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20% off Tomight Back Posture Corrector $19.96 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sahara Amazon


With the Tomight Back Posture Corrector, you can get long-term results at just a fraction of the cost, and it doesn't occupy your much time.
Of course, If you train a few times a week with Tomight back posture corrector, you can achieve better results to improve bad posture.
Don't trust any items without any logo or fakes, which would bring you harm. If you are not satisfied with our product by Sahara AU, please contact us for refund or replacement.

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    Review of a generic one here…


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      I'd say that's an intro to a generic one, where's a review "Hi, I've been using this for 3 months, WHOAH!" or "Wow this blows"?

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    I bought this same one from Sahara on Amazon.

    The plastic hoops on the back broke after 1 month.


    I think you would be better off with exercise and fix your core rather than using this crutch


    Any high quality peer reviewed research support this device?


    I tried a fair few over the years especially after a couple of buldged discs which were made worse by my bad posture. The cheap ones really arent comfortable and can dig into the skin if you want to wear them under clothing.

    The best i found was the https://www.posturemedic.com.au/ ones that i got from the chemist. Only an extra $10 or so from the one being slung in this deal but worth it if you are serious about your posture. It can also be used for exercises as its essentially a stretch band. Also comes with a book of exercises to be used with the band to strengthen your back which is the best way to correct your posture.

    I have fixed mine through the gym but i still slap this on every now and then around the house since its comfortable to wear.