just relying on their word that they'll actually honour it. Cash in person would be the way to go. Or, if it needs to be shipped, put it on eBay and adjust for fees/shipping so at least both parties have protection.

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        I didn't neg you but I assume it is because this is pretty common. You get a lot more people looking for someone to buy for them as opposed to people trying to sell the service.

        Since there is a lot of requests for it, it's not unexpected for the person helping you out to make that sort of demand. I mean I'd be pretty annoyed if someone got me to buy something for them and then say to me "nah, I changed my mind".

  • “The product has either been removed or is no longer available for sale.”

  • i'm getting: "The product you have selected cannot be purchased at this time."

  • Some other solid deals there, including JBL Flip 5 $99

  • Not sure how many posters assumed these were the WH-1000xm3 HEADPHONES and not these earphones…


    Even the OP refers to them as "headphones" even though they are clearly earphones.

    • oh crap, I thought it was the headphones lol. But still very cheap

  • Just had a call from my local GG advising no stock, possibly nationwide, including Sony. May be unable to fulfill order until 2020…..

  • Just got a phone call no stock to fulfill my order of 2 so refund pending
    Nsw and vic no more stock I order early

    • Did you get an email saying this?

      "Hello Again

      Your order is now being processed by the store listed below. To ensure you receive your order as soon as possible you may be contacted by one of our team members to confirm your order details."

      • I got same email then phone call from store for cancelation

  • If you go onto the regular website you can still order it… maybe try price matching in store.

  • I've been told store stock is different to commercial stock or something along those lines.

  • I got a call from my local store
    Said no stock in vic or nsw and no stock Sony

  • Gee no stock everywhere…. Maybe there are stock in Tokyo….

  • At this rate I might just wait for Bose NC Earbuds 700 due to launch next year too.

  • Got a call that it will be 6-8 weeks to wait - that's OK with me so they'll call me when in stock (QLD)

  • Stock for Sony Stores (as per their website) is expected on 16.10.2019, so may be sony will 1st stock themselves and then next lot is for 3rd party stores. I am expecting at least 2-3 weeks but at this price it is worth the wait

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      Where exactly did you see this? Couldn't see it on the Sony website. Thanks

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    Just emailed them, my order is "Stock Backordered" and I should expect a 8-12 week delay.
    Guess I bought myself a Christmas present.

  • Just got called, they're gonna refund…

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    just called TGGC, they managed to allocate stock from another store to the one I ordered. My order is being deliveried. You can check the retail store stock and tell them.

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      Oh thats great, which store was this

      • Finally get my pair with me. I am in NSW, Blacktown store has stock.