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Inkbird BBQ Thermometer IBT-4XS Rechargeable $59.27 Delivered (24% off) @ Inkbird eBay


1. Pair it to your smartphone or iPhone via bluetooth function (Bluetooth distance range up to 150ft/50M).
2. 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and comes with 50cm/1.64ft USB charging cable.
3. Large LED Screen and Temperature Graph in App.
4. Magnetic Design
5.Temperature Range: 32˚F to 482˚F (0˚C to 250˚C)

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    I was coincidentally looking at this the other day after checking out the Weber igrill. At this prices it's well under half the price of thr Weber and it has far better reviews on Amazon. I'm in.


    Do you guys do a better probe that can withstand smokers? The traditional pen type ones have been dying in my smoker :(


      Just use any temperature probe like those pictured here. The main unit sits outside the smoker.


        I have the 6 inkbird version, the probes have been crapping out after 4 or 5 Cook's in my smoker.. started with 6 down to 4..


          That's not good. Either you're down on luck or Inkbird uses crappy probes; I would assume the latter. My Maverick ET733 and ThermoPro TP20 both with 2 probes each still works fine and approaching 2 years now with at least 50+ cooks between them. You should ping the rep and get replacements sent.

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          Hi,did you bought it from inkbird?Could you please let me know your ebay ID or Amazon order Number?
          We will send you new replacement probe if the probe is faulty.


      Hi,how about our new instand read pen which is rechargeable.

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