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$20 off Orders of $20 or More (Online & in Store) @ Anaconda (Adventure Club Membership Required)


Check your email, I got this email from Anaconda.

(Note: The e-mail is sent to targeted Adventure Club members but the discount code can be applied by any club member. Membership is free.)

Barcode image for in-store scanner. It is unclear if Anaconda requires the original e-mail. Thanks doweyy.

Hi Adam,

Had your eye on something for a while? Here's your excuse to get it!

This $20 Anaconda gift voucher is only valid til midnight this Friday!

Simply spend $20 or more and present this voucher in store or enter the promo code online, it's that easy!

Yours in adventure,

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    True value is if you go in store to use the whole $20

    • I didn't receive the code in my email. Can I use the code uploaded in here in store??

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    • If they're anything like the Kmart ones the oars will snap in the 1st 10mins. Still good to float around though. I think the Kmart ones are only $10 though, nit no pump.

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    Pink scooter for $9.99 delivered anyone?

  • Got it! Thanks OP. Planning to go on Friday, hopefully it doesn't end halfway tomorrow like this one

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    Bought this: https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/packs-bags/dry...

    There is a promo for club members. Buy 4 Denali Packaway Pods for $19.99 (Club Only). Added a battery to get it over $20.

    • That looks like a great pickup. Do you know if the club deal is only valid online or I can take a screenshot of the promo barcode and go instore to claim?

  • Dang! Only yesterday bought 2 camelback podium 700ml drink bottles for $12 each. First time in Anoconda for over a year. Might go back and get two more. Bonus layer of plaster or cement dust on everythinh at Anaconda Hawthorn (Vic) due to the shopping precinct being redeveloped.

  • Can't stand the delivery fee! Will go to store tomorrow after work!

    Can everyone go with that barcode to store and claim?

    • You need to show the email.

      • Thanks. But I didn't receive the email :(

        • I didn't get email either as I unsubscribed. I showed the image of the barcode on my phone last night, no questions asked. They looked up my club membership using my mobile phone number too.

  • Any hiking day packs worth looking at with this coupon?

  • do I need to buy $20 + shipping or total including shipping > $20?

    Edit: seems excluding shipping :(

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    can someone pm the original email so can go into the store.

    • You can show image of barcode on your phone. Don't need email.

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    Can someone send me the original email please and thanks?

    • You can show image of barcode on your phone. Don't need email.

  • Hi can I please be forwarded a copy of the email too?
    Thanks in advance :)

  • I buy the high bounce balls for my dog every time I get a voucher like this.
    They are indestructible!! (Although they do get lost over the fence since they bounce so well)

  • Requesting a copy of the email please!

    • You can show image of barcode on your phone. Don't need email. I used it last night.

  • +20

    Hi all, THIS is the original email (name edited and other personal info redacted) for those wanting to try in store.

    Not top quality but I couldn't find a way to change the name on Android to do a full screen capture so I hope this suffices :)

    • +1

      Thanks James :)

  • Any tips on a decent travel surf rod?

    • get the telescopic jarvis walker 10 foot combo from kmart or the 8foot combo from anaconda and change the line with 30lb-50lb braid. Cheap and easy to pack up.When done just retract and clip onto your belt or into a bag. Rods are 8kg or 10kg depending sufficient for most appications unless you are hunting big jew or sharks then you might need a 25kg rod.

      • Beauty! I have a couple of telescopic 6 foot rods which I love, easy as, but they're too short for certain types of fishing. 8kg is plenty for me.

  • Could someone forward me the email as well? I had an account but hadn't received the email, checked my online profile and turns out I hadn't flagged the settings that sent me any promotions/emails/etc.

    • See my comment just above.

  • doesn't work on gift card…

  • I've been waiting for an excuse to buy a pair of dive boots: RRP $50, members price $40, with coupon $20. Not bad.

  • Has it worked in store for anyone yet?

    • +1

      yep. no email. just scanned membership and voucher code from stocard, no questions asked. Saved $19 postage. Although just replacing something kids had lost :(

    • I can also confirm in store. Just showed picture of bar code on my mobile in store. No questions asked.

  • got 2 adidas water bottle for 10 delivered. Thanks op, Christmas present sorted.

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    Confirmed working in store! Thanks

  • Confirmed working in store…
    Scanned barcoded membership card and email coupon.
    Got stack of discounts..
    20% off from the RRP+20$ coupon discount

  • Anyone found any great buys in store? Hopefully mine has some good clearance specials, last time they had $250 hiking boots for $40.

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    Used the voucher at Anaconda Lidcombe today. Didn't get the email but I was able to use the barcode provided here.

    • Goodo!
      I will try and will let u know

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    The good: scored $35 discount on $50 Crocs.
    The bad: bought Crocs.

    • One more bad: everyone on Ozbargain now knows you bought Crocs.

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    Picked this one up for free ha ha. Thanks OP.


  • Hi, would someone be able to forward me the email so I can use it store?

  • thanks for the headsup op, i also got the email. packaway pods, binoculars, headlamps, coleman tent kit. cheers for the suggestions commenters :)

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    Just a warning that I went in store and tried to use the image of the barcode and they wouldn’t let me :( they asked me for the original email which I obvs didn’t have….

    • which branch was that, my local anaconda in QLD didnt care at all, just scanned it.

    • I also did not need email at Morayfield in Qld. That's bad luck.

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    Can confirm it works instore. I vaguely flashed the email screenshot then said I'd zoom in on the barcode. $49 rod for $9.99

    • Link?

      • Here it is courtesy of doweyy

        • Sorry, meant a link for the rod.

  • Just used the voucher at Campbeltown, just showed the voucher.

    She knew it was the $20 voucher and didnt ask for the email.

  • I'm getting "The coupon code "A0620ANA20" is not valid." Expired? nvm

  • +1

    ACT Fyshwich store ask for e-mail, but i manage use the image. no problem.

  • Rockdale store wouldnt accept the barcode without membership number

    • I wonder if that’s got anything to do with the deal being for adventure club members only.

      • Surely not eh !

  • Me and my wife used the code in the store separately and it worked. Didn't ask for the original email! The cashier got surprised when the total price dropped from $21.99 to $1.99, two times :)))

  • Got 2 pairs of Havainas sandals at club price of $15 each + shipping. Coupon works, making it $20 for 2 pairs. Good deal!

  • Everton Park QLD don't care about email as long as got membership number and scannerable $20 code

    Note need to buy $20.01 or over to redeem in store

    • +1

      Only need $20 flat. I went instore and spent $19.99, got cashier to add 1c to total and was all free. No form of payment required

      • What did they put the 1c as on the receipt?

        • Unknown item

  • Anyone know how this works (or if it does for that matter) - electric, chemical, what!? https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/health-safety/...

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    Don't forget with Anaconda to get them to beat prices. I get them to beat the likes of Snowys all the time as they will beat it by 10%. Combined it with this coupon tonight, $117.91 of gear came down to $72.15, then I pulled out this coupon, $52.15. I happy night bargain hunting.

    • +1

      Always love a happy ending !

  • +1

    Legend, best post I've seen in a while, I bought this for my daughter's tummy time. The guy even changed the price for me from $19.99 to $20 so I didn't have to buy anything else. https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/tents/tent-acc...

  • Can you use it online more than once? Anyone gone back for seconds? (I'm tempted lol

    • Second account

    • Used it three times at 2 different stores. No questions asked. All they say is its one code per person.

  • Thanks OP - picked up a Camelbak Eddy drink bottle for $9.90!

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