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Collect Bonus Rewards Points or a Google Nest Mini With a $50 to $120 Spend Every Week for 4 Weeks @ Woolworths


This is a targeted offer. The number of points given as a reward and the required spend (Weekly target) will vary from account to account.

Starting tomorrow

Choose your reward - Google Nest Mini OR 10,000 bonus points.

Spend $120 in one or more shops in-store at Woolworths each week for 4 weeks.*

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  • I got $60 spend for 4 weeks for nest mini or 6000 points

    • $50 spend per week for same for me

  • +1

    $50 of pts the better option but not worth a $480 spend .

    • +2

      That's assuming you aren't already spending $120+/week…

      • You have a point but I'd think that a few here are overflowing with goodies from the Coles Ebay deal hit multiple times :)

  • +4

    I got 6000 points or a chromecast

  • nothing here yet…

  • +1

    got my 50 or mini!

  • Targeted via email?

  • How much Google Nest Mini worth?

    • +2

      2 packets of Tic Tacs…

    • -1

      On special at target atm for $40

      • That’s the Google Home Mini, which is why it’s on special at Target …

  • +1

    I had 13000 points or a chromecast, but also for total $155 each week for four weeks.

  • +4

    These never appear for me

    • Oh.. it appeared late today

  • These via email? Dammit I never get any of the decent offers for flybuys or this

  • Is the nest worthwhile?
    I can see my 1 year old asking google to "play moomic" more than I would…

  • I haven’t received a “X bonus points on Y shop for Z weeks” email since July, and previously to that I’d been getting several a month. Does anyone have a clue what’s happened?

    • Tony doesn't seem to get offers anymore. Luckily Toni does.

    • +1

      I haven’t received a “X bonus points on Y shop for Z weeks”

      They must know you are good at algebra

      • +1

        I mean if it’s in a straight line and not too many brackets…

  • +6

    My only offer is a Cauliflower for $3.00 ($1.50 saving). Lol.

    • +4

      I bought one at Coles for $2.80. Lol.

  • I got the offer for a whopping $185/week for 4 weeks!!

    No chance of me taking them up on that offer, doesn't even seem remotely related to our normal spend (about $60-$80/week when we shop at woolies).

    A few years ago when they gave one away with a $300 spend, we did a massive shop and got one, compared to my echo dot's around the house, I find the google mini to be not as smart/useful.

    Alexa usually gives me much more relevant answers, i'll often ask them both as they're in the same room to compare — but to each their own! The only thing going for the google mini from my perspective is the volume is much louder than an echo dot.

    • -1

      Buy and return everything

  • I wonder if you can top up opal and meet the spending per week?

    • Unlikely; you can’t even earn Woolies Rewards point on Opal top-ups

      • Thanks, with coles you earn flybuys points and promotions.

  • +3

    I've been a WW Rewards member for over a year and legitimately never received one of these. Why does woolies hate me?

    • 😂

    • +1

      I finally got my personalised offer! 250 points if I buy any Philadelphia Cream Cheese Lactose Free Block variety* by Tuesday 05 November.

      I'm shopping at coles tonight.

      • I used to get heaps of these Woolies offers but no longer. I am upset that Woolies does not care for me any longer. I still get many for Coles but would rather shop at Woolies as have many 10% and 18% off GC. I can only get Coles ones for measly 4% off.

  • I got $80 or mini.

  • $70/week & 6,500 points or a Google nest mini on my wife's account.
    Nothing for me.

  • Just go to show how horrible both Coles and Woolworths are when it comes to treating their loyal customers. My offer requires me to spend $155 each week!!

  • +1

    I got $50 x 4 weeks, Chromecast for my wife and a nest mini on my account. We shop at Coles usually, but not for these next 4 weeks! Going to be funny when we split the shopping to cover both cards…. Ha Ha

  • What is everyone buying to meet the requirements? Any hacks? Buy and refund?

    • Can't see in terms and conditions about refunds. As long as you don't get a discount from your card, I don't see why you can't buy then return items - providing you have some friendly local staff willing.

      • +1

        providing you have some friendly local staff willing

        So which store do you work at😉

  • Question : spend at least $100 (the qualifying purchase amount) in one or more transactions in-store at any participating Woolworths

    That means I can spend $10 x 10 times in a week right for 4 weeks?

    • It states in ONE transaction in each of the designated weeks on the T&Cs of my offer.

      I ordered $50 worth of stuff online only to have some things refunded….but as I went to check the T&Cs…it's only valid on INSTORE purchases only…so doesn't even make a difference lol :(

      • +1

        Damn that’s no good! Maybe stock up on those longlife milk from instore? That’s kinda always my backup plan 😅

        Thanks for replying too!

    • +1

      That means I can spend $10 x 10 times in a week right for 4 weeks?

      Correct. My offer is similar to yours, spend $90 in one or more transactions. I think it’s only offers $80 or below where it’s necessary to spend it all at once.

      • +1

        Legend, that made much more sense with the cutoff spending to two different T&C. 👍🏼

  • +2

    Keep in mind that the first week is 10 days long. I shopped on friday and qualified for my first week, if I shop again this following friday, it's still Week 1. Keep this in mind and check the qualifying dates before you stock up on discounted toilet roll for no reason haha.

  • G Nest is unrelated to nest doorbells right?

  • +1

    So coming off a cole's tail end of spend 4x$60 for 10000pts, I'll need to spend $60 at coles and $50 at woolworth's this week if I want to get on this. Already stocked to the nines with non perishable stuff. Woolworth's really stuffed up their google mini last year, and many didn't get theirs, including me and got the points instead. The thing is hopefully can get this min before Xmas, and sell it for $50 before the price drops drastically.

  • Absolute bull*** just called up woolworths rewards and they told me the promotion was never activated on my account so they are not honouring it for me. I'm bloody fuming

  • Has anyone received the "confirmation via email that you have qualified for a Google Nest Mini" yet?

    • No email received, but did you check your qualifying purchase receipt for confirmation? Mine reads:

      ****** 4 WEEKS GIFT PROMOTION ******
      You've completed this Week’s shop and earned your Bonus Gift!
      Your Bonus Gift will be sent to your nominated address… etc.

      Edit: Mine was for the Chromecast, but it shouldn’t make any difference.

      • +1

        Ah, thanks :) I just asked my wife, and apparently she had already read the message on the receipt! xD

    • Just checked with Woolworths Rewards Support regarding the confirmation email.
      I was told that i should receive the email by 27 November.

  • My Google Nest Mini arrived this morning. I still haven't received the confirmation email though!

    • Same here.

  • Anyone else not yet received their Nest mini or confirmation e-mail yet?

    • I only got the email for the 3rd week that shop for week 4, but not receiving any confirmation email after the 4th week.

    • I'm still waiting for either

  • Just received the confirmation email from Woolworths rewards.

    Congratulations [name],
    Your Woolworths shop over the past 4 weeks has paid off big time and a brand spanking new Google Nest Mini will arrive at your doorstep very soon.
    Your Australia Post tracking number is on its way, keep an eye on your email inbox.
    Thanks for shopping at Woolworths.

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