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[Clearance] Marshall 150531 Monitor Bluetooth Headphones (Were $349) $184 C&C* /+ Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


*Very limited store availability for C&C - only found one (Springvale, VIC).

Seem to have decent reviews online.

Thanks to Price Hipster.

Amazon has them for $269.

Thanks to boondocksaint for cheaper eBay store link.

Staying true to the Marshall legacy of superior sound, the Monitor Bluetooth delivers studio-quality audio on the move. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth aptX technology, you’ll get the same Marshall sound, without the wires.

Engineered for easy listening – made for travel. The foldable design and robust construction are made for life on the road, so they’re as secure in your bag as they are on your head. Featuring an ergonomic over-ear design to combine effective noise cancelation and maximum comfort, you can take full advantage of the 30+ hours of wireless playtime.

Monitor Bluetooth embodies the iconic Marshall look with black vinyl, brass accents and the classic embossed script.

Bluetooth aptX
30+ hours of wireless playtime
All encompassing Hi-Fi sound
50 years of Marshall heritage paired with modern design and features
Control Knob
Phone functionality
Share your music
Collapsible design
Protectable carrying bag
Ergonomic fit
Detachable 3.5mm cord and micro USB charging cable included

Original Coupon Deal

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    • Thanks, will update

    • Market is overflooded with fake Marshall headphones. It is almost certain headphones on ebay are going to be fake unless bought from reputed sellers. Telling as someone who was duped and sold fake marshall headphones on ebay. It is better to stick with reputed sellers.

      • The link in the comment goes to The Good Guys eBay store, so I think they would be genuine.

        I found another listing for $120 straight from China, seller has terrible feedback, I would expect they are fakes.

  • I really enjoyed these. I borrowed them for a few days at work. I didn't think they were the most comfortable, but I loved the sound and their features. I would still prefer to get the M50XBT over these, but I think these offer their own style, and I love the ability to share music with someone else through headphone jack out.

    It's very weird, as it shows the limitations of Rtings testing, as these are one of the best sounding headphones ever according to their site.

    • From the pictures the pads look too snug, and the headband looks tight as well.

      • Yea and the top band isn't very cushioned. It's not comfortable for long use in my experience. Still they do sound pretty fun, and have some nice features ;-)

        • Also it looks like rtings only has the Marshall On-Ear models.

          • @thebadmachine: Yea you are right. Although these actually sound better in my experience than the on ears. Crazy how good rtings rates them though hey. It really shows the tests only go so far

            • @onlinepred: There are only 2x Marshall models and the highest overall (mixed usage) rating is a 7.
              I rarely visit rtings but I thought the best would be a 9 or 9.5.

              Regarding rtings, I read somewhere in a forum where a representative / employee posted claiming they are aiming for the most accurate ratings from a typical consumer perspective, and that they still have a lot to improve.
              It is one perspective though so I will give them that.

              • @thebadmachine: Yea sorry the sound metrics for the mid anc, sound 7.7, bass 9.6, mid 8.6, treb 8.6, imaging 8.0, soundstage 4.7. These are really great scored for closed back heaphones.

                • @onlinepred: Oh I see.
                  Regarding ‘separating’ the frequency-response into 3 sections and giving them separate ratings. I think this method is slightly flawed, as small changes in a particular section can affect the perception of the entire response (a dip here / a peak there its all a complex game).

                  I guess with the boom of internet-shopping, people are looking for more online sources / references to compare, so I think it’s good rtings exists, but it should only be used as one of many reference points.
                  I just read everything, even opinions on head-fi (which some say breeds ‘conspiracy theorists’).

  • Showing $5.26 postage on ebay plus.

  • Great set of headphones and they fit pretty close to the head so you dont look like a complete tool wearing them out on the street.