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Xbox One X 1TB $469.99, Xbox One S 1TB $279.99 Both with FIFA 2020 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Went to Costco Marsden Park today. Just by luck I saw the Xbox One X was $469.99 with FIFA 2020 bundle.

Been waiting for one to come below the $500 price and found this. So went straight to the counter to confirm the price and yes, scanned as listed.

There was a lot of stock there as there were many cards to take to counter for payment.

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  • I was in Costco at North lakes earlier today and they were definitely still above $500. Different game though.

  • Worth it? If so which one?
    Ps o have a shitty T.V.

    • You don’t need 4K to see the improvements with a One X. I had the original Xbox One and the thing would crawl to a halt in RDR2 in Saint Dennis. One X played flawlessly. Just as an example.

    • The X is also future proofing your purchase for the next 5yrs at least to say. Most games etc will probably be released in 4k resolutions in future and higher gaming requirements for texturing etc.
      I didn't wanna buy a S and regret 1-2 yrs down the track when the game requires a more powerful machine to enjoy.

      I've owned a PS3 for almost 9 years now and the kids were still using it to play simple Disney Infinity and yet it seems to struggle to play nowadays when projecting to a 4k tv.

      • This price is ok but considering Scarlett is coming 2020 Christmas I imagine the X model can and will be cheaper mid next year.

      • I have a One X myself, and I agree it is worth it for 4K gaming, and that this is a deal. But the new generation of both consoles - PS5 and XBox 2 (Project Scarlett) will be out in late 2020 - both with much improved graphics. So I don't think we are future proof for more than one more year - certainly not for 5 - and I will upgrade and trade in or sell the One X when Scarlett arrives. (Oh sorry someone else beat me to this point. :-) )

      • Future proofing for the next 5 years at least? Nah, not for most people. I cannot wait for the next gen consoles to arrive. As much as I like XB1X, I look forward to the next gen consoles and hope EB will offer some sort of trade in deals.

        XB1X, a lot of 4K games are using dynamic resolution and aiming for 30fps. The weak CPU and traditional hard drive. The UHD blu-ray player is handy, but XB1S has it too.

  • No connection to the deal but a question for costco members, do they have combos pretzel snacks in there? Thanks

    • Haven’t seen those in store. They had peanut butter filled ones at one point, but not sure if they still do.

  • Happy to buy FIFA 20 off someone for $30 if don't want the game
    Pm me

  • From melb

  • Hopefully, console prices will drop in black Friday.

  • At these prices, I was happy to cash & carry from Costco and no waiting involved. :)

    Also to mention, this Fifa 20 bundle came with a free 30day Play Pass and a 7day Gold Live trial. Activated them last night and installed Minecraft for the kids to play.

    • Only 7 days XBLive Gold? Wow, Microsoft has gone cheap now. My XB1X from nearly 2 years ago had 1 month each.

  • Also happy to get fifa 20 for $30. I am in Brisbane

  • Is this the cheapest one x for now? My one s does not power up anymore. Changed power supply same issue and out of warranty.

  • Sorry for the noob question, but is this deal nationwide?

    • I bought mine from Costco Marsden Pk NSW. Someone else said he saw this at North Lakes Qld. Maybe it could be nation wide.

  • Costco. Moorabbin same price

  • No stock of the one X left at Marsden Park

  • Costco casula has a few of the one X left but they are not marked at the correct price. Had to ask for it and they honoured the price.

  • JB Hi-Fi new catalog starts Thursday 24/10/19 has (copied their uppercase & symbols) :-

    Xbox One X Console + Forza Horizon 4/Lego Speed Champions Download Token + Choice Of The Outer Worlds Or Call Of Duty Modern Warfare for $459.

    About 30 Sept Joyce Mayne was selling One X's for about $15 less than JB (limit of 2 consoles per cust) about $548 but that's gone.

    This might be better/equal to Christmas '19 deals.

    EDIT left out space before the 4

    • Xbox One X Console + Forza Horizon 4/Lego Speed Champions Download Token + Choice Of The Outer Worlds Or Call Of Duty Modern Warfare for $459.
      This is a very good deal yeah?

  • Also how did you access the 24oct catalogue?:) is there a link?

    • Sorry didn't see the bell notif, I used the actual catalog arrived 5/6 days before sale. Forza 4 includes the Lego Speed addon.

      There are better deals now - one with Ebay Plus & less games. JB HiFi one finished 30th Oct - there is a new one without Outer Worlds (play it for free with gamepass), same other two games, same price $459 finishes 11th November go to link and scroll down past the One S bundle :-


      • Thanks. I bought the X last week from JB :)

        • Oh, yeah, I was ready to buy it, but maybe Christmas/Black Friday will be lower (new games are not really needed). I'm wondering whether to buy a 2nd-hand Scorpio edition or white just for the colour, obviously warranty-free but there's sub $400 ones on Ebay.


    Costco noob here guys,
    Can someone please tell me how long this price will last?
    Are there sudden price changes like retailers?
    Thank you.

    • Just called Costco Canberra and this deal is still valid. Going to get one today.


        Thank you.
        Purchased one from Ringwood, VIC.
        Still available for anyone interested.

        • Ringwood are all out now (unless they have restocked), went there Saturday morning paid for it and went to pick it up at the Merch pickup point and they said they were all out and had to give me a refund, Morrabin had 2 in stock so i got one from there instead.

          • @vinnie05: late edit: my above post refers to the xbox one X, not sure about the S

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              @vinnie05: Wow, that was quick!
              The annoying thing is, the cards don’t correspond with the amount of units they have left.
              Terrible system they have in place.

              • @DisabledUser243549: Yeah its stupid, they had about 10+ cards on the stand, they even let me pay fully and then when it came to pickup, sorry we have no stock and will have to credit you back…