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[VIC] Free Delivery for Foreign Cash Orders to Melbourne CBD (Postcode 3000) @ WeXchange Currency Exchange


FREE DELIVERY for Foreign Currency Exchange Orders / WeXchange

Available in Melbourne CBD - Postcode 3000

WeXchange has just released their Foreign Currency Delivery Service. To kick-off Delivery in the Melbourne CBD area, delivery is currently FREE in Melbourne CBD postcode 3000 areas.

Delivery orders receive exclusive online rates, which are even cheaper than in-store

Available for over 45+ currencies

Order online 24/7 @ www.wexchange.com.au

FREE DELIVERY Automatically Applies

Simply head over to the WeXchange Order Page, and pick out your destination currency and desired amount. Click next and select delivery on the next page (Free Delivery automatically applies! No promotion code or tricky process necessary!). Select the best day for the delivery, sort out your information and payment method, and then wait for the currency to be delivered!
Available for any order over $50 AUD (max $5000 AUD).

Organise your next overseas trip like a pro! Get your travel currency sorted with WeXchange today!


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  • +9 votes

    The exchange rates are pathetic. Get yourself a Citibank plus card and 28 degree credit card.

  • +1 vote

    Hi Thomas74,

    Thanks for taking the time to check our rates. WeXchange knows how important it is to get the best rate, and as you say, there are competitive cards out there too!

    In terms of exchange rates, WeXchange is actually one of the most competitive! I’m happy to announce that WeXchange came out as the best priced retail foreign cash provider in a recent inquiry by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

    There are still plenty of travel destinations out there with limited ATM access or extra ATM fees charged by the overseas institutions, so although cards are handy, we still believe that for many trips it’s best to head overseas with some cash already in your hand. On top of this, you can now get your travel cash organised and delivered without leaving your home in the Melbourne CBD!

    If you’re still not convinced that we’re offering a great deal, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! :)


    • Handy. But not cheap.
      Can you do a better rate if I come to you for pickup?

    • Hi Brad! Here's a writing tip! Try not ending every second sentence with an exclamation mark! If you do that, your written communications will read a lot more professionally! Juz sayin … !