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[Refurb] Sony Xperia XZ2 64GB $379, Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB $499, S8+ 64GB $379 & S8 64GB $339 @ Phonebot


Hi Guys, hope you all are well. Here’s a Sony Xperia XZ2, Samsung Galaxy S9+, S8+ and S8 Grade A deal for you guys.

Refurb Grade A Phones

The Sony XZ2 is a single sim, 64gb phone with 12 Month Sony Warranty. The phone is in excellent condition with 5.7 inches display, a primary camera (19MP), secondary camera of (5MP) as well as a great battery life. It is hence available at a very good value for money.

[Refurb] Sony Xperia XZ2 [Grade A]$379

[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB [Grade A]$499

[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB [Grade A]$379

[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB [Grade A]$339


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Alcantara Cover$24

Pelican Voyager Case for Samsung Galaxy S9$15

Pelican Voyager Samsung Galaxy S8 Case- Clear/Grey$15

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    Hi rep, can you confirm the samsung s8 case is actually a Pelican voyager?
    The picture looks different to what the case should look like as per the official Pelican website


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    Hi Guys, hope you all are well.

    Nope. I have gout.

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    Ohhhh the S9 Plus is tempting. Any indication how old/much these have been used? Mainly concerned about the battery.

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      Yeah second hand phones are a crapshoot these day without easily replaceable batteries.


      Its one of our Grade A phones. Best value for money. These handsets have some signs of wear and tear and have been refurbished with new batteries to comply with OEM guidelines and have a capacity of 85% or more. Tested for reliability these handsets are rated 9/10 and never disappoint. Also includes a charger and cable

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    Hey rep, I saw in a previous post that you also buy used phones. Do you buy phones with cracked screens as well? I am thinking of selling my S8 and getting one of your Grade A phones. Thanks!

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      People that repair phones often buy them straight off ebay, check the sold items for your phone model with a broken screen to see what they are paying.

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      Please visit our store, Phonebot, Melbourne North, Shop A 289-291 Broadway Reservoir 3073, Australia. We will see the condition of the phone and then will offer a price. Thanks!

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    SONY mobiles are like sedan cars- perfectly good, but undesirable (which is a shame IMHO)


      Unless you get the tiniest crack in the display, then the entire tough screen stops working!

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      Crap marketing by Sony's mobile division. Personally, I've always preferred their phones to Samsung's.

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        Also, crappy screen, camera, performance, build, features to comparable Samsung models

        If you're a Sony die-hard, by all means, get a Sony handset but let's not act like there is a mystery as to why Samsung phones have gained much more popularity than Sony

        At this price it's nice but that's just because it's a cheap flagship


          Sounds like someone's a rusted-on Samsung fan :) OLED screens was one advantage Samsung had over Sony, perhaps to overcompensate the bloated UI, which admittedly has gotten better recently. And don't even get me started on Samsung's "botox-face" look and hardware reliability…


            @elektron: Yeah, was reading about mobile phones breakdown % for many brands and was surprised to see Samsung coming out on top as the worst ( across their whole model range, so as a brand ).

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    Isn't the LG V30+ 128GB JB Hi-Fi deal a better one than these phones, unless you have a specific reason to get one of these models?


      I would get that but the Sony does have an SD845 compared to the LG's SD835, other than a little snapper performance the LG is a no brainer just give it's a new device instead of a refurb


      Yep. Can't compete with the v30+: 128GB, 2y AU warranty, Wide angle camera, glass camera optics, DAC for $399


    Hi OP, what do you mean by " Ex Tax: $344.55" for S9 Plus?

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