Free Short Course: Digital Marketing Analytics @ IT Masters


In this 4-week short course, you will dive into the core analytics that drive decision making in the digital media landscape. This short course covers the broad range of essential tools and reports required to understand the behaviour of any company’s customers, as well as the performance of their website and campaigns.

Module 1: Measurement and tracking
Module 2: Social Media and EDM Campaign Analytics + AI
Module 3: Google Analytics & A/B Testing, Site optimisation
Module 4: Website Analytics and Site Optimisation – Part 2
Assessment: Multiple Choice Examination

This course was developed by Elisha Booth who has over 15 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, eCommerce, ITC and analytics, and is an industry leader in the digital and retail space. Elisha is currently General Manager Online at Best&Less and has an extensive portfolio including Head of Digital Operations at Lowes Manhattan, CMO/CDO at SABA, Katies, Australia Post, Ticketek, and Elisha holds a Masters Degree in Marketing, is Software Solutions Certified and a ​member of Digital Analytics Association (DAA)

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    Do you get a certificate?
    ETA: looks like you do, sweet!

    I know, I know never look a gift horse in the mouth.


    Thank you OP :)

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    Thanks! @OP @Veronica Hales

    Interested in this as a taster to the masters programs.
    What is the expected time required per week?
    How much interaction is required and is there expected online attendance or deadlines for assignments? I would prefer to work flexibly.

    Also, Is there a limitation to how many free short courses a person can do?
    I'm interested in the more basic courses, would they be worthwhile doing as a refresher? Thinking there might be certain areas of digital I have not been involved in or have changed over time…mobile, AI for eg. Or is "basic"…really basic/people with no knowledge or experience. I'm pretty experienced and don't want to waste time. I've done "professional level" courses before that were a complete waste of time and money, so it's great to have an opportunity to do a taster before committing.

    Thanks again


      Not sure why I'm getting downvoted for legitimate questions? They are offering these to get people interested in actually studying with them.
      Mod - can you please remove my comment or let me know how to? I didn't sign up to get bagged out….so much for the OzBargain "community". Thanks.


    Thank you!!